Who is Jason Boon? D’Leanne Lewis Husband Children & Net Worth

D’Leanne Lewis, one of the best real estate agents, returned to Season 3 of Luxe Listings Sydney on Friday 30th September. People are interested in their personal and professional lives and want to know more about them.

The woman with three jobs now prides herself on taking her girls to school early in the morning before going to work. She says that while her job may seem boring to some, it’s not always the same. She thinks sticking to a strict schedule will help her do well at work.

Her website states that D’Leanne Lewis has been a real estate agent for 18 years and has helped sell some of Sydney’s most expensive homes.

She has also been a top performer on the Laing + Simmons Network for the past 25 years.

Luxe Listings Sydney features well-known Australian real estate agents Moniak Tu, Gavin Rubinstein, Simon Cohen and D’Leanne Lewis.

The schedules of these dealer families are mixed up and they also have a very busy business schedule. The world’s top four real estate agents showcase Sydney’s most expensive and exclusive homes by risking their reputations and making great deals.

D’Leanne Lewis

What’s his name? D’Leanne Lewis husband

Jason Boon is also a real estate agent. He was formerly married to D’Leanne Lewis, who is the star of Luxe Listings Sydney. The couple first met at Richardson and Wrench Elizabeth Bay on the famous Bronte to Bondi route.

When Lweis found out that Boon worked in the same field, she initially turned down his offer. The couple got engaged two years after they first met.

After Jason got down on one knee at nearby McKenzies Beach and asked her to marry him, the two agreed to buy a house. As previously mentioned, D’Leanne and Jason were engaged back in 2007 and had bought a home together in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The house overlooked the sea and was across from the home of Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch and the old mansion of actor Heath Ledger.

Although married, they separated in 2017 when Lewis was six months pregnant with her second child. They haven’t given a good reason why they want to break up yet. It is said on social media that D’Leanne is currently raising her children alone.

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Nava and Myka are the two children of D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Boon

Lewis’ third child, Lyra Yvonne Lewis, was born not long ago. On September 27, she posted a picture of her youngest child, Lyra, whom she called her “little miracle,” to her Instagram account.

The well-known real estate agent gave birth to her first child at the age of 42. She gave birth to her third child with the help of IVF and a sperm donor. She also said that although the child would not have a father, he would have a strong support system.

She said on Women’s Health Uninterrupted that some people think she’s crazy because she’s going to have another kid when she’s in her fifties.

In April 2022, she showed her girls a video of her growing baby bump and told them they were going to have a brother or sister. So she told them she was pregnant.

D’Leanne Lewis family

D’Leanne Lewis was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to Rodney Lewis (father) and Yvonne Lewis (mother). In December 2020, her parents’ 56th wedding anniversary was a big deal.

She now has two girls, one is 5 and the other 2. As she got older her family life became more important.

Rodney and her brother came to Australia hoping to find work, move their families out of South Africa and give their children opportunities they didn’t have.

In 1982, D’Leanne and her family moved to Australia. First they rented a room in Hornsby but had to move to Blacktown because that was the only place they could afford the money.

Yvette Lewis-Oakes is the name of at least one of D’Leanne’s sisters. She attended Sydney Adventist College and Grantham Sports College and graduated from both. She previously worked as an executive assistant at CommSec, CBA’s wealth management division, and CommBank.

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Jason Boon’s wife, D’Leanne Lewis, has a fortune

Jason Boon’s ex-wife, D’Leanne Lewis, is said to have a net worth in excess of $28 million. Her main ways of making money are reality TV and business.

Since she has a busy job, her net worth is likely to grow over the next few years. Lewis has a solid reputation in real estate and has been awarded three New South Wales Residential Salesperson of the Year awards by the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

She was also honored by the Australian Real Estate Institute, which named her Australian Property Salesperson of the Year.

D’Leanne also won a prestigious award for her work in auction marketing from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

In addition to her awards from the Real Estate Institute, D’Leanne has been named the National Laing+Simmons Group’s Top Income Producer for the last 20 years.

D’Leanne Lewis has a net worth of $28 million

He received three New South Wales Residential Salesperson of the Year awards from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

Australian Residential Salesperson of the Year, a prestigious award recognizing excellence in auction marketing.

D’Leanne Lewis Wikipedia

Leanne Lewis was born in South Africa but moved to Australia with her family when she was only ten years old.

When she was older, she first tried getting a job as a personal assistant at Liangs+Simmons, but she quit and was then contacted again.

While working in her first real estate company, she learned a lot about the business. She has worked hard over the years to become a Director of Laing+Simmons Double Bay and a licensed real estate agent responsible for the sale of some of Sydney’s most desirable homes.

She is the Director of Laing+Simmons National Corporation but also owns or directs Laing+Simmons National Corporation and Laing+Simmons Double Bay. The company was bought 15 years ago by Luxe Listings Sydney and its three partners Steven Zoellner, Danny Doff and Sally Hampshire.

She has been with the Laing+Simmons Network for 25 years and has always done a great job.

D'Leanne Lewis
D’Leanne Lewis

D’Leanne Lewis Instagram bio

D’Leanne Lewis is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, a photo-sharing site. Her IG account typically features travel and lavish lifestyle images and videos.

At the time of writing this article, she had around 2,000 posts on her verified Instagram and around 28,000 fans.

Her Instagram bio says Lewis has three children. She is also a director at Laing and Simmons National Corporation and a director at Laing and Simmons Double Bay. She also said that by the age of 19 she was the best agent in the country.

Who is D’Leanne Lewis’ husband?

D’Leanne Lewis is married to her husband husband Jason Boon. The couple first met at Richardson and Wrench Elizabeth Bay on the famous Bronte to Bondi route.

How much money does D’Leanne Lewis have?

Jason Boon’s ex-wife, D’Leanne Lewis, is said to have a net worth in excess of $28 million.

Does D’Leanne Lewis have children with Jason Boon?

Nava and Myka are the two children of D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Boon by their marriage.

What is D’Leanne Lewis?

D’Leanne Lewis is a Luxe Listings Sydney star and works as a real estate agent.

She is also one of the owners of Laing + Simmons Double Bay.

Her website states that she has been the top realtor in the country for the past 18 years and has sold some of Sydney’s most popular homes.

The mother of two has also been one of the top talents of Laing + Simmons’ Network for 25 years.

Luxe Listings Sydney: The Career of D’Leanne

She lives in Double Bay, NSW, Australia. The Real Estate Institute NSW has named her Real Estate Agent of the Year three times.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia has also named the successful broker Australian Real Estate Seller of the Year.

She is also the person who has brought in the most money for the National Laing + Simmons Group over the past 20 years.

She has been a director of the company since 1992. Since then, she’s sold homes in every eastern suburb.

She bought the company 15 years ago along with three other people, Steven Zoellner, Danny Doff and Sally Hampshire.

D’Leanne has won five real estate awards, and now she can also say that she’s a reality TV star.

D’Leanne Lewis: Family

D’Leanne was born in South Africa and moved to Australia with her family when she was 10 years old.

First, she tried to get a job as a personal assistant at Laings + Simmons. She left the company but was later asked to come back.

The older she got, the more important her family became to her. She now has two daughters, one five and the other two.

When she was six months pregnant with her second daughter, she separated from her ex-husband.

Although D’Leanne is very focused on her work, she always takes Thursdays and Fridays off to spend time with her two daughters.

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