Who is Ceri, Giles Clark’s new wife? BBC presenter’s children and family life on Tigers About The House

Who is Ceri, Giles Clark’s new wife? BBC presenter’s children and family life on Tigers About The House

British wildlife presenter and conservationist Giles Clark joins an investigation into the black market and helps create a new bear sanctuary in Laos. Although Giles is a familiar face on television, many people don’t know much about his private life.

Who is Ceri, Giles Clark’s newest wife?

Giles Clark has had several marriages. On December 22, 2017, Giles married Kathryn, her current wife. They held a wedding ceremony in Barbados. After he returned to England in 2016, they started dating.

Giles had lived in Australia for the better part of 20 years, having previously married Ceri there. Giles had Alicia and Kynan with an Australian named Ceri. He also has a daughter named Sam from a previous relationship.

His host of Tigers About The House and his efforts to stop big cat extinctions in the wild have earned him widespread recognition. Raised in Middlesex, he discovered his love for big cats at the age of 16 while assisting at a wildlife park.

He later moved to Australia where he looked after the big cats at Queensland Australia Zoo. Since returning to the UK, Clark has taken on the position of Director of Big Cats and Conservation at Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent.

BBC presenter of Children and Family Life on Tigers About The House

Giles Clark is married to Kathryn and they have three children together: two daughters and a son. Giles and his family were featured in the 2014 BBC Two documentary Big Cats About The House.

The program followed him as he raised big cats like cheetahs and jaguars at his Australian home. In 2016, Clark took part in the BBC One documentary Ingenious Animals along with a group of wildlife experts.

According to the TV show Tigers About The House, he hand-reared tigers in his apartment. His mission is to transform Kent’s Big Sanctuary into a premier global conservation site.

To better understand how they live there and to protect them in the future, he traveled to the tigers’ natural habitats for the documentary. His breakthrough came with the program.

Giles Clark’s Married Life and Wealth

Giles Clark reportedly has a net worth of $1.9 million. However, no information was given about his fortune.

When Tigers About the House made him famous, Clark now appears in untamed life shows along with What Happened Next and Big Cats About the House.

He also serves as Vice President for the company Faunafloriant International. The Big Cat Sanctuary is a company and YouTube channel that also aims to educate the general public about the value of saving untamed life and doing our part to protect it.