Who is Philip Polkinghorne from Auckland? Pauline Hanna’s husband not guilty

Pauline Hanna, a senior health director for the Counties Manukau District Health Board, was found dead at her home on Upland Road in Remuera, New Zealand, on April 5, 2021.

Although police had been investigating the death for nearly two weeks, it was still “unsolved” as of April 5 this year.

Det. Insp. Aaron Pascoe was quoted by Newshub as saying that a 69-year-old man was arrested Tuesday and charged with murder.

Who is Philip Polkinghorne from Auckland?

Philip Polkinghorne is an eye surgeon in Auckland. When his wife died in April last year, he quit his job and retired.

He also works as an Associate Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Auckland.

He has also been a visiting professor at the University of Otago, helping ophthalmologists from Australia and New Zealand study for their final exams.

He does a lot of public service and believes that everyone in New Zealand should have good medical care.

Pauline Hanna’s husband not guilty: Philip Polkinghorne

Philip Polkinghorne, who is married to Pauline Hanna, has said he was not carelessly driving.

Philip, 68, is said to have crashed his red Amarok Ute into a car outside Parnell Rose Gardens in December. His first court hearing to answer the charges is scheduled for March 23 at Auckland District Court.

But the defendant’s attorney, Tony Bouchier, asked that his client not be present and pleaded not guilty on his behalf.

Was Philip Polkinghorne, a surgeon in Remuera, held for the murder of his wife, Pauline Hanna?

After Pauline Hanna is mysteriously killed, her husband, surgeon Philip Polkinghorne, is said to be the prime suspect.

Polkinghorne told the Herald in a previous interview that police consider him a “person of interest”.

Hanna owned the $4 million Upland Rd. home with her husband, by whom she had three adult children, and sister-in-law.

About six weeks after her death, firefighters were called to her home because it was on fire. When they got there, they saw that a portable gas cylinder, not the house, was on fire.

According to stuff.co.nz, the police investigation into Hanna’s death was kept secret for the past year.

Before her death, the woman is said to have hired a private detective, and investigators spoke to many of her husband’s colleagues.

Last year, a Melbourne-based escort named Madison Ashton reportedly told Australian media that she has been dating Philip for a number of years and has been helping New Zealand police with their investigations.

In May, it was said that methamphetamine had been found on Upland Rd. A house. Philips company Auckland Eye said a review showed there were no clinical problems. He has since quit the job.

Det. Insp. Aaron Pascoe says the man will appear in court in Auckland later today.

What happened to Philip Polkinghorne?

Philip Polkinghorne, who used to work for Auckland Eye Hospital, is not well known at the moment. At the moment there is no way to find out anything about his situation.

Multiple online news sources say police recently arrested a 68-year-old man suspected of killing his wife Hanna.

Some people said the person arrested was Philip, but as the police haven’t said who they are, that’s not true.

Officer Pascoe said, “You have nothing further to say at this time as the case is now before the court.”