Who is Omid Scobie partner Marcus Anderson? Meghan Markle Aid and Friend gives update on her

Marcus Anderson is said to be dating London-based writer Omid Scobie.

Scobie is a well-known British journalist and writer. He co-wrote the biography Finding Freedom, which is one of his best-known works. Also, his book is mainly about how the British royal family lives.

Scobie is a New York Times bestselling author. She is also the editor of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine, works for ABC News and contributes to Good Morning America.

Omi Scobie

Who is Omid Scobie partner Marcus Anderson?

Word is Scobie will be working with Marcus Anderson. But the two artists are only connected by a friendship that has not yet come to fruition. People even thought Marcus helped write Scobie’s new book, Finding Freedom.

Omid and Carolyn Durand’s book is called Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family. The book is about the lives of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex after their marriage.

The Duchess, who is part of the royal family, helped write the story. The book was good because it used information from a source other than the author. The book was published on August 11, 2020. It was published by Bif Five English language publishers HarperCollins Publishers LLC.

On New Year’s Day, the reporter sent good wishes to his friends and family. He wrote, “The last 365 days have been a journey, but I am grateful for the good health, strength, blessings and amazing people who have been with me.” He added, “Whether you read my work or viewed, bought the paperback, or shared positive vibes.”

Recently, Meghan Markle’s friend and royal expert Omid Scobie defended the Duchess of Sussex after the tabloids published their false statements about Prince Harry’s father.

In 2015, Jason Knauf joined Kensington Palace as communications secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Is Omid Scobie married at 41?

Scobie is now 41 years old. Omid William Scobie was born in Wales in July 1981. The reporter did well at Oxford. When I checked the author’s social media pages, he seemed younger than he was.

At the moment, Omid has no plans to get married, so he just lives from day to day. Scobie is on Instagram under the name @scobiesnaps and has 33.3k followers as of September 2022.

Scobie’s parents had him in Wales. He lives in England with his parents, younger brother and younger brother. His mother is from Iran and works as a social worker. His father is from Great Britain and is responsible for marketing. The journalist attended Magdalen College School to complete his education. When Scobie was in sixth grade at Oxford, he went to the Cherwell School. He attended the London College of Communication and earned a degree in journalism.

The first time Scobie appeared on Instagram was on March 12, 2017. He was talking about Vermilion Lakes, looking at frozen lakes and having time to think. In 2018 he posted the picture in London, Llanidloes and Oxford, all of which are in the UK.

Scobie had a great time at Darling Point on October 27th, 2018. He and Louis Vuitton both shared the same view from the Royal Tour. The journalist also traveled to Hong Kong in September. He posted photos of himself skiing in Chamonix, France.

How much money does the author Omid Scobie have?

Scobie is said to be worth around $80,000. He first worked for a British magazine about famous people. Later the writer became head of the European office. He spent a long time working for US Weekly in New York City. US Weekly is an American celebrity and entertainment magazine.

Scobie has always written about what the royal family has done. The journalist later became the editor-in-chief of Royal at Harper’s Bazaar, an American women’s fashion monthly. The journalist even worked as a staffer for ABC News.

Scobie also made regular appearances on the US morning television show Good Morning America. The HairPod, a network’s royal podcast, was featured in the report. The writer wrote a book about Prince Harry and Meghan with another person in 2020. He worked with Durand, an American journalist.

In just five days, Scobie’s book has sold more than 31,000 copies in the UK. The book topped the Sunday Times best-selling hardcover non-fiction list. The book was published in paperback in August 2021. It talked about the new epilogue, which talked about what had happened the year before.

The book talks about the television interview that Meghan and Harry did with Oprah Winfrey. The journalist currently lives in east London with his French bulldog.

On August 11, 2020, Scobie thanked everyone who bought Finding Freedom and helped make it a worldwide bestseller on the first day it went on sale. He also said, “Your help means the world to me and I hope you enjoy reading it.”

