Who is Dom Littlewood’s wife? The British journalist: burglar or criminal?

Dom Littlewood is a consumer protection specialist, UK journalist and TV presenter. He is best known for his work as a presenter on television programs such as Don’t Get Done, Get Dom, Saints and Scroungers and Fake Britain, which he has done for the BBC and Channel 5.

The well-known journalist was born on March 29, 1965 in Southend-on-Sea in Essex. He is the third of four children produced by his siblings.

He enjoyed a good upbringing thanks to his father, who worked in the air traffic control industry, and his mother, who was a preschool teacher. However, despite the fact that both parents also worked, the family did not have much financial security. Despite this, thanks to the success of his early business ventures, Littlewood was able to buy his first flat in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex at the age of 20 with the support of his parents. Littlewood was an entrepreneur from a young age.

Dom Littlewood

Who is Dom Littlewood’s wife? More information about his family life

As of 2022, British journalist and television personality Dom Littlewood is not involved in a relationship with anyone. Even at the age of 57, the Essex native has never tied the knot.

The well-known English TV personality has not spoken about his love life anywhere on TV or media on the internet at this time. It’s possible that Dom’s hectic lifestyle and always-busy schedule are responsible for his preferring to maintain his single status despite having a girlfriend.

He has not been publicly linked or rumored to be in a relationship with anyone, and while we’ve looked through his social media accounts, we haven’t found any posts suggesting he’s dating anyone. Additionally, it has not been publicly hinted that he is dating anyone.

The posts of his colleagues and friends can be found on all his social media accounts. He’s recently returned from an extended stay in Spain where, judging by his Instagram posts, he’s had a great time fishing and spotting the local sea creatures.

Apart from that, we can observe him moving constantly. Occasionally he is filmed swimming in oceans and seas; but in no time at all he switches and reports on wild animals. It seems that he enjoys living the single life more than anyone else.

What kind of criminal or burglar was Dom Littlewood? criminal record

The person who presents Beat the Burglar is neither a criminal nor a burglar in real life. The British journalist has never been charged with a criminal offense and there is no evidence that he broke any applicable laws and regulations.

Homeowners were encouraged to stay safe by watching Littlewood’s presentation entitled Beat the Burglar. Mike Fraser, a reformed professional burglar, stars in the British TV show Beat the Burglar in which he is shown breaking into the homes of unsuspecting people with their permission to illustrate just how vulnerable they can be.

To provide homeowners with improved home protection, forensic specialists first gather evidence to conduct an expert investigation. Then, while they watch via webcam, Mike reenacts an actual burglary for them to witness first hand.

After showing them how easy it is to get into their homes, he goes inside and grabs their prized possessions. After that he explains to them how to improve the security of their home and then gives them back the items. After all is said and done, the ex-burglar returns to the house at the end of the episode to see if they successfully fought off the burglar or not.

Dominic Littlewood was the presenter of Fake Britain from 2010 to 2012 and Matt Allwright was the program’s presenter from 2013 to 2016. Fake Britain is a program focused on protecting consumer rights in the UK and Dom Littlewood was the presenter and host of the program from 2010 to 2012.

The program addresses a variety of consumer-related aspects of counterfeiting, such as dangerous tools, harmful or ineffective drugs, defective products marketed under reputable brand names, and documents that can be used to steal an individual’s identity.

These programs were the decisive factor that led to the well-known journalist being falsely accused of being a burglar and criminal, even though his primary intention was to protect ordinary people from these things.

How wealthy will Dom Littlewood be in 2022? A statement of his net worth

Dom Littlewood is a well-known English journalist who has amassed a fortune over his career that is conservatively estimated at at least $5 million.

His first job was on an onboard crew responsible for the maintenance, repair and maintenance of Thames sailing ships. It was here that he entered the world of work. After moving the company from Maldon, Essex to France, he began an apprenticeship with City & Guilds in motor engineering.

Littlewood made her small screen debut as a contestant on BBC dating show The Other Half. Dom, who was at the time manager of Network Cars in Leigh, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, appeared on Faking It in 2001 and helped Somerset vicar Nigel Done become a successful car salesman. Dom was able to do this as he was in charge of Network Cars at the time.

In 2005, a man who was born in Essex produced a show called Beat the Burglar to help prevent home invasions. He hired the services of a person who had previous experience as a burglar, who then went around highlighting people’s homes to reveal the lack of protection of those homes and what it’s like when your home is broken into and your goods are stolen.

2007 was Littlewood’s debut on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing as a contestant. He has co-hosted Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders program since 2010. His most notorious case was Dominic Stewart’s workhouse, which was built in Headingley, a popular student area of ​​Leeds.

Between 2010 and 2012, this broadcaster was responsible for the BBC show Fake Britain; After that, however, Matt Allwright became the new host. In 2017 he returned to the program after an absence.

In 2012, the 57-year-old man acted as supervisor for the Postcode Lottery draw which was broadcast on Channel 5. Dom hosted the first episode of a three part series on ITV called Bad Builders: Bang to Rights. The series debuted on January 27, 2015. Since 2016 he has been the presenter of Dom on the Spot, which airs on BBC One. In addition, he has appeared as a special guest on a number of different television shows including Holiday, To Buy or Not to Buy and The One Show.

Dom Littlewood
Dom Littlewood

Dom Littlewood television career

Littlewood made her television debut as a contestant on BBC dating show The Other Half. This was the first time she was seen on television. In the episode ‘Faking It’ which aired in 2001, Littlewood, who was then in charge of Network Cars in Leigh, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, assisted Somerset vicar Nigel Done in his efforts to make the car successful to become a seller.

In 2005, Littlewood aired a show aimed at preventing home invasions entitled “Beat the Burglar”. He used the services of a former burglar who went door-to-door in neighborhoods to expose people’s lax security measures and show them first-hand what it’s like to have your home broken into and personal belongings stolen. Dominic and the homeowners watched the break-in together on a monitor, and by the end of the episode Dominic made arrangements for security professionals to visit the home and repair any holes the ex-convict pointed out in the home’s shelter.

In 2007 Littlewood took part in the edition of Strictly Come Dancing which was broadcast on BBC One. He has co-presented Cowboy Builders on Channel 5 since 2010. His most famous episode revolved around a student house in Headingley, Leeds, where Dominic Stewart’s house was poorly completed. This episode is considered one of his best. Between 2010 and 2012 he was the presenter of the BBC show Fake Britain. After being succeeded by Matt Allwright, he did not return to the program until 2017. In 2012, Littlewood acted as presenter for Channel 5’s coverage of the Postcode Lottery draws. Littlewood was the presenter of the ITV series Bad Builders: Bang to Rights which aired for a total of three episodes from 27 January 2015. Dom on the Spot has been shown under his moderation on BBC One since 2016. Other television shows such as To Buy or Not to Buy, Holiday and The One Show have included him as a guest host or cast member.

Littlewood appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Masterchef in 2020.