Who is Natasha Francis from The Bidding Room? Family and sibling information for an antique dealer

Natasha Francis is gaining notoriety for her involvement in the show The Bidding Room, which airs on BBC One. Due to her meteoric rise in reputation, her devoted followers are curious about the family she comes from in the UK, especially her sister.

Natasha portrayed the character of a trader on the British TV show The Bidding Room, which aired on BBC One. As a result of its phenomenally successful second season, The Bidding Room has risen to become one of the highest-gained midday television programs in the country. From audience reactions, it is clear that Natasha receives a greater level of support from them than the majority of the other characters on the show.

Natasha Franz

The auctioneer asks, “Who is Natasha Francis’ sister?”

Natasha is best known for her role as a distributor on the television show The Bidding Room which is shown on BBC One. The showroom consistently ranks high on lists of the most watched television programs in the entire country. The second season of the program was met with much positive and widespread critical acclaim. A total of eight different dealers are represented in the showroom, to which she belongs.

The company, known as the Urban Vintage Affair, is owned and operated by Natasha Francis, who also serves in this capacity.

Natasha Francis gives the impression of being a very private person because she doesn’t want to discuss any aspects of her personal life, including her family, with her admirers. Despite this, she would keep the identities of her family members secret out of respect for their right to privacy. In the past, the family members of many famous people have been challenged in the conduct of their day-to-day activities by the fact that the identities of their loved ones have been made public.

Francis is the sole owner and operator of The Urban Vintage Affair, a lifestyle business specializing in the sale of one-of-a-kind antique, vintage and handcrafted items. 2017 is the year The Urban Vintage Affair began. Since then, Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis has named it the winner of the coveted Small Business Sunday Award as well as the WOW Award for Outstanding Women in Business.

The Wikipedia entry for Natasha Francis begs the question: Does she have siblings?

As well as being the owner of The Urban Vintage Affair, Natasha also appears as a dealer on the BBC programme. This lifestyle company offers unique antiques, vintage and handcrafted objects for sale on social media sites such as Instagram. The London-based antiques collector believes it should be enjoyed by people of all ages and makes an effort to connect with younger people.

In addition, she is a collector of vintage and antique items that have a realistic feel to them. Some of her favorite collectibles are Edwardian memorabilia, others antique silverware and furniture. In addition, the merchant finds great satisfaction in the process of reusing previously used items, such as B. buying previously used bags and lockers and repurposing them.

Flea markets and thrift shops sparked Natasha Francis’ interest when she was younger, and she was interested from an early age in the antique treasures kept in her grandmother’s house. When she was between 6 and 7 years old, she began accumulating a variety of unrelated items. In the early stages of her company’s expansion in 2015, the antiques specialist prioritized her academic pursuits, devoting significant time and energy to her studies in economics, marketing and antiques. She has been a member of a number of different networking groups and attended a number of seminars which were insightful.

Natasha Francis or Francis Natasha net worth, weight and height

Natasha began her career in fashion as a designer for a number of well-known clothing brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, All Saints and Pringle of Scotland. She had a successful career in the fashion industry where she honed her sourcing and development skills before moving into the financial market. Despite the fact that the fashion industry was thriving, she had a soft spot in her heart for things that were handmade or vintage.

She appears to be an ordinary English-African female and is approximately 5ft 11in tall. We can make an educated guess based on her appearance that she weighs around 70kg, although she hasn’t provided any information on her height or weight.

Natasha has never disclosed her personal financial information to the public. Despite this, she is currently widely regarded as one of the most successful antique dealers in the world, both in terms of reputation and financial standing. As of 2022, she is speculated to have a net worth of $3 million.

Is Natasha Francis currently in a relationship? who is her husband

It is not clear what the current status of Natasha Francis’ relations is. There is also no information about her husband or other partner. It is not known if she is now single, in a relationship or married.

It is possible that she is a UK citizen as she has a job in London and is of African descent. Francis enjoys buying antique trunks and luggage that can be repurposed and used for purposes other than travel.

Natasha Franz
Natasha Franz

Fast bio

Surname Natasha Franz
Age 30-40
gender Feminine
nationality British
profession Dealer/TV Personality
Married single single

About the bidding room

Andy Thornton’s West Vale shop, which is located in Yorkshire near the city of Halifax, is where filming of The Bidding Room takes place.

The stunning setting is described in the show itself as “a wonderful old mill set deep in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire countryside”.

Andy Thornton’s official website states that the Victoria Mills showroom displays most of the company’s standard product range as well as vintage stock and offers a ‘unique and inspiring environment with stunning room designs and product displays showcasing the majority of our standard product range . ” The showroom also includes workshops.

This inventory consists of items such as restaurant and bar furniture, lighting, vintage store displays, themed decor, and other antiques.

These are the people working behind the scenes on The Bidding Room?

On the recommendation of an independent appraiser, the seller makes appointments with five of the eight possible dealers. Below are some of them:

James Broad, a person with an interest in furniture.

Jane Cave, a collector with a passion for colorful decorative homewares from the 1970s

Natasha Francis is the founder of her own company, The Urban Vintage Affair, and also owns the name brand.

Adi Higham, a person who is very passionate about furniture and other mechanical objects.

Ian Humphries is interested in everything from the 17th to the 20th century.

James Gooch, a collector with an interest in Victorian era and early 20th century objects

Moses Utonuia had a strong interest in objects made in the mid-20th century.

Lucy Ryder Richardson is interested in furniture and other artefacts from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, as well as chairs made after World War II and Scandinavian furniture.

Then the bidding process begins! The knowledgeable dealers don’t know how much the show’s appraisal expert Simon Bower estimated the item’s value; However, the seller is determined to get the highest possible price for their item, no matter what.

Merchants bid more and more money for the products based on how much they think they’re worth, driving up the price for all other bidders.

After bidding is complete, the seller of the antique has the option of keeping the item for themselves or deciding whether or not to sell it.

Those who enjoy watching antique restoration programs will find that The Bidding Room is in many ways quite similar to The Repair Shop (opens in new tab), another BBC program that focuses on repairing family heirlooms . This is because the same people are responsible for creating both.

Where to watch The Bidding Room

The Bidding Room can be shown on BBC One daily at around 4.30pm

Each episode runs for 45 minutes and all three seasons are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

It’s one of the latest shows to garner attention on the channel, as questions surfaced earlier this week about Vigil’s filming location. The TV show is set in Scotland and filmed at various locations across the country. Some of the settings are under the sea and the scenery is breathtaking. The highly anticipated show Ridley Road is also predicted to premiere on BBC in October.

Despite the fact that the sixth season of lockdown hit show Married at First Sight UK has come to an end at E4, many viewers are curious as to whether or not the UK adaptation of Married at First Sight is legally binding this year since this is the case is modeled after the Australian version of the show. The show took a slightly different approach this year.

On their separate catch-up websites, each episode can be viewed whenever it’s convenient for viewers.