According to Amazon, Finding Freedom hardcover is $11.48, 114 used copies are $1.26, 34 new copies are $4.99, and 2 collectibles are $9.81. The price for the book’s Kindle app was $10.44. The book was previously available for $27.99. Right now they are offering a 59% discount or $16.51 off.

The book was sent all over the world. $44.64 is the deposit for shipping and import fees to Nepal. So if the book sells, he could make a lot of money in those two years.

    Omi Scobie
Omi Scobie


Scobie was born in Wales in July 1981. He and his parents, an Iranian social worker and a British marketing director, lived and grew up in Oxford with his younger brother. He attended Magdalen College School and then sixth form at Cherwell School, Oxford. He went to the London College of Communication to study journalism.


After a brief stint at a British celebrity magazine, Scobie spent ten years as the European bureau chief of American celebrity and entertainment magazine Us Weekly. He had to cover the royals as part of his job. He became royal editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar and royal contributor at ABC News. He was a regular on Good Morning America and hosted the network’s royal podcast, the HeirPod.

Scobie co-wrote a book about Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex with American journalist Carolyn Durand in 2020. HarperCollins will publish Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family in August 2020. It sold more than 31,000 copies in the UK in five days, propelling it to the top of the Sunday Times bestseller list for hardcover non-fiction. A paperback version of the book was released in August 2021 with a new ending that talked about what had happened over the past year, such as Meghan and Harry’s television interview with Oprah Winfrey.

There’s no doubt that Omid Scobie is close, very close in fact, to the Duchess of Sussex. Take the Duchess’ last public appearance alone as a working queen, the day before she left England for good. Scobie is co-author of the best-selling but critically panned book Finding Freedom. He was one of only three journalists invited to the engagement, which the Duchess (or “Meg,” as Scobie says, “her close friends and her husband call her”) found so emotional that she and Scobie “had a big one.” Farewell Hug’ shared ‘Malachite Candelabra’ of the 1844 room at Buckingham Palace. The Duchess told them as they hugged: “It didn’t have to be that way.”

Wow! That’s a big deal. How did Scobie get an invite to this party? “I think,” he says, “she wanted to share that last moment because it was a moment in history.” But she also wanted to do it in a place where she feels safe.” How did she know that Scobie would give her this safe place? “I think my work [for US Weekly and Harper’s Bazaar, both American magazines] spoke for himself – I was always careful about what I wrote.” He adds that he likes it when he writes about the royal family for an American audience: “The mood in the States is celebratory – I like it more positive attitude about things.” A lot of people say I only say good things about the Sussexes when I write about them. Ever since I started writing, I’ve been challenging anyone to find a bad story I’ve written about the royal family. After reading Finding Freedom, the Cambridges probably wouldn’t agree. Scobie’s book, on the other hand, is his own reward. It went straight to the top of the Sunday Times book chart, selling 31,000 copies in the first five days.

Scobie tells me all this from a table in my garden in north London. He’s drinking coffee with almond milk and is wearing faded light blue jeans and a fawn Represent t-shirt because it’s Sunday. The chain around his neck is by Thomas Sabo and the rings on his fingers are by Chrome Hearts and David Yurman. The Yurman ring is set with onyx. His teeth are as white as they need to be for him to be on Good Morning America so often. Yoshi, his French bulldog, is named after a character from Super Mario and wears a Julius K9 jacket. He drinks water from a bowl that his owner pulled out of a Burberry man bag. Scobie has just returned to London from a hiking weekend with friends in the Brecon Beacons, which is his idea of ​​fun. On the way back to London he stopped at his parents’ home in Oxfordshire.

After his and Carolyn Durand’s book appeared in The Times for three days, he hid in this house. He says: “I expected hysteria with the book; we knew what we had on our hands.” However, in the first five days there were 170 articles about it. He tried not to check social media, but he did. He said: “The support comes from the usual group. The Sussexes have a very large following, and they want to see a book that might humanize Meghan in a way we’ve never seen before.” However, “there’s been an attempt to discredit me as a journalist, but I think I am quite qualified to write a book like this.”