Who is the Ioanna Kimbook of Wedding Season? Facts about the actress you didn’t know


Ioanna Kimbook is an actress, best known for her role in the Hulu-produced original series Wedding Season.

Wedding Season is a new British romantic thriller that will be available on Hulu. Actors Rose Salazar and Gavin Drea will play key roles in the film. Kimbook will be working on a significant project for the film. Her performance was admired by many people, which contributed to the rapid growth of her fan base after the event ended.


Then again, these movies aren’t the only ones she’s acted in during her career. She has been working in the entertainment industry for quite some time and has been involved in a variety of projects throughout her career. She is a talented actress who can easily adapt to a variety of roles and narratives due to her adaptability.

Ioanna Kimbuch

A few quick facts

Full name Ioanna Kimbuch
ethnicity Mixed
nationality American
profession actress
recent work wedding season

Early Life and Family History of Ioanna Kimbook

Ioanna and her family are originally from Greece but she was born in the United States. The photos of her that can be seen online give the impression that she is in her mid to late twenties at the earliest.


Even as a child, she had the idea of ​​working in the entertainment industry. Her family has never hesitated to support any of the decisions she made regarding her professional life.

Ioanna is a graduate of Bristol Old Vic Theater School. She is also now appearing as the heroine in Much Ado About Nothing at the National Theatre. Ioanna’s feature films include Inside No. 9″ and “Flatmates”. Kimbook was considered for an Ian Charleson Award nomination for her work in Almeida’s 2020 production of The Duchess of Malfi. In 2019, Ioanna starred opposite John Malkovich in David Mamet’s Bitter Wheat. She previously starred in the critically acclaimed production of DADDY at the Almeida Theatre.


Follow the adventures of Ioanna Kimbook on Instagram

Ioanna’s Instagram name goes under @ioannakimbook. She follows around 356 people on Instagram, although she has a total of 689 followers on the platform.

She is very active on her social media page, where she frequently shares pictures of herself as well as other images that are aesthetically pleasing and go with her Instagram feed.


Kimbook has published a total of 18 photos and videos on her Instagram account. However, she is most active in the fairy tale section, where the posts are kept for around 24 hours. Additionally, the actress uses the site to promote her upcoming works to the followers of her Instagram account. She also occasionally shows her friends and colleagues photos she took on the sets she worked on.

Ioanna Kimbuch
Ioanna Kimbuch

5 things you should know about Ioanna Kimbook

  1. Ioanna Kimbook began her professional acting career on Broadway and in plays. Plays in which she has appeared include Jason and the Argonauts, The Seagull and The Wizard of Oz.
  2. She is an actress who can play a variety of roles and she comes from a mixed heritage family.
  3. Kimbook received a 2020 Ian Charleson Honors nomination for her work in The Duchess of Malfi at the Almeida.
  4. In addition, Ioanna has provided her voice on a number of projects including The New Room and Mascherato: The Musical.
  5. The original comedic thriller she was most recently a part of is available on Hulu and is titled Wedding Season.

short bio

Ioanna Kimbook attended Bristol Old Vic Theater School and graduated with a degree in Acting. Next, you can catch Ioanna in the upcoming series WEDDING SEASON on Disney+, where she will appear as a series regular. Ioanna plays the role of the heroine in the production of Much Ado About Nothing, which is now playing at the National Theatre. Film credits include INSIDE NO. 9 and roommates, among others. Ioanna’s performance in THE DUCHESS OF MALFI at the Almeida in 2020 earned her an Ian Charlesson Prize nomination in recognition of her work. Ioanna performed in the critically acclaimed production of DADDY at the Almeida Theatre. In 2019, she starred alongside John Malkovich in David Mamet’s BITTER WHEAT.


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