White Lotus Season 3 will reportedly be set in Thailand

After some speculation, we don’t have to wait to know the setting for The White Lotus Season 3 – the signs point to Thailand!

According to a new report from diversity, the HBO series will be heading into the country for the next few episodes. Creator Mike White is already scouting out possible locations, and we’re inclined to think all of this bodes well for production to ramp up at some point in the coming months. (Right now, the network has yet to confirm anything.)

The White Lotus Season 3

Since the first two seasons were filmed at Four Seasons facilities in Hawaii and Italy respectively, the site noted above notes that this could be done again. There are facilities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and the Golden Triangle. You can argue here that the Koh Samui location would make the most sense simply because it’s probably the most well-known spot for wealthy travelers, but there are a lot of similarities there to Season 1 – apart from the culture, of course.

The real question for us is more than anything we’ll see when it comes to casting for this season. We certainly think there are quite a few names that might come up for that already, which shouldn’t surprise anyone that much. There are so many things about this show that have to be perfect for it to work. Our feeling is that we’ll have the opportunity to see at least one familiar face from season one or two in it, and we personally hope it’s Portia (pictured above). Just remember that for a moment someone must get justice for Tanya’s sake! There aren’t many other people who know enough to make this happen in the end.