Locations Explained where A Murder at the End of the World filmed

Hulu mystery thriller A Murder at the End of the World has a familiar premise that fans of the genre will recognize immediately. A group of eight guests, including amateur detective Darby Hart, are gathered together at an isolated retreat owned by a mysterious and ultra-rich individual, but it’s not long before a body is discovered, and Darby takes the lead to figure out what is going on before the murderer can strike again. If you are looking forward to immersing yourself in an icy and remote tale of murder, take two minutes first to find out where A Murder at the End of the World was filmed.

The show was initially called Retreat, but as the project progressed, the new title was settled. The series was written and created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, and if those names sound familiar, you might recall them from the sci-fi series The OA.

Where was the Hulu series A Murder at the End of the World filmed? A breakdown of locations

Kearny, New Jersey

A lot of filming for the series was done in Kearny.

Located in the western part of Hudson County, New Jersey, the town is a suburb of Newark and was named after the Civil War General Philip Kearny.

If some of the locations look familiar, you are probably a fan of The Sopranos, which was also filmed here, and it’s worth noting that Kearny has two working studios that are used for film and television productions.

Readington Farm, New Jersey

The crew were spotted filming on location at the Readington River Buffalo Farm in New Jersey.

Three days were required to complete that block of filming in April 2022


Filming in Iceland was an important part of the production, with the showrunners needing to create the right kind of atmosphere for the mystery thriller.

The producers would have been looking for a remote and isolated area to set the stage for the mysteries to come, and Iceland has the perfect blend of beauty and starkness required.

The enigmatic Andy’s retreat would have to be located in a desolate paradise, and Iceland was perfect for fulfilling that role.

The beautiful cinematography provides some stunning establishing shots, and this is highlighted in the trailer with shots of the chilly vast expanse of Iceland, which is juxtaposed with earlier scenes from the show in a much warmer climate.


For those exquisite golden hour shots that you can see in the trailer, reports indicate that Utah was used.

The sun-drenched highway and open roads are a million miles away from the retreat that the cast eventually ends up at, and the locations convey the tone and feelings of the characters as they make their way to their deadly encounter.