Who is he? about Anne Heche’s ex-husband and how he reacts to her death

Actress Anne Heche was pronounced dead on Friday, August 12, a week after her August 5 serious car accident in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. Heche was rushed to West Hills Hospital’s Grossman Burn Center shortly after the accident, where she spent a week in a coma.

Heche, 53, was taken off life support and pronounced dead. Her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon paid tribute to her on social media after her death.

Coleman Laffoon spoke about his late ex-wife Anne Heche on Instagram just hours after she was pronounced dead. Laffoon promised to be there in the video post for the former couple’s baby son, Homer.

Ellen DeGeneres was one of the many celebrities who paid tribute to Heche.

What was said about Anne Heche by her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon after she died?

Laffoon said the following in the unprocessed Instagram video:

Hey, Coley here. I just want to say a few things in light of Anne’s death. Firstly, I miss her and will always miss her since I adored her. Second, Homer is fine. Of course he’s grieving, and it’s difficult. It’s quite difficult, as anyone would suspect, but he has the support of his family, is strong and will survive.”

Laffoon fought back tears as she expressed her gratitude to those who asked about her and to those who prayed for her. Added him:

Even though it’s difficult for me, my family and especially Homer, we have each other and a lot of support, so everything will be fine.”
“Anne Heche is free from torment and enjoying or experiencing what is next in her life,” the 48-year-old Cincinnati native said of Anne Heche.

Laffoon went on to mention her involvement in his life, stating:

She came quickly and spoke at length. She was brave and daring, really loved us and never hesitated to express what she (thought) and what she believed in. There was always love. Love was the central theme.”

Laffoon closed the video by saying:

I will miss you Anne. I adore you, I am grateful. I cherish all the good times. There were numerous. On the other hand, see you. In the meantime I picked up our son. He will be fine. adore you”

A brief synopsis of Coleman Laffoon’s relationship with his ex-wife Anne Heche Coleman

Successful real estate agent “Coley” Laffoon. He is currently Director of Residential Sales at real estate website Compass in Beverly Hills, California.

Laffoon worked as one of the cinematographers in Ellen DeGeneres’ American Summer Documentary. Coleman and Heche reportedly met while touring with DeGeneres for their stand-up comedy.

He founded and now owns Coley Laffoon Real Estate.

Anne Heche married Coleman Laffoon in September 2002, a year after her split from Ellen DeGeneres. On March 2, 2002, the couple gave birth to their son, Homer Heche Laffoon.

Laffoon and Heche separated in 2007 after being married for more than five years, after which Laffoon filed for divorce. In early 2009, the former couple entered into a divorce agreement.

In 2015, Coleman Laffoon married Alexi, who is now his wife. According to her LinkedIn profile, Alexi is a licensed assistant to Coley’s real estate business.