Who is he? The Untold Truth About Bernarda Pera’s Relationship Story

The fact that Kristijan Krajina is lucky enough to call Bernarda Pera his girlfriend is immeasurable.

Pera, a professional tennis player who was born in Croatia but now lives in the United States, has won two singles championships and two doubles championships at the highest level of the women’s professional tennis circuit. She has also won two Grand Slam titles. She competed in eight different professional tennis competitions on the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour. In addition to her eight doubles titles, she has won nine singles titles over the course of her career.

Pera, a professional tennis player, was born in Croatia but now calls the United States of America home.

Additionally, on August 15, 2022, Pera hit a career high of No. 49 internationally, which she held for a day. On February 21, 2022, she moved up to No. 53 in the doubles competition. The athlete made her debut on the WTA Tour in 2014, that year she also received a wildcard entry in the doubles category at the 2014 United States Open. She has worked with a number of different people including Tornado Alicia Black.

As a result of Margarita Gasparyan’s withdrawal from competition in 2018, Pera was able to make her Grand Slam debut in singles and enter the competition as a lucky loser at the Australian Open. Because of this, Pera was able to take part in the competition for the first time. Johanna Konta, a former tennis player from the United Kingdom, was informed of a player’s decision to expire during the second round of play of the same round. In the third and final round of the competition, she was defeated by Barbora Strycova, a tennis player from the Czech Republic who once competed professionally.

Kristian Krajina

Who is Kristijan Krajina?

Krajina, a Croatian professional basketball player, is the partner of tennis star Pera. Krajina also practices the sport professionally.

He recently became a member of the Gliwickie Towarzystwo Koszykowi Gliwice club and is actively involved in the professional basketball league. Krajina initially moved to the United States, but in the end he decided to finish his secondary education in the place where he was born and raised. After graduating from college, he pursued a career as a professional basketball player. During this time he won several championships.

Kristijan has penned a deal to play basketball with GTK Gliwice, a team that competes in the Polish Basketball League.

After reaching an agreement on a one-year contract with the professional basketball club Gradanski Kosarkaski Klub Sibenka in August 2015, the athlete joined the squad and started playing for him. Having achieved great success within the organization, he went to Zadar in June 1016. Krajina signed a contract on August 19, 2019 to play professional basketball for the VEF Riga squad. VEF Riga squad is based in Riga which is located in Latvia.

After that, in February 2020, he signed a contract with CSM U Oradea, a professional basketball team from Oradea, Romania that competes in the Romanian League. CSM U Oradea is a member of the Romanian League.

In February 2021, Krajina became a member of the Swiss Basketball League due to Friborg Oluymoic’s decision to include them as a team. On August 31, 2021, the footballer was linked with the BNXT League Phoenix Brussels squad. This club took part in the held competition. After that, on December 7, 2021, he signed a contract to play basketball for GTK Gliwice, a team that competes in the Polish Basketball League (PBL).

Tennis star Pera and boyfriend age difference

Pera is four years older than Krajina, making their age difference by four years. Pera was born on December 3, 1994 in the city of Zadar, Croatia. She will be 27 this year. For now. Also, her sweetheart was born on December 28, 1990 in the city of Osijek, which is in what is now the Republic of Croatian SFR Yugoslavia. The athlete is currently 31 years old at this time.

The age difference between the couple is four years.

Krajina has an older brother or sister who is a little younger than her. The athlete is five years older than his younger brother or sister, making him the older of the two siblings. Also, his brother, Filip, is a professional basketball player. He plays the position of Force Striker. His girlfriend Bernarda is from a multi-ethnic background; Your family tree contains members of different cultures. Both Croatia and the Dalmatia region of Italy can be traced back to her family origins. The athlete is fluent in English and Croatian and has no trouble speaking either language.

Pera had just turned 16 when her family traveled to the United States of America. The family moved to a new country so their daughter could get a better education and further her career. Her father is a US citizen. They were able to live happily ever after the transfer because they stayed in New Jersey where they already had friends and family. This decision allowed them to settle in quickly after moving across the country.

Is Kristijan Krajina married?

Pera and Krajina have been in a relationship since 2018.

It seems none of them are interested in getting married. Both individuals are dedicated to the sport of athletics and share an interest in a similar competitive path. After examining the tennis player’s profile, it was discovered that she and Krajina regularly communicate back and forth via Instagram posts.

As of 2018, Pera and Krajina have been in a relationship, although they currently have no plans to tie the knot anytime soon.

Despite this, Krajina does not make its social media activities publicly visible. Taking to her Instagram account, Pera shared a snap where she and her doting spouse appear to be having a good time during the wedding season. They aspired to spend a significant amount of quality time together on a fairly regular basis. They gathered to review photos taken in Old Riga, in Zadar and during their weekend trip to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

This is the fourth year that the couple has spent every year of their relationship together. The two best friends Pera and Krajina, who spend their time together traveling and just hanging out, have the best time.

It seems that given the circumstances, her main focus is on her employment as there was no advertisement for an engagement or wedding. Given the circumstances, her main interest seems to be employment. The two people that make up the couple were both born and raised in Croatia. Despite this, they made the decision to move to the United States to further their careers.

Net worth of Bernarda Pera

It is estimated that Bernarda Pera’s net worth is somewhere in the vicinity of $5 million.
She has accumulated a total of $2,110,485 in prize money throughout her career. It’s possible that the numbers don’t fully reflect her actual net worth. This is something to keep in mind. Due to the large income generated by her successful career as a tennis player, she is able to live an extravagant lifestyle thanks to the resources at her disposal. She was a lucky loser at the 2018 Australian Open and as a result she was given the opportunity to compete in the singles main draw for the first time. Her rival Margarita Gasparyan withdrew from the competition.

Pera makes the most of her free time and shares some incredible pictures from her travels on Instagram.

Pera’s 2020 season got off to a rocky start when she lost to Marta Kostyuk in the preliminary round for the Brisbane International. She has been awarded a number of awards for her successes in a significant number of national and international matches. Due to her excellent qualities, she will also celebrate a lot of success at the Australian Open in 2022.

Kristian Krajina
Kristian Krajina

professional career

After graduating from college, he moved back to Croatia with the intention of playing basketball professionally there. In August 2015, Krajina agreed to a one-year contract with Ibenik. After a successful season at Ibenik, he moved to Zadar in June 2016.

On August 19th, 2019 he signed a contract with the VEF Riga of the LEBL. The contract signing took place in February 2020 with CSM U Oradea in the Romanian league.

The agreement between Krajina and Cibona was completed on July 16, 2020. His employment at Cibona ended in November 2020 due to the termination of his contract.

Krajina signed a contract with Friborg Olympic of the Swiss Basketball League in February 2021.

On August 31, 2021, Krajina signed a contract to compete in the BNXT League for Phoenix Brussels. He finished every game averaging 10 points, 4.2 rebounds and 1.5 assists. The agreement between Krajina and GTK Gliwice of Polish Basketball League was finalized on December 7, 2021.