Where’s Doughboy – What Happened to JJ The Boss Son? Details we know about the Street Outlaws cast


Doughboy is absent from the show Street Outlaws, and his father, JJ Da Boss, said he injured his back.

Josh Day, whose nickname is “Doughboy” and is the eldest son of JJ Da Boss, is one of the main characters of Street Outlaws Memphis who does not appear in the show. Fans are curious about the racer’s shoes, and rumors are circulating the internet that he or she is in jail or has done something wrong.


What happened to JJ, the boss Doughboy’s son?

JJ Da Boss says Doughboy has injured a disc in his back, preventing him from being on the show. Accidents that endanger the life of the racer often happen during races. After a car accident, he had problems with the idea of ​​racing.

Despite this, someone wrote on Reddit that Doughboy was doing illegal things that kept him from appearing on camera for the show.


Jack Cremation said he heard the racer couldn’t do the reality show because he was in trouble with the law. His wife is there because she is Precious’s sister. However, there has been no news of the case for some time.

Jonathan Day is the leader of the Memphis Racing Family. He is the father of racing driver JJ Da Boss. He has been involved in street racing since he was a child when his mother took him to watch his father and uncle race on the street. S


Street racing runs in the racer family. JJ usually hops in Ole Heavy, a 4,720-pound 1949 Chevy pickup that has been in his family for several years. While it’s always nice to take a break with someone, JJ cares more about his family and getting praise than making big bucks.

Since Big Chief doesn’t race as much in No Prep Kings, he won’t be in the next season of Street Outlaws. But he said that in the 405 episodes he left town.


What happened to Doughboy? Find out his real name

Josh Day, whose real name is Doughboy, hasn’t been on the show for a while and the last time his partner posted about him was May 29, 2020. In the comment, someone asked, “How’s he doing racer? ‘ and said he heard his back was injured. They sure missed him this season.

Also, on April 23, 2019, Doughboy was active on social media, where he posted a photo of his little princess daughter. Also, his wife Chelsea posted the last picture of the car on her Instagram on January 9, 2022.


Doughboy’s family profile reveals that his father is active on the social site. Despite this, he said nothing new about his son’s health. His father posted a picture of his mother and wrote that she gave birth to him when he was 14.

Grandma Doughboy was once a child raising a little boy named Jonathan. The leader’s mother might find it difficult to care for him.


In the same vein, Ryan Fellows, who starred on the popular Discovery reality show Street Outlaws: Fastest in America, died in a car crash in August while the show was on the air.

Meet a Doughboy racer’s wife, Chelsea Day

Doughboy is married to Chelsea Memphis, whom he loves very much. After her marriage, the racer took his surname Day. She is another well known racer who can be seen on the reality show Racer. The couple were fortunate to have two children.


The racer’s daughter is called Nova and her son is called Kam. The parents posted many photos of their child on social media sites. Her partner Chelsea, for example, plays in Street Outlaws. This reality show is about illegal street racing, competitive driving skills and the fastest street racing cars in Oklahoma where drivers compete against each other.

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