Who is Taylor Parker? Texas Mom Killed Boyfriend, Arrested Unborn Baby Check Charges and Reports

A pregnant friend of a Texas woman was killed and the fetus was excised from the woman’s uterus. The woman is now in court. The woman, whose name is now known as Taylor Parker, even lied about being pregnant.

On the other hand, Regan Simmons-Hancock is named as a victim. The second woman was 34 weeks pregnant when she was killed. In addition to killing Regan, Taylor also killed her unborn daughter, Braxyln Sage. Many people were shocked by the news and it is now being talked about on social media.

Taylor Parker

The Texas woman reportedly pleaded not guilty to killing, kidnapping and killing the baby in a manner that did not result in her death. For those who don’t know, the terrible thing happened in October 2020. Also, the case went to court on Monday September 12, 2022. The defendant could reportedly face the death penalty if found guilty of capital murder or spend the rest of her life in prison with no chance of getting out.

Let’s add that Taylor stabbed her friend about 100 times because she wanted to steal her unborn child. During the opening of the trial, Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp told the Bowie County jury that Taylor Parker was a first-rate actress. Kelly said that Parker killed Regan’s mother with a scalpel wound and a hammer blow to the head, then cut out Regan’s baby. Kelly also said the lies and deceit are ongoing and that it all started months ago and ended in a murder.

The 29-year-old also made it look like she’d just given birth by tucking the placenta into her own pants and making it look like the umbilical cord was still attached. On the other hand, the little girl died shortly after being cut out of the uterus with a scalpel. Parker was reportedly pulled over by a police officer at 9:37 a.m. because she was resuscitating the baby.

She then took her to the hospital. Officials have found Parker lied about being 10 months pregnant because she was so scared of losing boyfriend Wade Griffin. Reagan’s mother found her daughter lying on the ground in a pool of blood and called the police. Parker said she did not give birth to the baby after being questioned by police.

Just after 10 a.m. Friday, someone who had died was reported on Austin Street in New Boston.

Reagan Hancock was eight and a half months pregnant and was due to have a girl in November, her mother Jessica told Fox News on Monday. She only wanted to be addressed by her first name. She was due on November 10, but her mother said she was “starting to show signs that she was about to have them.”

Police said the unborn child was removed from her body based on their investigations to date. After she was killed, her mother was the first person to find her.

“We just want people to remember our beautiful baby as the wonderful person she was and see that she didn’t deserve that,” her mother said.

Hancock already had a three-year-old daughter named Kynlee when she posted on Facebook over the summer that she would be having a “cute baby girl” named Braxlynn Sage in November.

A PayPay fundraiser said, “Someone Reagan Hancock thought was a friend killed her and her unborn child for no reason.”

Oklahoma police later arrested the suspect and now the Texas Rangers are investigating the case, New Boston police said.

The woman accused of Hancock’s murder went to an Oklahoma hospital with the baby, who later died, according to KSLA.

Since then, the woman, whose name is not yet known, has been charged with kidnapping and killing an unborn child, according to the KSLA. But there could be more charges.

The whole town has now come together to help the family.

    Texas mom killed boyfriend and her unborn baby
Texas mom killed boyfriend and her unborn baby

Whitehead told Fox News that Reagan’s husband, Homer, is the backbone of their small lawn care business. Together, the two online fundraisers shared on social media have raised more than $20,000 in just days after her death.

She said, “Our town is small, but at the end of the day we’re all part of the same town.” “Now everyone here takes care of Reagan, Kynlee, Homer and the rest of the family.”

She also said that the three “have become part of everyone’s family.”

In addition to the more than $12,000 raised by the Whiteheads, Allen Martin and Janet Harland Ross have raised more than $13,000 for another cause.

Jessica said, “Thank you for showing me that there is still good in the world.” She also said she was touched by how everyone “came together to love the family, to pray for them and to support them”.

In court, authorities said Simmons Hancock was stabbed and cut more than 100 times and her head was broken open with a hammer before her unborn baby was taken out with a scalpel.

Parker was also charged with murder that did not involve the death of a child.

Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp told the jury that Parker was “an actress of the highest caliber” who lied to her boyfriend about being pregnant for almost 10 months in order to keep him with her.

Crisp said that Parker put on clothes to make it look like she was pregnant, faked ultrasounds, threw a party to find out the baby’s gender, and even posted about her fake pregnancy on social media.

