Who is Greg Dutra from Chicago’s ABC7? Meet the meteorologist who cried at work after using a touch screen


Greg Dutra is the morning news meteorologist for ABC 7, Chicago’s top television network, and he excels at weather forecasting. He also has a charismatic personality.

A humorous epiphany occurred live when American meteorologist Greg Dutra, a member of ABC 7’s weather forecasting team, freaked out at work over a touchscreen. According to his LinkedIn profile, his first job as a weather reporter was at WABI-TV 5, where he worked for two years from 2007 to 2009.


Weather Expert for ABC 7: Greg Dutra

Greg Dutra, a brand new meteorologist for the Chicago network, recently rose to fame after experiencing the touchscreen in person while broadcasting a live weather report. The American meteorologist reportedly joined ABC 7’s weather team after working at KDVR-TV.

The National Weather Association has given the weather forecast its seal of approval, demonstrating its exceptional ability to forecast the weather in the Windy City. Greg attended and graduated from high school in his hometown.


After enrolling at Lyndon State College in Vermont, the weather reporter graduated with a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science. In 2019, the weather reporter, who won an NWA award, joined ABC 7.

Amber Dutra and Greg Dutra are married.

Greg Dutra and his beautiful wife Amber Dutra are united in marriage. On July 7, 2015, the two exchanged vows in a private ceremony in front of family and close friends.


The meteorologist who went nuts at work over a touchscreen is Greg Dutra.

The couple are successfully co-parents to their two adorable children while maintaining a happy marriage. On March 9, 2018, their first child, Elle Caire Dutra, was born to the couple. A few years after Elle was born, the couple added a second daughter to the family.


Greg has a variety of interests outside of his job as a weather reporter and enjoys spending time with his family. He regularly posts pictures of himself with his wife and children on his Instagram profile. He also just celebrated his wife’s wedding anniversary on social media.

Greg Dutra’s family and children

Greg Dutra is a white American who identifies as such. He was raised by his parents in America. However, sources claim that the Metrelog was born in Spain and practiced Christianity.


The weather reporter regularly updates his Instagram account with pictures of his wife Amber. He also just shared a photo of his two girls having fun in the backyard of his house on a sunny afternoon.

what Greg Dutra is worth

As of 2022, ABC 7’s Weather Forecast is expected to have a net worth of between $1 million and $3 million. The fortune and the income from his many years of work as a meteorologist helped him to achieve considerable wealth.


According to an ABC estimate, a meteorologist’s annual income can range from $33,000 to $92,000. However, his exact compensation has not yet been released. Although the meteorologist has become rich, he prefers to lead a simple life.


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