Who are Tyroe Muhafidin’s parents? Find out more about Afid Muhafidin, Rachael Muhafidin

Tyroe Muhafidin had parents from two different cultures during his childhood. His mother is from Australia and his father from Indonesia.

Muhafidin is an Australian actor who is 16 years old. He is best known for playing Theo in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The young actor is currently the talk of the town for his new project The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Prime Video.

Tyroe spoke to The Collider about his character Theo and how much he loved his mother and wished for a better life. Theo is the son of Tirharad’s healer, Bronwyn, who is not a canon character. He belongs to the group of elves.

The American fantasy television series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is based on a book of the same name. JD Payne has made a number of books. Fans are crazy about the show. People really like how Tyrone plays on the show.

Tyroe Muhafidin

Who are Tyroe Muhafidin’s mom and dad?

Tyroe Muhafidin is fortunate to have Rachael Muhafidin (his mother) and Afid Muhafidin (his father) as his parents (mother).

In The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the young actor is one of the most famous. Variety posted a video of Tyroe discussing fan theories on July 23, 2022. The interview states that his father is a big Lord of the Rings fan.

His father is trying to find out what the books are about and what every fan thinks of them. He says his father speaks English as a second language. Its homeland is in Indonesia. His father would rather sit on the couch and watch every LOTR episode than discuss the latest theories with Muhafidin.

Muhafidin wants to tell his father about the upcoming LOTR event but his father doesn’t want to hear about it. He comes from a Christian family. The young artist was born in Perth, Western Australia in 2005 to parents of different races.

The people on the father’s side were from Indonesia. The boy is a private person, so he has not revealed much information about his birthday, relationships and family.

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Afid Muhafidin and Rachael Muhafidin’s age difference

Afid Muhafidin And Rachael Muhafidin could be a few years younger or older. But nobody knows how old they really are.

Since the actor hasn’t posted any pictures of his parents on social media, it’s hard to figure out how old they are. It is possible that they are in their late 30s. Regarding Tyroe, he started acting as a child. A child who is now 17 years old started acting when he was just ten years old.

After making his acting debut in a short film called Dusk in 2018, the young actor appeared in Ether’s music video for Make Them Suffer at the age of 15. His father Afid was born and raised in Brebes in Central Java.

Rachael, his mother, is also an Australian citizen. His father moved to another country to follow his dreams. Unfortunately, there is no information about what they do and who they are.

The children of Tyroe Muhafidin

Tobias Muhafidin, Jacinta Muhafidin and Jiddan Muhafidin are Tyroe Muhafidin’s three brothers and sisters.

The Muhafidin family lives in the Australian city of Canberra. His brother Tobias is known for (2018). For his work in Minneapolis, he was recognized by the WA Performing Arts in 2022 as Outstanding Newcomer and Outstanding Performer in a Supporting Role.

Tobias is one of the actors still in the running for Cursed Child, Hamlet and Harry Potter. He also won twice at the Performing Arts Awards.

His sister Jacinta currently resides in Sydney, Australia. She doesn’t say much about where she went to school. There is no information about his brother Jiddan, which is a pity. They all had childhoods to remember.

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The roots of Tyroe Muhafidin’s family

Tyroe Muhafidin comes from a mix of Indonesians and Australians.

People on social media said his family consists of him, his father, his mother, his sister and his two brothers. Growing up with his family, he learned how to work hard.

Muhafidin’s father is Indonesian, so he has Indonesian roots. He comes from the people of Indonesia. His mother is also an Australian citizen. Tyroe told the person who interviewed him that his father speaks English as a second language. He doesn’t speak English very well.

The actor also spoke about how his mixed-racial family has given him a unique family background. The family may live in a quiet place.

Tyroe Muhafidin is a big name in music and fashion

Tyroe Muhafidin is known for his style and music. At the age of 10 he started as a child actor.

He first appeared in the music video for Ether’s song Make Them Suffer. He then starred in the short film Dusk in 2018. But he made his television debut in 2019 in the TV miniseries Caravan.

Muhafidin often shares behind-the-scenes photos with his co-stars on Instagram when he’s not acting. Because so many people want to see the film, his performance could have a huge impact on his entire career.

