Who is she? ABC TV reporter appears on The Drum


At the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ABC Radio Sydney, Tahlia Aualiitia is a presenter and reporter.

From January 2018 to April 2018 she worked as a producer on Pacific Mornings at ABC Radio Australia. She has also been employed there for four months.


Aualiitia is also Senior Producer at ABC Radio SydneySenior, where she has been employed for four years and three months since May 2018.

Who is Tahlia Aualiitia, an ABC TV reporter?

Tahlia is a producer, producer, reporter and presenter for ABC Radio Australia’s The World, ABC Kids Listen and Pacific Playtime.


She received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Media and Communications from the University of Tasmania from 2004 to 2007 with first class distinction. From June 2012 to December 2012 she worked as a post-graduate research assistant at the University of Tasmania.

She was also a radio producer, content creator and presenter for ABC Radio Hobart from September 2013 to December 2017. She worked four years and four months.


The presenter has attracted 7,000 followers on social media site Twitter, where she uses the handle @taliaualiitia. She joined Twitter in March 2009 and brought back 1,000 followers.

Pet and Tahlia Aualiitia

She identified on her Twitter account as a producer and reporter who was born on January 27 and currently resides in Wurundjeri land. Due to her frequent retweets, the moderator appears active on this site.


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Has Tahlia Aualiitia found love?

Tahlia has a lover named Christopher and has discussed him on Twitter.


She said she just understood how she was tricked into cooking him a lasagna. Christopher, her boyfriend, was sure this ethnic girl wouldn’t make him hungry.

The journalist also posted a picture of herself talking to her lover. In a text message, Tahila first asked Christopher what he was having for dinner. Christopher replied that he wanted to make lasagna, but then he remembered that onions were unattractive, so he had a bag of chips instead.


Presenting Tahlia Aualiitia at Pacific Beat

You’ll just have to put it in the oven when you get home after Aualiitia has prepared it for you tomorrow he was asked. She had a full day. This is how the conversation goes on.

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Families of Tahlia Aualiitia

Tahlia is loved and cared for by a wonderful family. At the moment the moderator is living her dream. Her relatives are Australian citizens.

Noting her parents on Twitter, she claimed her father switched his coffee money to digital money after a trip to Hobart. That year Richard provided Ewart with her license but it seems her mother turned it in before her father could put any money into it.