According to both news sources, Crisp said, “The lies and deceit go on and on; There are so many layers of scam it’s hard to believe.” “To understand what happened on October 9th, you need to know about the scam. This went on, months and months, until it was too late to stop and someone got killed.”

A Texas woman is accused of killing a pregnant woman and removing the baby from her womb.

After the attack, Parker left Simmons Hancock’s three-year-old daughter alone with her dying mother.

Crisp told the jury that part of Parker’s plan was to send a bomb threat to a hospital, causing her scheduled admission to be delayed.

Crisp told the jury Taylor Parker didn’t want any more children. “She killed Reagan and took her baby from her because she wanted to keep her boyfriend.”

After the murder, Crisp said Parker “shoved Reagan’s placenta down her pants to make it look like she had given birth on the side of the road.”

Jeff Harrelson, one of her attorneys, asked the jury to consider all of the facts that came up during the trial.

“It’s a tough case both factually and emotionally,” Harrelson said. “You have to look at these facts through the lens of the law. Sometimes there are shades of grey, not just black and white.”

A month should pass during the hearing. Parker could face the death penalty if found guilty.

Opening statements have begun in the trial of a woman accused of killing a pregnant friend and stealing the friend’s unborn baby to bolster her fake pregnancy story and keep her own relationship going.

Taylor Rene Parker, 29, is accused of brutally killing 21-year-old Reagan Simmons-Hancock. The woman was killed when she was eight months pregnant with her daughter, Braxlynn Sage. The kid didn’t make it.

Simmons’ mother Hancock was found dead at her home in New Boston, Texas on October 9, 2020. New Boston is located in Northeast Texas, not far from the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

People says opening statements were released Monday in a New Boston courtroom that revealed new details about the horrific double homicide. Officials say Simmons-Hancock was stabbed more than 100 times and her head fractured with a hammer before the baby was excised from her uterus with a scalpel.

Parker is said to have left the woman’s 3-year-old daughter with her mother’s bloodied corpse.

A DeKalb, Texas police officer pulled Parker over at around 9:30 a.m. on the morning of the murder. She is said to have lied for months about being pregnant. She reportedly tried to revive the unresponsive baby, who was still attached to his mother’s placenta.

Parker said she just gave birth and the baby is not breathing.

Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp said in her opening arguments that Parker “shoved Reagan’s placenta down her pants to make it look like she gave birth on the side of the road.”

Parker and the baby were taken by ambulance to McCurtain Memorial Hospital in Idabel, Oklahoma. The baby was pronounced dead there a short time later.

When Parker refused a postpartum exam that would have confirmed if she had just given birth and been good for a woman who had just given birth, medical staff became suspicious.

In their opening statement, prosecutors said both Simmons-Hancock’s murder and the fake pregnancy were part of Parker’s desperate plan to stay with her then-boyfriend, Wade Griffin.

“The lies and the cheating go on and on, and there’s so much of it,” Crisp said. “You have to know about the scam to know what happened on October 9th.” This went on for months and months until it was too late to stop and someone got killed.

Crisp said Parker acted like she was pregnant for almost 10 months, including through fake ultrasounds, fake social media posts about the pregnancy and even throwing a party to find out the baby’s sex, according to KXAS-TV. a subsidiary of NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. KTBS also said she bought a fake baby bump to keep up appearances.

She is also said to have offered potential surrogate mothers $100,000 because she could not have children because she was infertile.

People says Crisp said Parker was “an actress of the highest caliber.”

Wade Griffin, who thought Parker was carrying his child on the day of the murder, said he was waiting for Parker at the hospital so labor could be sped up, which is common after 40 weeks. During his opening remarks, Crisp said that while Griffin waited, Parker allegedly planned to call the hospital with a fake bomb threat to delay their alleged admission, which was not planned. This is said to have been the case, according to People.

KTSB says Crisp said Parker was obsessed with Griffin, but Griffin didn’t feel that way.

People says Crisp said in court, “Taylor didn’t want any more children.” “She killed Reagan and took her baby just so she could keep her boyfriend.”

Parker has said he is not guilty of killing anyone to death and taking someone hostage.

Jeff Harrelson, Parker’s defense attorney, told the jury, “It’s a complicated case, both factually and emotionally.” “The law is the lens you have to use to look at those facts. Sometimes things aren’t black and white, they’re gray.”

Parker could be killed if found guilty. The Texarkana Gazette says the process is expected to take about a month.