Who is Cory Patterson? Pilot threatens to crash plane at Walmart Tupelo, Missippi Viral video

Recently the name Cory Patterson has been all over the internet and this name is getting a lot of attention. People are paying a lot of attention to this name right now. The report states that Cory Patterson is a pilot who landed the plane in an open field on Saturday, September 3, 2022, after nearly four hours of flight.

This news is getting a lot of attention on social media sites and many people are also very keen to know more about it. We have more news here that we’re going to share with you in this article, so let’s move on.

Cory Patterson

Who is Cory Patterson? Pilot threatened to crash plane

Tupelo is a city in the US state of Mississippi. According to the report, a pilot was forced to intentionally crash into a Walmart on West Main. Soon after, Gov. Tate said he was glad no one was hurt and that the problem has been resolved. I want to thank the local, state, and federal police for how well they handled this case. Local news sources said Cory Patterson, from Shannon, was the pilot based on what police and city officials said. Cory posted a suicide note on Facebook early this morning. It said that he expected his journey to end in a more horrible way.

According to the exclusive report, the pilot was arrested because he was afraid of hitting a Walmart in Tupelo on Saturday. Officials said the pilot was scared of crashing into a Walmart in Tuple on Saturday morning. Then he flew erratically for many hours and was arrested in a field after takeoff. Connie Strickland, a dispatcher for the Benton County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi, said the plane took off from Benton County, about 50 miles northwest of Tupelo, in an emergency. After that, there was no trouble when the pilot was taken into custody. She forgot to ask his name.

The FAA says a Beechcraft King Air 90 circled the area after taking off from Tupelo Regional Airport and landing in a field. The FAA says the plane had only the pilot on board. The group said they were investigating the flight and working with local law enforcement groups to find out what happened. The Tupelo Police Department wrote on Facebook that they received a call about the pilot around 5 a.m. Here we gave you all the information we had. Stay tuned for more news.

Cory Patterson is a dangerous pilot who stole a plane in Mississippi and threatened to crash it into a Walmart. But with the help of the negotiators, he was able to land it in a field. He’s been arrested and he’s being charged with something. Find out more about the event by reading on.

Patterson is charged with grand theft and threatening to pay damages. He could also be indicted by the federal government. The police and FBI are still trying to figure out why the person did what they did.

What is the name of Cory Patterson?

Cory Patterson has been a lineman at Tupelo Regional Airport for almost ten years. He works for Tupelo Aviation. He is 29 years old and hails from Shannon, Mississippi. Patterson graduated from Tupelo High School in 2011.

But the Daily Journal says Patterson is “not an employee of Tupelo Regional Airport.” Instead, Patterson could work for a company that leases space at Tupelo Airport.

Patterson obtained a pilot’s license as a student pilot. He is the renegade pilot accused of flying a small plane into a Walmart store in Tupelo, Mississippi.

What was Cory Patterson’s action?

On September 3, 2022, people in Tupelo saw an airplane making waves in the sky. 911 received several calls about the incident, and then Cory Patterson called and said he was going to crash the plane into a nearby Walmart.

At around 5 a.m. Cory Patterson stole a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air C90 from Tupelo Airport. The plane was full of petrol. He flew the plane in circles over Tupelo for hours, which was dangerous and could have gotten worse.

In a press release, Tupelo Police warned the public that the pilot “threatened to intentionally crash into Walmart on West Main.” The negotiators contacted Patterson and got him to agree to go to the airport.

He then attempted to land, but about 100 feet off the ground, he gave up and flew northwest. He eventually landed in a field in Benton County, about 40 miles northwest of Tupelo.

Tupelo Police Chief John Quaka said at a news conference that Patterson “has some flight training, but we don’t believe he’s a licensed pilot.” He made sure the pilot was alive and had been caught.

Cory Patterson
Cory Patterson

Why did Cory Patterson steal a plane and threaten to crash it?

