Who is he? How does he feel about Arman?

The story of Thony De La Rosa, a former surgeon who now works as a cleaning lady to support her ailing child, revolves around the Fox television show entitled The Cleaning Lady. As an undocumented immigrant, Thony must face a series of challenges to support her family in Las Vegas. Mobster Arman Morales’ illegal operations draw Thony into their web, and FBI agent Garrett Miller uses Thony as a tool in his pursuit and arrest of Arman.

In season two, viewers meet the fascinating and enigmatic Robert Kamdar, who has a connection to both Arman and his wife Nadia, as well as other characters on the show. If you are interested in learning more about Robert Kamdar and his dealings with Arman, we can help. Everything you need to know about Robert Kamdar from The Cleaning Lady Season 2 is here! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Robert Kamdar

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Who exactly is this Robert Kamdar?

In the first episode of the second season of The Cleaning Lady entitled Sins of the Father, Robert Kamdar is introduced to the audience for the first time. After Arman is arrested, Nadia struggles to raise the funds to post bail for him. She enlists Thony’s help and eventually asks her for the funds that were stored on the bitcoin flash drive. However, when Thony cleans up the account, Garrett freezes it, causing Arman to get into trouble. As a direct result, Nadia is forced to turn to loan shark Robert Kamdar for help.

The character of Robert Kamdar is portrayed in the series by Naveen Andrews, an actor. In 1991, Andrews made his big screen debut in the film London Kills Me. His portrayals of Jafar in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Jonas Maliki in Sense8 are undoubtedly the roles that brought him the most notoriety. Some viewers may know the actor from his role in the Hulu miniseries The Dropout, in which he played the character Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. For the upcoming second season of The Cleaning Lady, a regular role has been created for Andrews in the show’s cast.

Robert Kamdar
Robert Kamdar

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What does Robert hope to achieve with Arman?

In the second episode of the second season, Nadia approaches Robert with a financial request. Arman’s bail is set at a substantial sum of money and it seems Robert is aware of Arman’s circumstances. As a result, he uses his position to negotiate a favorable contract for himself. Robert demands a stake in Arman’s gun company in exchange for the $1.6 million needed to post bail. Arman is an arms dealer. Nadia tries to negotiate with Robert, but he’s sure he won’t help her unless she accepts his terms first. Because Arman’s life is in danger, Nadia gives in to the arrangement and Robert pays the bail.

Arman is released from prison in the third episode, after which he and Robert meet to negotiate the business deal. Robert is denied the opportunity to become a partner in Arman’s gun business. As a direct result, Robert offers an alternative. He assigns Arman the responsibility of recovering the funds from the person Robert had given a loan to. While it all goes on, Robert holds Nadia as security. It turns out that Robert is Nadia’s ex-boyfriend and he is scrambling to get his relationship back with her. Arman eventually comes back with the money, but it’s pretty clear Robert isn’t interested in the cash win.

Robert seems interested in Nadia and it’s likely he wants to hire her for his company. During a scene on the show, Robert puts Nadia’s skills to the test while giving the impression that he has romantic feelings for her. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that Robert intends to remove Nadia from Arman’s company. Presumably, Robert will try to drive a wedge between Arman and Nadia in the remaining episodes of season two. Whether Robert succeeds in operating on husband and wife can only be determined over time.

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