Who are Afshin Shahidi and Keri Shahidi? Some Facts About Adult Actress Yara Shahidi’s Parents

She plays Zoey Johnson, the eldest daughter in the family and her father’s favorite daughter of the four. Shahidi was a main character on the original show for three seasons before moving on to her own show, Grown-ish.

The spin-off show began in 2018 and was about Zoey going to college and adjusting to being an adult.

Yara’s career of success is largely due to how she plays a typical teenager and growing up in the black comics.

Yara Shahidi

Who are Yara Shahidi’s mom and dad? Who is she and where is she from

She was born to her parents, Keri Salter Shahidi and Afshin Shahidi, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Yara grew up in a happy home with parents who lived well. Her true family history has garnered a lot of attention, which is interesting.

Keri, her mother, is African American and Choctaw. Her father, on the other hand, is Iranian.

Regarding her mother’s Choctaw heritage, her ancestors were originally from Native Americans living in present-day Alabama and Mississippi.

Since Yara is a mixed race, her role as Zoey in Black-ish fits the character’s background. The Johnson family on the show, created by Dre and Bow, try to balance their black culture while living in the suburbs.

Yara’s role as Zoey is a perfect blend of her black identity and culture.

Afshin Shahidi, Yara’s father, is a famous photographer according to his Wikipedia page

Zoey’s parents are both successful in their professions, and she also comes from a family with a lot of history. Her father, Afshin Shahidi, is a bestselling author and cinematographer who worked for the New York Times.

He is best known for photographing celebrities, but he has also worked as a cinematographer and director.

Mr Shahidi was also one of the main photographers for musician Prince, who died in 2016. They worked together until 2016 when one of them died.

Their work brought them together, which made them friends. The famous musician also kept a signed photo of Yara in his suit at Paisley Park, which is mostly seen on a VIP tour.

In the same way, Yara’s doting father left Prince and is still photographing other famous people.

Vogue said the whole Shahidi family still pays tribute to Prince, who was a close friend.

Afshin has become well known in his field, and younger photographers who want to photograph faces look up to him.

Casting Grown-Ish Yara Shahidi’s acting talent comes from her mother, Keri Shahidi

There is no doubt that Yara inherited her love of acting from her mother, who was also an actress. Her mother, Keri, was an actress and producer for a short time before entering the business.

Keri’s IMDb page says she played Alexis on an episode of In the Neighborhood. In 2010, she took over the voice of Michelle Obama in an episode of American Dad.

Shatterbox, a TV show she first produced in 2018, was followed by 2019’s Hair Love and 2020’s Second Team.

Mrs. Shahidi, who attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, joined 7th Sun Productions as Executive Producer and Co-Principal.

Teen Vogue says she and Yara are business partners and run a company that makes and airs “scripted” and “alternative” shows.

Her real name is Keri Salter-Shahidi but she is better known around the world as ChocolateMommyLuv.

Yara Shahidi is a Black-Ish actress and she has two brothers named Sayeed and Ehsan

Yara, known for her roles in Grown-ish and Black-ish, also has a large family in real life that is different from her character.

She is the eldest of the Shahidi children, which is a coincidence. Her two younger brothers, Sayeed and Ehsan, are also Shahidis. Nas is Like rapper Nas is her cousin.

Sayeed is a child actor and model, and his older sister has also appeared on screen. From 2016 to 2019 he played the role of Adonis Culpepper on the TV show Black-ish.

He is also known for his relationship with actress Storm Reid.

Like her, her younger brother Ehsan has yet to make his media debut. In the same way, Yara, aka Zoey, is her father’s favorite child on screen, but that’s not true in her real life.

The five members of the Shahid family are close because they enjoy spending time together.

Yara Shahidi
Yara Shahidi

About Yara Shahidi

Yara Sayeh Shahidi is an American actress who is 20 years old and on her way to becoming a star. She already has an impressive list of roles and people are looking forward to seeing more of her in the future. Yara got her big break when she was chosen to play Zoey Johnson on the sitcom Black-ish and its spin-off Grown-ish.

She has also appeared in Imagine That, Smallfoot and The Sun Is Also a Star, where she shared the lead role with Charles Melton. Yara is also an activist and model. This piece is about the private life of this all-rounder. It will delve into her famous family, how she thinks about relationships and what got her into helping people.

Yara comes from a family that loves to entertain.

Afshin Shahidi, Sayeed Shahidi, Ehsan Shahidi, Yara Shahidi and Keri Shahidi

Yara Shahidi was born on February 10, 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents are Keri Salter Shahidi and Afshin Shahidi. Her Iranian roots come from her Iranian-American father. Yara has two brothers who are younger than her.

Shahidi is perhaps the best-known member of her family, but the other members are well-known too. Her brothers are actors and have appeared on shows such as The People v. OJ Simpson: Contributed to An American Crime Story, Switched at Birth and Uncle Buck.

Her father Afshin was famous for being Prince’s photographer and her mother was in American Dad! and in motherhood. Yara also has connections with the top people in hip-hop. Shahidi’s first cousin is well-known rapper Nas. In an interview on the White Guy Talk Show on Fuse, she said:

“I always found it strange that he was so well known. I was like, “He’s a great rapper, and if I do say so myself, he’s pretty good.” I would talk to people and say, “Oh yeah, maybe you’ve heard of him,” whenever the topic came up . My cousin’s name is Nasir or Nas.” They’d be like, ‘Oh I did.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so cool.’

She says she’s not looking for a relationship

Yara thinks she doesn’t have time for a relationship because there’s a lot going on in her life. She’s usually pretty private about her personal life, but she did tell Seventeen why dating isn’t her top priority. Yara told me:

“I haven’t dated anyone. In general, I think that if I don’t have time to take a bath every day, I don’t have time for someone else. I like to be busy and happy where I am now.”

Shahidi has also spoken about who she would like to be with. She told The Root that her partner must be very fond of music and podcasts. That person and Yara must also share the same morals and values. But for now she is happy with the love she has with her family and friends. She said to me:

“I have [been in love]. Platonic. with my loved ones Because they’re the best, with my friends. I mean, I hate to brag, but I have some of the best friends, and I think there’s a time every week when I think about it and just smile.”

She is very interested in activism and women’s empowerment

Shahidi’s interest in activism comes from her family. Growing up in a home with many different people gave her a love for differences. Shahidi’s grandfather encouraged her interest in history and her maternal grandfather was once a member of the Black Panthers. Yara’s parents also taught her things like women’s rights and immigration movements from an early age. Seventeen: “She said:

“It’s hard not to be touched by these movements when you learn more about them. All the great movements that came before us are part of our generation. It’s all about giving back… I see a movement towards being your true self. There are no rules about how to get involved, be safe, and be taken care of.

Shahidi is one of the founders of Eighteen X 18, a group dedicated to getting young people to vote. Yara is on the left, supporting Black Lives Matter and prison abolition. Her work as an activist paid off, and former First Lady Michelle Obama sent her a letter of recommendation to Harvard University. In 2017, Teen Vogue also gave her a chance to speak to Hillary Clinton.

Yara takes pride in her work as an activist and isn’t worried about how it will impact her career. She told The Guardian that she will not stop talking about politics just to keep her job. Yara told me:

“I come from a long line of artists who risked their careers to speak about politics. That’s the only reason I have this room. I wouldn’t be here if people like Harry Belafonte, Eartha Kitts, Sidney Poitiers and many others hadn’t put their careers on the line and used their art to do good. I think it’s a great honor to be able to do the same.”