Right now we don’t know why Cory Patterson stole the plane, flew it over Tupelo and threatened to dump it at Walmart. Judging by Patterson’s last Facebook post, it may have been a suicide attempt (now deleted).

“I’m sorry for you all. Didn’t really mean to hurt anyone. I love my parents and my sister and it’s not because of you. He wrote “Goodbye” in the mail, which was a hint that he was going to kill himself.

It was similar to Richard Russell stealing a large airplane in Seattle and flying it around the city before crashing it and killing himself.

The police and FBI are still investigating.

The Tupelo Police Department and the FBI are still investigating the case, trying to figure out why Patterson did what he did.

Quaka said at the press conference, “We’re going to shut down the drive.” “We’re looking at everything and trying everything. We will do this with the help of the FBI.”

Patterson’s friend badmouths people and society

Chelsey Fleming, Patterson’s best friend, also shared a post on Facebook which makes it appear that he tried to kill himself, but people are still making fun of him.

“See the guy on the far left? Cory Patterson is his name. He’s a real person. Also a good person. He did something really bad today and it saddens me that no one will ever get to know him like I have.

“This world is cruel, as some of the comments I’ve read make clear. We’ve become a selfish society where we think it’s cooler to make “memes” about other people’s feelings than to be the reason someone decides to live another day. This is sick!!!” the message says.

“He could have ended everything today and stopped people from saying hurtful and ugly things about him, but he chose to live and give people a chance to forgive him. You also have a choice: you can pray for him or you can make people feel like there is no hope.”

We will keep you informed of how this is progressing.

Cory Patterson, a Mississippi man, stole a jet from Tupelo Airport and threatened to fly straight to a nearby Walmart. Hours later he landed safely in another area.

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Cory Patterson was caught after allegedly stealing a small plane.

After a 5 hour flight over Tupelo, Mississippi, the rogue worker finally landed in a nearby area where he would have run out of gas. Law enforcement officials told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that the suspect has been identified as Cory Patterson. Still, police have not publicly confirmed the suspect’s name.

Under a post on Patterson’s Facebook account, the worker appeared to be sending a disturbing farewell message to his family.

The message, which Facebook has since deleted, read: “Sorry everyone. No, I never really wanted to hurt anyone. It’s not your fault I like my parents and my sister. Goodbye.’

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office made sure the plane landed safely and one suspect was arrested. The jet, designated the Beechcraft King Air 90, began flying in circles over Tupelo, Mississippi, around 5 a.m. and stayed there for more than five hours.

Above Tupelo, it was confirmed that the trajectory was not straight

But the worker was then seen heading north and walking around Ripley Airport. The tank only holds enough fuel for 5 hours, and officials believe the plane came perilously close to emptying. Everyday Journal sources confirmed that the person was a worker at Tupelo Regional Airport.

Police said the worker threatened to intentionally crash into the Walmart in Tupelo. A Twitter user posted a video of the plane with the message, “Right now a 29 year old has stolen this plane and is threatening to crash it into something.”

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The customer also said that there were police cars, ambulances and fire engines everywhere. In Tupelo, people have been told to leave the Walmart, a Dodge dealership next door, and entire neighborhoods. One Twitter user said, “The area where my parents live is being cleared.” A Walmart representative said, “The store is currently closed and being cleared.”

“We are assisting with local investigations and asking law enforcement questions,” Gov. Tate Reeves said on Twitter, “State law enforcement and emergency response managers are actively monitoring this dangerous situation.” We should all be on the alert and know what’s going on with Tupelo Police Division is going on.” Police urged people to stay away from the area until they get the all-clear.

No information is known about Cory Patterson’s parents at this time.

What does Cory Patterson do, what does he do?

A person working at an airport stole a plane and threatened to crash it into a Walmart in Mississippi. Finally, after 5 hours of flight, the renegade worker landed in a certain area. Local media has been told by law enforcement that the suspect has been identified as Cory Patterson.