Who doesn’t respect Floyd Mayweather in Japan? Full-length Japanese politician


Floyd Mayweather fans have accused a politician of racism after the politician threw flowers at Floyd Mayweather. Fans perceive the politician as racist. It would be interesting to see who disrespects Floyd Mayweather in Japan and how fans react to him being disrespected at RIZIN 38.

Takushi Okuno

What happened during the duel between Mikuru Asakura and Floyd Mayweather?

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Mikuru Asakura took place on September 24th at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo.


In his second show fight under the RIZIN brand, the American delivered a performance that exceeded all expectations.

Boxing fans were upset over a special pre-fight event that happened amid all the excitement.


At the introduction of the fighters, “Money” was to receive a bouquet of traditional flowers from a man in a kimono. However, this did not happen.

However, the man, who appeared to be a dignitary in some ways, threw the bouquet at the feet of the fighter who had never been defeated.


Maiwetter, after being speechless for a moment, took the flowers and, after a short speechlessness, brought them to his corner.

Watching this video will give you additional information about what is happening.


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Why is this Japanese boxer criticizing Floyd Mayweather?

It’s possible that the minor animosity stemmed from Floyd Mayweather defeating a Japanese mixed martial arts competitor on multiple occasions.


In 2018, the month of May brought devastating weather to Tenshin Nasukawa before moving on to Asakura.

During their fight, he also got into a brief argument with his recent rival when Jizzy Mack, May Weather’s security guard, pushed Asakura for getting too close to “Money”. This caused him to get into a minor argument with his recent enemy.


Mayweather won the fight by knocking out his opponent in the second round by not responding and doing what he did best.

Mayweather took control of the fight almost as soon as the bell rang.


After sizing up his opponent in the first round, The Money ended the fight with a sweeping right followed by straight hands in the final seconds of the second round.

How do Floyd Mayweather’s fans react when he’s insulted?

People feel a great deal of hostility and react negatively to anyone who disrespects Floyd Mayweather.


Additionally, when ceremonial flowers are thrown at Floyd Mayweather’s feet, supporters have said it is racist.

Fans weren’t too thrilled with Floyd Mayweather’s combative demeanor.


Due to the fact that people are used to the Japanese being exceptionally polite and respectful, witnessing such behavior surprised them.

Someone wrote, “Who is disregarding Floyd Mayweather and his prognosis?” That it was an outrageous display of disrespect. “Damned! That’s the epitome of rudeness. Contrary to what the vast majority of respondents think, I don’t think it has anything to do with racism.


That in turn is an insult to one of the greats of the sport. They may have been playing mind games with him, but I don’t think they should have gone that extreme.

One user used humor to poke fun at the other person and give credit to Mayweather:


“Gifts and offerings are not given to a monarch, priest, or teacher by putting them in their hands; rather, they are placed at the recipient’s feet. Always remember that… Floyd deserves the title “King of the Ring.”

According to several other users, the person wearing the kimono displayed racist behavior. A number of people were quick to respond, claiming that Floyd Mayweather was the one who had made “racist” comments about Asians in the past.


Jeffry wrote in a tweet,

Okuno Takashi (), the leader of the Burdock Party (#), is the person who angrily throws flowers at Floyd Mayweather’s feet. The Burdock Party is a small political party that failed to win a single seat in Japan’s 2022 House of Lords elections.


Now let’s take a closer look at who is flouting Floyd Mayweather’s prediction:

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather

Who is Takushi Okuno?

After he threw a bouquet of flowers to Mayweather during the battle between RIZIN Mirai Asakura and Mayweather that took place on September 25, 2022, Mr. Takushi Okuno, the Burdock Party representative, was a topic of much discussion as a result of his actions.


Let’s take a look at the biography of Mr. Takushi Okuno, leader of the Klette party, and see what we can learn about him.

Takashi Okuno was born on April 8, 1974 and is currently 48 years old. He was born on this date.
He acted as the representative of the brand new political party, Gobo no Party, which was formed in June 2022.


He is the great-grandson of Mokuma Nomura and was born in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.
His great-grandfather, Mokuma Nomura, was known as the “King of Traffic of Kochi” and it was in Kochi Prefecture that he was born. His birthplace is Kochi Prefecture.
In addition, Mr. Mokuma Nomura erected a bronze statue in Kochi Castle. He claimed he was a sponsor of former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida, who erected the statue.

A video is presented for your viewing pleasure in which Takushi Okuno discusses the fact that Mokuma Nomura is his great-grandfather.


Educational Experiences and Commitments of Takushi Okuno

Takushi Okuno has already reported on his academic experiences and background on his Instagram account.

I passed the high school entrance exams at both Keio University and Waseda University Senior High School. As a result, I was accepted into Chuo University High School along with some of my closest friends.


I was unable to complete my second year at Chuo University because I failed all subjects from the second semester to the end of the academic year.

I finally made it to Japanese high school, which is the second lowest in the country.


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  • In addition to his role as Chairman of the Burdock Party, Mr. Takushi Okuno is also an active businessman overseeing the operations of 14 different companies.
  • Toyo Life Service Co.,Ltd. is one of the companies.
  • 1997 was the year of launch and Takushi Okuno was 23 years old at the time.
  • It seems like you were in charge of the business when you were young. This company not only manufactures and sells items related to health and beauty, but also wholesales, retails and services home furnishings and household appliances.
  • Ginza Ittoku is a high-end club and bar in Ginza, and Takushi Okuno is the owner of both establishments.
  • It seems to be based on the concept of “inheriting and preserving Japanese traditions and practices” as can be seen from inside and out.
  • It’s an all-inclusive membership system, and the only way to enter the shop is through facial recognition…
  • Politicians are reported to occasionally use it to give foreign ministers an experience of Japanese culture and tradition.
  • Sixteen ambassadors from different nations and VIPs from the business world were present at the Junko Koshino VIP Fashion Show held in Ittoku Ginza on January 29, 2020.
  • Takushi Okuno is the one who posted this shot on Instagram; However, the people around Okuno in the center are there to spend time there.
  • It was said that Mr. Takushi Okuno had a very strong connection with China, and this was the subject of a rumor. In addition, there was information suggesting that she had ties to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Mr. Takashi Okuno is currently supporting Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. while running a mega solar company.

What political faction does Takushi Okuno, the Burdock Party, represent?

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to the Burdock Party hosted by Takushi Okuno-san.


Takushi Okuno formed a brand new political party called the Burdock Party in June 2022.

Written in kanji, the term “burdock party” is converted to “protection party”.


Because the edible part of burdock root can grow over a meter long, the name “burdock party” comes from the fact that the plant has deep fruit and meaning as well as deep roots. It’s a very recent name change. Smile The slogan “Truth, Love, Smile” is intended to attract attention. When I think back to the incident in which I threw a bouquet of flowers at Mayweather, I feel like I’m not living up to the standards I’ve set for myself. Is there really such a thing as love? It provokes a reaction from me.

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