Who is Hedley Thomas’ wife? Insights into the journalist’s married life with Ruth Mathewson

Together, Hedley Thomas and his wife have built a strong, healthy and beautiful family.

Hedley Thomas is an Australian reporter best known for his work on the podcasts The Teacher’s Pet and Sick to Death. He has won seven Walkley Awards over the years, two of which were gold.

Chris Dawson was found guilty of Lynette’s murder when it came to light. The journalist investigated the murder story in The Teacher’s Pet, which led to the murder case being re-investigated.

The journalist left his comment outside court after Dawson was found guilty of killing his first wife. People are more interested in his life because of the whole thing.

Hedley Thomas

Who is Ruth Mathewson who is married to Hedley Thomas?

Hedley Thomas is a journalist and his wife Ruth Mathewson is also a journalist. Both at home and at work, the couple has a beautiful relationship.

In late 1992, after returning to Brisbane with the Courier, Thomas met Ruth Mathewson, who would become his wife. The couple met at a Christmas party and quickly fell in love.

Ruth is also a journalist and has written many important articles. After a month of dating, she said to him, “It was great, but I’m going to Hong Kong for a job.”

After that, the journalist went to Hong Kong in 1993 and stayed there for six years. He goes on to say

“First it was The Hong Kong Standard, but six months later David Armstrong moved from the larger South China Morning Post to the smaller Standard and hired four reporters.

“I was fortunate to be around when there was so much competition for jobs.”

He is now married to Mathewson and they have a great family. She is known for being Thomas’s partner, but has also made a name for herself in journalism.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she received her degree in journalism from the University of Southern Queensland in 1987.

The Married Life of Hedley Thomas: An Insight

Despite being a well-known journalist, Hedley Thomas has kept a low profile since his marriage. He married Ruth Mathewson whom he loves and they now live in Brisbane.

The two have been married for a long time and are said to have two children named Sarah and Alexander. Thomas and his wife would rather stay out of the public eye and live a quiet life.

In 2002, he and his family were the target of death threats and a shooting from a moving car. This may be one reason why the journalist tried to stay out of the limelight.

But there are no records of death threats against his family after 2002. No matter what, he looks like he’s having a great time with his family and seems happy in his marriage.

Who is Hedley Thomas’ family?

Diana and Hedley Robert Thomas had a child. They called him Hedley Thomas. His father was a pilot in the Australian Air Force. He grew up with him.

He grew up in a loving family and his parents were always there for him and his work. Shortly after graduating high school, he began working as a copier for the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Now he has his own family with his wife and children and they all live happily together.

Hedley Thomas Net Worth and Salary as an award-winning journalist

Hedley Thomas is believed to have a net worth in excess of $1 million. He is an award-winning investigative journalist and author, best known for his podcasts The Teacher’s Pet and Sick to Death.

He hasn’t said anything about how much he makes yet. A journalist in Australia, on the other hand, earns around US$80,000 a year on average.

Being an experienced, well-known and award-winning journalist, he needs to earn more than average.

Hedley Thomas
Hedley Thomas


Immediately after graduating from high school in 1984, Thomas got a job as a copy boy at the Gold Coast Bulletin.

After nine months as a copyboy, he began a journalism internship at the Gold Coast Bulletin. In 1988 he moved to Brisbane to work at The Courier-Mail.

After a year he moved to London to work for News Limited Australia as a foreign correspondent for two years.

[needs citation] As a 22-year-old reporter, he reported there on important events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Romanian Revolution.

Thomas returned to work at The Courier-Mail in late 1991 and did so for 18 months. Thomas then went to the Hong Kong Standard for six months as a news editor before joining the South China Morning Post in late 1993. Thomas held many different jobs there, such as senior reporter, deputy features editor, and senior writer.

Thomas returned to Brisbane and The Courier-Mail in 1999

In 2005 he won a Walkley Award for a series of articles on Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel. He later used these articles as the basis for his 2007 non-fiction book Sick to Death. The book also won the Queensland Premiers Literary Award in the Literary Work Advancing Public Debate category.

