Who is Phia Saban from House of the Dragon? Helaena Targaryen Actress Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend.

Helaena Targaryen is played by Phia Saban on the HBO series House of the Dragon.

In the latest episode of House of the Dragon entitled “Driftmark”, the strange thoughts of Princess Helaena Targaryen (played by Phia Saban) have been shown again. She definitely showed her potential and fans can’t wait for her to shine even more in the entertainment business.

House of Dragons: Phia Saban as Helaena Targaryen

For now, it looks like Viserys Targaryen’s only child with Alicent Hightower is writing these essays for us every week. Helaena said last week that someone needed to “lose an eye,” and her brother Aemond did just that after claiming Vhagar the dragon as his own.

Again, it’s easy to figure out what she’s saying. She speaks of dark and green fabric. In the book Fire & Blood by George RR Martin, the “Greens” and the “Blacks” are the names of the two groups of Targaryens contending for the Iron Throne.

The Greens support Alicent Hightower; Her name comes from the green dress she wore in Episode 5 while the others supported Rhaenyra. At the end of the episode, Rhaenyra dubbed Alicent’s group “the Greens.” We’ve never heard it before, but we’ll hear it again.

Helaena says that “dragons of flesh weave dragons of thread”. This is about Alicent, Rhaenyra and all the other characters that help them. They are the “dragons of flesh” and they will use their real dragons to fight in the wars to come.

Phia Saban

House of the Dragon is the latest show

The age of Phia Saban is 24.

According to reports, Phia Shaban was born on September 19, 1998 and is now 24 years old. This actress is very young. She has only acted in two films.

She’s a Virgo, which means she’s known for being quiet and even secretive. Virgos are known to have a sense of mystery. Some other personality traits are enthusiastic, creative, fiercely loyal, courageous, fearless and fearless.

By the age of thirteen, her character, Helaena, was less attractive and chubby than most Targaryens. Despite this, she was a nice and happy young woman and everyone thought she would make a great mother.

When Helaena was their queen, people loved her. But when her eldest son died, Helaena became insane and depressed.

In 130 AC, Helaena was so sad that she jumped out of Maegor’s hold and died on the spikes below. She was 21 years old. There were rumors in King’s Landing that she had been killed by Luthor Largent on Queen Rhaenyra’s orders.

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Star Saban from House of the Dragon is quite tall

Phia has a body that looks good. People follow her on social media because she’s so pretty, although she’s rarely seen on screen. Not to belittle her acting skills, but the actress is also very attractive and charming.

Saban is just the right size for the princess role. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Helaena is tall and thin like most Targaryens. She also has strong muscles from years of military training. She has the sharp, beautiful features of the human-turned-dragons, as well as the silvery-white hair and dark violet eyes of a Valyrian.

She moves and is physically active almost all the time, like she’s holding back energy that doesn’t let her sit still for too long. She is very friendly, always attracts people’s attention, is stubborn and persistent, and cares deeply about her friends and family. Helaena is very ambitious when it comes to sports, but when she’s not doing those things, she’s pretty laid back.

She laughs out loud and acts like a boy most of the time, but still has a certain feminine charm.

Phia Saban was raised by a single parent

Her mother, Penny Boreham Saban, gave birth to Phia on September 19, 1998 in London, United Kingdom.

Her mother has worked as a producer, radio host and children’s advocate. Phia’s mother is her biggest fan and the one who encouraged her to become an actress. Any specific evidence the public has access to shows that Penny Boreham Saban raised her children alone.

On the other hand, in the series, Helaena Targaryen is the eldest daughter of Prince Aemon Targaryen. She is Aegon’s twin sister and Viserys Targaryen’s cousin.

At Castle, Aemon was in charge of the night watch. He was someone Lord Commander Jeor Mormont could count on for advice.

He was the last known Targaryen to live in Westeros. His name was Aemon Targaryen. He was also the great-granduncle of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, whom he didn’t know. Most people have forgotten Aemon’s past because he spent so much time keeping his promises as a member of the Maesters and the Night’s Watch.

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Over 10,000 people follow Saban on Instagram

The amazing Phia Saban can be found on Instagram as @phiasaban. She currently has 10,000 followers, but that’s all because she was in the Game of Thrones prequel. This streak immediately put her on the map, and she’s sure to do well in the days to come.

But she doesn’t post very often, which is what you see at the time between her posts. She publishes a post every three months on average, which is very little for someone in the entertainment industry.

