Who is Alex Wollet? Clark Kent looks similar, 23 year medical student Details

Alex Wollet is going viral on the internet for looking like Clark Kent. This is because he appeared on Friday at the committee hearing on Jan. 6.

People call him the new hottie in town and say he really is the fictional character Superman. From behind he observes what is happening in the courtroom. He is calm and composed.

What’s his name?

TMZ said that Wollet is a 23-year-old medical student from Youngstown, Ohio. His private Instagram page only has three posts. His Instagram bio says he lives in three locations: Washington, DC, Columbus, and Youngstown. He goes to school at the National Institutes of Health. He works on a university project to ensure the rules of the Clean Air Act are followed in Columbus, Ohio.

When everyone on the internet found out their real name and went to their social media accounts, she decided to either make them private or delete them. He’s young, tall and fit. People on social media love him.

He looks like Clark Kent because he is calm and confident when dressed. He was so perfect that if he had entered a Clark-Kent cosplay competition he would have won first place.

Clark Kent looks similar – hearing on January 6th

At the House Select Committee hearing on Thursday, July 21, 2022, January 6, he sat behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews. When Wollet was on prime-time TV, people took notice on Twitter, asking who he was and if he was married.

People on Twitter are very interested in him and ask him all sorts of questions about his personal and professional life. But he seems to be trying to stay out of the news as he’s already made his Instagram private and deleted his Linkedin profile.

Education and parents of Alex Wollet

The internet doesn’t have much information about Alex. He is a student at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC. One of the New York Magazine writers, Yashar Ali, said he knew who the guy was. He wouldn’t say who he was, but he could tell people he wasn’t single.

He’s very private, so he’s retired from the internet for fear of being discovered. Even on the entertainment section of Twitter, he was a big deal. We also don’t know who his parents are because there isn’t enough information about them on the internet.