Thomas joined The Australian’s Brisbane office in 2006. In 2007 he won a Gold Walkley for a series showing how the police got it wrong in their pursuit of Mohamed Haneef, a doctor wrongly accused of being a terrorist. After winning the award, Thomas left journalism and switched to the natural resources industry, where he was responsible for communications, investor relations and government relations.

Around 2010 he returned to journalism and joined The Australian. In 2012 he wrote about the AWU affair.

Thomas and producer Slade Gibson won a second Gold Walkley in 2018 for their podcast series The Teacher’s Pet. It was a 14-part look at the 1982 disappearance of Sydney’s mother, Lynette Dawson, that was never solved. As of December 2018, the podcast series has been downloaded 28 million times and was the only Australian podcast to reach number one in the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

He was inducted into the Melbourne Press Club’s Media Hall of Fame in November 2018.
From 1988 to 2008 he worked as a junior reporter for Courier Mail in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He then became a foreign correspondent in the newspaper’s London bureau. From 2008 to 2012 he worked as a senior reporter for the Australian newspaper in Brisbane.


The Walkley Awards were presented in 1999, 2005 and 2007 for investigative, news and feature articles. In 2005, the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award was given for work that advanced public debate. Australian of the Year 2006: Local Hero Award; Sir Keith Murdoch Prize.

Sick to Death: A Manipulative Surgeon and a Broken Health System—A Disaster Waiting to Happen, Allen & Unwin, in Crows Nest, New South West, Australia, 2007

Someone to help write for the South China Morning Post.

In 2002, an Australian journalist named Hedley Thomas was the focus of national news. There was a break-in while he and his family were sleeping in the house. Four shots from a large caliber weapon hit the house, one of which hit a pillow in the master bedroom, according to police. He and his family needed to move somewhere safer, and not long after, Thomas began working for the Australian as a senior reporter in the Brisbane office. In 2008, Thomas said he was giving up journalism because he was losing interest and worried about his family’s safety. He then began working for the Queensland Gas Company on a team that helped the company’s top managers talk to each other. As a journalist, Thomas has won the prestigious Walkley Award three times, once for investigative writing, once for news writing and once for report writing. He has also won the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award 2005 and the Sir Keith Murdoch Award, among others.

Thomas’ first book was published in 2007. It was called Sick to Death: A Manipulative Surgeon and a Health System in Crisis—A Disaster Waiting to Happen. The book is based on his award-winning reporting, which showed how hundreds of patients were treated by Dr. Jayant Patel died or was injured at Bundaberg Base Hospital in Queensland, Australia and how the hospital tried to hide it. In 2003, Patel was made chief of surgery at the state hospital. This comes after hospitals across the United States told him to change his habits. Sister Toni Hoffman told the officers about the terrible things the doctor was doing, but no one listened to her. When Thomas’ investigative stories about the doctor were released, the whole story came out, making the state medical board and local police look bad.

Donna Chavez, writing for Booklist, said Sick to Death is “a true story dramatic enough to be fiction.” Chavez said “thanks to Thomas” should be said for the way he handled the story. A reviewer for Kirkus Reviews said that Thomas “has a tendency to include many details that add color to the story but stop the flow of the narrative”. However, the reviewer said the book was “an in-depth look at an appalling situation.”


Donna Chavez wrote a review of Sick to Death: A Manipulative Surgeon and a Health System in Crisis—A Disaster Waiting to Happen for Booklist on September 1, 2007. It was on page 34.

Kirkus Reviews wrote a review of Sick to Death on August 1st, 2007.

David Molloy wrote a review of Sick to Death for the Medical Journal of Australia on 7 January 2008. It was on page 25.

24 October 2002, Sydney Morning Herald, “Journalist Moved After Shots Fired At Home,” read the headline.