Tyroe has just filmed his role as Riley in the film Treasure Maps and Tinned Spaghetti. The 17-year-old actor plays Theo, Bronwyn’s son, in the Amazon Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Power Ring. This is a very important role.

He plays Theo in all eight episodes of this Amazon Prime Video series. Ismael Cruz Cordova and Morfydd Clark are two new characters that appear more than once in the series. His first major project was the popular prequel The Lord of the Rings, which he made while still at school and in class.

Because of the pandemic, the Australian model and singer didn’t get any movies or TV shows in 2020. Later, the next year, he had another role in the short film Two Stands.

He wants to earn his living both as a musician and as an actor. Honesty, his first single, will be out. He has also shared a preview of the song with his followers on all his social media pages.

Who are Tyroe Muhafidin’s parents?

Afid Muhafidin and Rachael Muhafidin are the parents of Tyroe Muhafidin. His mother is from Australia and his father from Indonesia.

Tyroe Muhafidin
Tyroe Muhafidin

Who is Tyroe Muhafidin’s brother or sister?

Jachinta Muhafidin, Jiddan Muhafidin and Tobias Muhafidin are his brothers and sisters. Tobias can sing and act on stage.

Tyroe Muhafidin who was born in 2005 and is now 17 years old is not a new actor as he has been acting since he was 10 years old. He did good work on Caravan, Dusk, and Two Sands, but that’s not all he did. He’s accomplished a lot at such a young age.

Tyroe drew a lot of attention in 2022 for his unique role as Theo in the new Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. This is also the first time this Aussie actor has had the chance to see on such a large scale and he has done a great job with it.

early years

Tyroe Muhafidin was born in Perth, Western Australia in 2005. His parents, Rachael Muhafidin and Afid Muhafidin, are the proud parents of four children: Tobias Muhafidin, Jiddan Muhafidin and Jachinta Muhafidin. Let’s look at Tyroe’s large and talented family.

Tobias is only 19 years old, but he is already a well-known international artist. He is a singer, songwriter and dancer who creates all his music himself. He has twice won the Performing Arts Awards, is popular on SoundCloud and YouTube and has a brother named Jiddan Muhafidin who is a great soccer player and has played in the National Premiere League.

Tyroe Muhafidin and his family

Her sister Jachinta Muhafidin is also a singer and her songs are popular on Apple Music and Spotify. She also has many fans on TikTok. Speaking of Tyroe, he’s a versatile performer, in addition to acting, he was interested in sports from a young age, and the Maddington Little Athletics Club gave him a chance to run on the field.

Tyroe also started making music with his siblings. His latest work “In Honesty (It’s Cold Outside)”, a hip-hop soundtrack, can be heard on UNEARTHED.


17-year-old Tyroe Muhafidin has been a star since 2015 when he partnered with Filmbites Talent Agency on May 9, 2015 and auditioned in Los Angeles with New Faces Talent Academy. His brother Tobias was also in a few acting roles with him.

In 2016, he made his screen debut in the music video Make Them Suffer: Ether. Two years later he landed a role in the short film Dusk. As a teenager, he was dabbled in acting and also had to deal with high school. Despite this, he tried to gain as much experience as possible by playing short roles in television shows and short films such as “Two Sands”, “Caravan” and “Treasure Maps and Tinned”.

Tyroe Muhafidin with Benjamin Walker

Tyroe was offered the role of Theo in 2020’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. He was only 14 at the time and had already landed his first full-length series. He promised his audience that he would give them the Tolkien and Middle-earth experience through his acting in this Amazon Prime series. He shares the screen with Maxine Cunliffe, Fabian McCallum, Leon Wadham and many more.

How old is Tyroe Muhafidin?

He’s seventeen.

What role does Tyroe Muhafidin play in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power?

He’s Theo in the play.

Who is Tyroe Muhafidin and how tall is he?

He’s 5’9.”

How much money does Tyroe Muhafidin have?

35,000 Australian dollars.

Tyroe Muhafidin has an Instagram account?

Yes (@tyroemuh).

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