Oddly enough, she hasn’t even blogged about being on such a well-known show. The latest post is from September and doesn’t even have a caption. It just says “County Cork, Ireland”, that’s all it says. The picture shows half of a body in a cave.

Her social media is full of pictures and posts about times spent with friends and family. She doesn’t hold back from telling each of them how much she loves them. She celebrates her people in a world where celebrities put out nothing but themselves and things to promote themselves.

Phia Saban
Phia Saban

In 2015 Phia had her first appearance in a film

In 2015, Phia Saban made her on-screen appearance on the Netflix show The Last Kingdom.

The British historical television series The Last Kingdom is based on the book series The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. Stephen Butchard made the TV show which first aired on BBC on October 10, 2015. In 2018, the show was bought by Netflix. On March 9, 2022, the last season of the five-season TV show started. A full-length prequel to Seven Kings Must Die has been produced for Netflix.

Before “The Last Kingdom” she mainly worked in theatre. In a BBC radio play, she played a young Bella. But first I want to tell you that in 2019 the actress competed against a number of well-known poets for the Josephine Hart Poetry Prize.

Although Phia has only written two good plays so far and both are for the stage, her future looks very bright. This British beauty is represented by Tavistock Wood, a literary and entertainment agency based in London.

We found out that Phia’s brother Gabriel also enjoys performing on stage, although Phia often performs in school plays and other stage shows. Everyone in her family likes to travel, especially her mother who travels to France a lot.

How old is Phia Saban?

The age of Phia Saban is 24.

Who is Phia Saban’s mom and dad?

Phia Saban’s mother is Penny Boreham Saban.

Who is Phia Saban? How tall is she?

Phia Saban is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Born on September 19, 1998, 23-year-old actress Phia Saban has been in the spotlight since she was part of the cast of Season 5 of The Last Kingdom on Netflix and BBC.
She landed the role of Aelfwynn in this series, which is her first job in the television business. Considering how young Saban is and how she acted in this English series, she was a very good actress.
Kelly Valentine Hendry, who is in charge of casting the show, has brought in many new people including Ewan Horrocks, Harry Gilby, Patrick Robinson, Harry Anton, Ryan Quarmby and Sonya Cassidy.

Before The Last Kingdom she mainly did theater and a radio show for BBC Radio, in which she played a young girl named Bella.

People are saying she could appear in the next season of the HBO show House of the Dragons.


Phia Saban started acting because her mother, Penny, was smart enough to notice how creative her daughter was.

She began as an actress taking acting and singing classes at the National Youth Theatre.

Saban went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama to hone her skills. She will graduate from there in 2020.

She starred in The Seagull, Pomona, Cock, Trojan Women, Othello, The Wheel, Earthquakes in London and Antigone while she was a student at the Guildhall in 2018-18 was 2020.

Penny Boreham Saban and her daughter Phia Saban

Fans may find it interesting to learn that Phia is a girl of many abilities. The young woman is great at everything she does, whether singing, acting or writing.

The actress won the 2019 Josephine Hart Poetry Prize, and let me tell you, she competed against many veteran poets in this competition.

Phia has only done two big projects so far but she has done a lot of theater so her future will definitely be great.

The British beauty is represented by London-based talent and literature agency Tavistock Wood.

Phia Saban’s mother, Penny Boreham Saban, and father of

Children, parents and brothers and sisters

Phia Saban, a 23-year-old actress who is 1.60 m tall, was born on September 19, 1998 in London, United Kingdom at the home of her mother, Penny Boreham Saba.

Penny Boreham Saban, her mother, is an experienced producer, radio host and child rights activist. In 2020, she made a popular podcast for IPBES called Earshot Strategies.

Phia has acted in many school and theater plays, but we found out that her brother Gabriel is also interested in theatre.

Everyone in her family loves to travel but especially her mother who travels to France a lot.

Handles for your personal life and social media

Like many other celebrities, Phia loves speaking to her fans through social media. She has an Instagram account with her name on it.

It is clear from her pictures that her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her friends.

Also in London she lives with her best friend Belle, whose name is Belle.

We did some research to find out if Phia Saban is in a relationship and based on what we know she is not.

Phia Saban’s age?

She turned 23 this year.

Where does Phia Saban come from?

She is from London which is in the United Kingdom.

Who is Phia Saban’s mother?

Penny Boreham Saban.

Phia Saban’s Instagram handle?


When was Phia Saban born?

She was born on September 19, 1998.

Who will play Aelfwynn in the 2022 film The Last Kingdom?

Phia Saban.

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