Who is Cody Assenmacher from Survivor? His hometown, job, age and linkedin

Cody Assenmacher is a talented American elevator salesman and well-known TV personality. He is best known for his participation in the 43rd season of the reality competition Survivor (2022). The first episode of the new series aired on CBS on September 21.

Cody Edward Assenmacher was born in Preston, Lowa to his parents, Dale Edward Assenmacher and Mary Jean Assenmacher. Assenmacher’s mother will celebrate her 61st birthday in December 2021, and Assenmacher’s father will celebrate his 63rd birthday in September 2022. He also has a brother named Michael John Assenmacher.

A Survivor 43 star, Assenmacher is 5’10” tall and 5’10” tall. The popular TV actor opened up about how upbeat, charismatic and fearless he was about himself. He admitted to a CBS producer that he was happy with the way his relationships were going.

Cody Assenmacher

A few quick facts about Cody Assenmacher

Real name Cody Assenmacher
profession elevator seller
nickname Assenmacher
current place Honolulu, Hawaii
Age 2022 36 years old
Date of birth December 9, 1986
gender Masculine
hometown Preston, Lowa
nationality American
hobbies Going out with friends, traveling and being outside
hair colour Brown
eye color Black

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1. Cody Assenmacher is a competitor in Survivor Season 43

Cody Assenmancher is a contestant on Survivor 43, which will debut on CBS on the evening of September 21, 2022.

When Assenmacher found a solution to the problem that the producers didn’t expect, he showed that he is a valuable member of his tribe, Vesi.

Competitors competed in a multi-stage race that required them to collect and stack boxes so they could use a bamboo pole to reach their flint. The Coco and Baka tribes, who belonged to the other two groups, struggled to keep the flint from falling off the upwardly sloping pole as it neared the top.

Cody has put himself in a favorable position for the start of Survivor 43. While his good performance shows he’s a useful ally, it also shows he can pose a threat to the team. It is imperative to start the season by forming the appropriate alliances. If Cody can put himself in the right position, he will have a lot of success in the game.

2. At this time, Cody Assenmacher is 36 years old

Cody Assenmacher’s birthday was on 12/09/1986 and he was born in Preston, Lowa so he is currently 36 years old.

Having moved from the plains of Iowa to the tropical climate of Hawaii many years ago, he has become intimately acquainted with island life. The three things Assenmacher enjoys most in life are adventure, spending time in nature, and hanging out with his friends.

The 35-year-old is aware that whatever attention his wildcard image would get will be both positive and uncomfortable. Cody is currently competing for an award on the 43rd season of the American reality TV show Survivor.

In the episode, Cody is seen as a member of the Vesi tribe. In a previous interview he said: “My experiences, my job and living in many cities have given me wisdom that was ahead of my time and I will use it to my advantage to communicate with participants who are older than me .” This referred to the fact that he had lived in different cities and worked in different jobs.

3.Cody Assenmacher was an elevator salesman in his previous life.

Prior to his participation in Survivor 43, Cody Assenmacher had a career as an elevator salesman in the early days of his professional life. During the interview, he had spoken about the many hours he put in while working as a salesman in Honolulu, Hawaii. Additionally, he is very knowledgeable and adept at using the third person, which is one of the reasons why many viewers admire his skills.

According to Cody’s LinkedIn profile, he has been with KONE since 2009 as an account manager. Previously, Cody held the position of Warranty Analyst at John Deere (2007-2009). In addition, the native of Preston, Iowa, who now lives in Dongguan, was a professor at Dongguan University of Technology.

4. Cody Assenmacher lies about having real teeth

In an interview with Survivor 43 Production (CBS), Cody Assenmacher admitted that some of his bottom front teeth are prosthetics. When Cody was a young child, his older brother, Michael John Assenmacher, tied him in a sled and pulled him behind an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in a frozen cornfield. Unfortunately, the sled overturned and Cody was injured so badly that he lost his front teeth.

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5. Cody Assenmacher admits he has feelings for Danielle Hughes

The feeling is mutual between Cody Assenmacher and his girlfriend Danielle Hughes. The upbeat dude seems to have a healthy connection with Danielle, judging by his social media posts about the two together.

Cody Assenmacher’s girlfriend occasionally uploads pictures of the two engaging in romantic behaviors. Unfortunately, we couldn’t determine for certain whether or not the couple had previously tied the knot.

Cody Assenmacher
Cody Assenmacher

6. In the final season of Survivor, Cody thrives on the island.

Cody spoke about growing up in a rural community in the state of Iowa. When he was younger, he had a good friend who became ill and eventually lost a leg. So he asked Noelle Lambert about her prosthesis. The seller claimed that after observing the outcome of his friend’s gambling, he now likes to take risks.

Cody stated in an interview, “I’m going to play Survivor as hard and fast as I can, like I do everything else,” referring to his way of playing other games. There’ll never be a day that I can’t go to bed and say, ‘I had a great time today.'” “I don’t go a day that I don’t actually live out here.” when I don’t really live out here.”

It seems Cody is having a good time out there. From the edge of a cliff he jumped into the water with a running start. Even his headgear was made of natural materials, like a leaf hat. On the other hand, they say that ignorance is bliss since an amazing secret was revealed to the previous castaways while watching the episode.

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