Who is Drake Milligan’s girlfriend from AGT 2022? Here’s what we know about him

People are wondering if AGT’s Drake Milligan has a girlfriend because the number of women who like him has gone through the roof.

His singing on AGT has made many people happy. The Daily Mail said the crowd stood as Milligan finished his performance in the final. “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” is a song he wrote himself.

Simon Cowell, one of the judges, said, “I really think this is the start of your career,” and Sofia Vergara said she wanted to “buy a ticket” to his concert right away.

The fans want him to win and some are interested in what he is doing with his life.

Drake Milligan

Who is Drake Milligan’s girl from AGT 2022?

Drake Milligan is liked by many girls. After his appearance on AGT 2022, many people fell in love with the handsome young man who sings country music.

In 2017 he played Elvis Parsley in the TV series Sun Records. This was the first time he was seen on television. During his senior year of high school, he landed a role that forced him to move from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee.

After the show was over, he went to American Idol, but then he quit. After four years he finally came back with a lot of energy and change and participated in AGT. Even during the casting round, the judges became his biggest fans.

No one knew anything about his love life over the years. Although he’s had a lot of success inside and outside of AGT, he doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend.

Even his handling of social media is all about music and shows. He has never posted anything that might indicate that he is dating anyone. But he had taken a picture with Margaret Anne Florence, who was also with Sun Records, and sent it to her.

His main concern is his job

When he was new to country music, he moved from Fort Worth to Nashville. But he didn’t just go there to sing. He also went there to listen. All the country singers he looked up to were there. Many songs were written and sung there.

Now that he’s 23 years old, he’s learned all the lessons he learned in Nashville and is ready to release his first album. It looks like the singer hasn’t even considered being in love. Instead, his music is what he loves most.

Information about Drake Milligan’s family

Jim Milligan and Angela Clover Milligan had Drake Milligan in Texas. He is from Texas but moved to Nashville to learn more about country music.

His mother is a veterinarian and his father runs a business that buys and sells scrap metal. Glen E. Clover and Sue Ginn are his mother’s parents. His grandfather joined the US Navy and received the rank of ensign.

As a naval aviation officer, he was placed in charge of Patrol Squadron 26 based in Brunswick, Maine. In 1962 he received the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for his help in the Cuban blockade. In 1964, Ed left the Navy and returned to his home in Oklahoma.

His father graduated from Kennedale High School. The 57-year-old has been running the business since 1996.

In an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, the artist also said that it was his parents who got him interested in country music.

Country music is also a family favorite

Thanks to his parents, he grew up with music. All George Jones, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson and George Strait CDs were available in his father’s shop.

One of Drake’s first favorite artists was George Strait, whose CDs were always in his father’s car. Likewise, his mother had everything she liked about Outlaws and Waylon Jennings.

Then when he was about 7 or 8 years old he heard the music of Elvis and immediately fell in love with the music. So he started looking up to George Strait and Elvis.

His brother is there for him

Hunter Milligan, his brother, has supported him by posting videos of him on Facebook and asking people to vote for him.

When Drake lived in Texas, he and his brothers often went hunting and fishing. Hunter also went to school at Texas Tech University. Katie Fox is his girlfriend.

Drake Milligan
Drake Milligan

How much will Drake Milligan make in 2022?

Since being on America’s Got Talent, Drake Milligan has garnered many fans. Since he sang his own song at the audition, he has won the hearts of many people.

He made it to the finals and will face ten others. The winner will be announced on the evening of September 14, 2022. His fans cheer him on.

On the other hand, charts of the original songs he sang were made after each show. People are now wondering how much he could be worth. But nobody knows how much money he has just yet, but if he wins the AGT title, that number will increase.

He was on the American Idol show

In 2018, Drake took part in American Idol. He sang “You Look So Good in Love” by George Strait, which earned him praise from the judges.

Lionel Richie had said he looked very comfortable and judge Luke Bryan had said he “crushed it”. Katy Perry said he was going to be a star and she gave him a golden ticket to Hollywood. But he dropped out of the show because he didn’t think he was ready for it.

He was a country music fan who thought this was the right path for him. So, according to Goodhousekeeping.com, he decided to move to Nashville and put his music first.

He also competes in America’s Got Talent competition

When Milligan and his band went to American Got Talent on June 8, 2022, he was back on stage. During the audition, he sang his own song, “Sounds Like Something I’d Do,” which received four enthusiastic “yes” votes.

He made it to the finals and is now trying to win $1 million. The winner also has the opportunity to perform at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. “LIVE from Las Vegas is America’s Got Talent.

Every time he sang on AGT, the original song he sang hit the charts

Drake had sung his song “Sounds Like Something I’d Do”. “when he tried it, which made the judges like him. The song later became the most popular country song on iTunes.

“Kiss Goodbye All Night,” another song by Milligan, was sung live on stage and became popular. People said Simon Cowell praised him at the time, saying he was the real deal with great songwriting skills and charisma.

He continued that his performance was “the best performance of the night,” and he also thanked the other contestants for coming to the show after his successful audition.

After the live show, he spoke about how he felt about what the judges said. He loved that Cowell had said such nice things about him.

Even after his two shows, the original songs he sang continued to chart, which helped propel him to stardom and gain public support.

Milligan’s debut album will be out on September 15th

Milligan’s debut album, Dallas/Fort Worth, is scheduled for release on September 15, 2022. While in Nashville, he applied for a record deal with BBR Music Group but was turned down.

Nevertheless, they signed him after six months. Tony Brown produced his self-titled debut EP, which was released in July 2021. On October 22, 2021 he released the Christmas song “Cowgirl for Christmas”.

He’s an actor.

He can both sing and act. Most people know him as Elvis Presley on the CMT show Sun Records based on the movie Million Dollar Quartet.

He got the role for doing Elvis impressions in the area. It started on February 23, 2017 at the CMT and ended on April 13, 2017.


He was born in the Texas city of Mansfield. He was inspired by the country music his father liked, especially Merle Haggard, and by an Elvis impersonator he saw singing at a nearby restaurant. Milligan auditioned for the role of Elvis Presley on CMT’s Sun Records TV show, having already played the role of Elvis on local shows. He ended up getting the role, which meant moving from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee during his senior year of high school.

Milligan tried for American Idol in 2018, but she ended up dropping out. “I decided that I wasn’t ready for this platform and that it would be better for me to move to Nashville and focus on my music first,” he said.

Milligan also pursued a record deal with BBR Music Group while in Nashville. Six months after he initially turned him down, the label signed him. Tony Brown collaborated with him to make his debut self-titled extended play, which was released in July 2021. On October 22, 2021 he released the Christmas song “Cowgirl for Christmas”.

Milligan and his band attended America’s Got Talent on June 8, 2022. They performed an original song called “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” which received four enthusiastic “yes” votes. At AGT on September 14, 2022, Drake placed third.

Milligan’s debut album, entitled Dallas/Fort Worth, will be released on September 15, 2022.