Who is she? Information about the family of the founder of New New Thing

Brooke Hammerling: who is she? Information about the family of the founder of New New Thing

Splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles, entrepreneur Brooke Hammerling is the founder of The New New Thing.

Hammerling, a graduate of Rollins College, founded Brew Media Relations in 2005 and then sold it to London-based Freud’s PR before founding her new company.

Who are Brooke Hammerling’s parents?

Brooke Hammerling was born to devoted parents who abandoned her as a young child; She frequently posts priceless photos of them on social media.

Her beautiful mother, Margaret Doolittle Lesser Hammerling, died in 1997 and April 10, 2022 marked the 25th anniversary of her death.

Similarly, her father passed away unexpectedly in 1998, and January 1, 2022 marks the 24th anniversary of his death. The entrepreneur must have struggled growing up without the love of her parents.

Also, Brooke locked most of her memories with them, but recently she was able to appreciate the old photos while sharing them on Instagram. We are very saddened by Hammerling’s loss and hope that she can gradually process it.

Wikipedia and Brooke Hammerling’s age

Entrepreneur Brooke, 48, raises a glass in honor of her birthday on April 30, 1974, when she was born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.

The entrepreneur founded The New New Thing, a strategic communications consultancy that works with companies on high-level strategy, creative storytelling and building strong partnerships.

She also contributes to writing and hosts the Apple podcast Pop Culture Mondays, which airs every Monday and Thursday. She also previously founded Brew Media Relations and was Vice President of Media Relations at Zeno.

Brooke Hammerling’s spouse and children

Hammerling hasn’t said if she’s married to her husband, but she frequently posts on Instagram alongside Ian M and Ian Shive, referring to them as her family.

The founder of The New New Thing seems to enjoy interacting with others, as evidenced by the numerous posts he has made with her friends and colleagues on the social networking site. However, she didn’t even share a picture of herself and her spouse walking down the aisle.

In addition, Brooke enjoys spending time with dogs and children; She is good friends with her nephew and niece but has not revealed if she is the mother of children. Therefore, we assume that she has not yet married her partner. This could be because she hasn’t fully recovered from the trauma of losing her parents when she was young, or because she has kept her marital status a secret.

Brooke Hammerling Net Worth in 2022

Considering she started Brew Media Relations before launching The New New Thing in 2020, Brooke could have a net worth of at least $1 million.

She founded her first media relations firm, Brew PR, in 2005 and developed it for almost 15 years before selling it to London-based PR firm Freudsin in 2016. Additionally, the business owner has over 20 years of experience helping the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs develop their communications strategies.

In addition, according to her LinkedIn profile, she was the director of MobShop from May 1998 to December 2001 and has experience as a media relations consultant for Oracle Corporate, Electronic Arts Corporate, Xfire and Fractal Edge. Consequently, Hammerling must have accumulated a good fortune in her bank account over the course of her career.