Who is he? The executive assistant to former Lamitan Mayor Rose Furigay in the Ateneo shooting incident

Victor George Capistrano and Rosita Furigay, the former mayor of Lamitan City, were both victims of the Ateneo de Manila shooting.

Capistrano was Furigay’s executive assistant and was killed by a bullet from a .45 caliber revolver found at the scene.

Information on the Victor Capistrano Ateneo case

One of the three victims killed in a shooting at Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City around 2:55 p.m. has been identified as Victor Capistrano.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon and Chao Tiao Yumol, a resident of Lamitan City, is currently being held by the authorities. An A.45 caliber pistol with a silencer was also found at the scene.

The murder of innocent people shocked and grieved President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. The victims’ families also received prayers and condolences from Vice President Sara Duterte; May their departed souls rest peacefully in heaven.

Introducing Victor Capistrano, Rose Furigay’s executive assistant

Rosita Furigay, the former mayor of Lamitan City, used Victor as her executive assistant. Unfortunately, Victor is no longer with us; He was pronounced dead at the scene of the Ateneo de Manila shooting, according to multiple media sources.

It is not known why Capistrano was there; Along with him, the mayor was shot as soon as she arrived. Rosita attended her daughter Hanna Rose’s graduation from Ateneo de Manila University while she was in treatment.

He must have gone to Hanna’s graduation with Furigay; after the sad tragedy, the celebration had to be canceled and everyone was shocked by the early deaths of the victims.

Who are the members of Victor Capistrano’s family?

Since Victor has not disclosed his personal life online and we cannot locate his social media accounts, the identities of his family members remain a mystery.

The identities of his parents as well as those of his siblings are unknown as there is insufficient information about him and he has apparently been inactive on social media. The names of his mother and father are also unknown.

Furthermore, no one in his family has spoken publicly about his death. This may be because they have chosen to grieve in private rather than in public, which is acceptable and we respect their privacy. However, we hope they are transparent and describe the type of person Capistrano was so that people are aware of his life story and achievements.

Did Victor Capistrano have children? was he married

Capistrano’s marital status has remained a mystery; He has never revealed details of his private life to the media, so it’s possible he got married and started a family.

We don’t know if he married his sweetheart because Rosita Furigay’s administrative assistant never published the photos and videos of them exchanging vows or walking down the aisle together.

Victor may have shared children and a girl with whom he had a lifelong commitment, but he has always chosen to maintain his privacy in order to live a happy life. However, it is possible that his departure caused great sadness and fear among his loved ones.

His family and friends receive comforting hugs and healing prayers from us. May God give them the strength and energy to get through this difficult time and move on with their lives. Also, despite his death, they will always think of and remember him.