Who is the Isidro Consunji family? Details about his wife and children


It is possible that Isidro Consunji is the son of Filipino businessman Voctor David Mendoza Cobsunji who never married.

Consunji is a very wealthy man who is in the top list of billionaires in the Philippines. The successful entrepreneur completed his studies in business administration at the Center for Research and Communication of the University of the Philippines. In addition, the representative sits on the boards of the Asian Institute of Management and Semirara Mining & Power Corp.


Is Isidro Consunji married? know his wife

On the social side, Consunji has not communicated with his wife in any way. It seemed like he would focus on his career while taking his father’s business to the next level. Isidro Consunji, President of DMCI, responded to orders given to him by President Duterte to investigate the collapsed Ecoland 4000 condominium in Davao.

They agreed to the terms of the offer to settle homeowners’ claims at 150% of cost and will hold a general meeting on January 20th. According to Consunji, virtually all of its subsidiaries had triple-digit growth in 2021 a result of increased productivity and the start of what they believe to be a commodity supercycle.


In the past, Phase 1 of the north-south commuter rail project was successfully completed by the joint venture of DM Consunji and Japan’s Taisei Corp. closed. His company, Semirara Mining and Power Corp., chaired the corporation’s annual stockholders’ meeting.

That year, they explored the consolidation of SCC and DMCI Mining, and Chairman Consunji stated that they considered the possibility of acquiring DMCI Mining Corp. check by SCC. The Chairman went on to say that DMCI Mining owns a number of properties in Palawan that are now awaiting permits leading up to the MPSA.


Maggie Wilson, a Filipino beauty queen, and Victor Consunji married in 2007 and celebrated their only wedding anniversary in December 2010. Similarly, Dodgers Vice President Lon Rosen married the woman he loved, Laurie Rosen, and the couple went on to have two children.

Detail of the rich family Isidro Consunji

Consunji is the son of an alleged deceased businessman who was chairman of DMCI Holdings, Incorporated, a public holding company. Even his own father served in the executive branch of government as a former secretary in the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications.


On November 2, 1921, Victor was born in Samal Bataan, Philippines. On September 4, 2017, Victor passed away in Manila, which is also in the Philippines. With a combined fortune of $3.9 billion in the United States, the entrepreneur was ranked the sixth richest person in the Philippines by Forbes in 2014.

In a household with a total of nine children, Victor was the third eldest of the bunch. He married Fredesvinda Almeda and the couple had eight children together. Isidro, the entrepreneur’s eldest son, assumed the presidency of DMCI Holdings, Incorporated after his industrialist father passed away.


Before the stock hit a 52-week high in July, Bilyonaryo Isidro Consunji and his three siblings amassed nearly 10 million shares in their family’s DMCI Holdings (DMC) in the first half of this year. This was in preparation for the company’s take-off.

Isidro Consunji has a billion dollar fortune from his father’s fortune

The combined net worth of Consunji and his siblings is over $1.3 billion. The income comes from the company’s involvement in the construction and real estate industries. After the death of Victor’s father, the family fortune was divided among Victor’s surviving children and siblings, including Josefa, Jorge, Luz, Maria Cristina, Maria Edwina, and others.


In addition, Consuji is Chairman of DMCI Holdings, one of the largest real estate development companies in the Philippines. DMCI Holdings was founded in 1954 by her father, Consunji. The successful entrepreneur is following in his father’s footsteps by maintaining professional and financial interests in the mining, power generation and water service industries.

Estimated annual net worth in years

Year Estimated net worth
2022 $1.3 billion
2021 $1.8 billion
2020-2019 $1.3 billion
2018 $2.45 billion

Although the company suffered a loss as a result of the epidemic, it was able to recover from the impact. After recovering from the damage caused by the Covid crash, DMCI’s revenue soared 60 percent to $2.1 billion in 2021, while the company’s net income grew 100 percent to $350 million.

At the virtual shareholder meeting held by SMPC in 2021, Chairman and CEO Consunji predicted that the company’s profit would rise as a result of the recovery in coal and energy markets from the previous year’s historic lows.


In the same year, Secretary Martin Andanar sent an invitation to Consunji to accept compensation for the losses suffered by the people of Ecoland 4000 as a result of the Davao earthquake.

In October 2019, a businessman revealed to the public that DMCI Homes had already made the decision to refund Ecoland 4000 homeowners 150% of the money they paid for their collapsed condos.


Austrian art collector Heidi Horten died on June 12, 2022, and Forbes calculated that she had a net worth of $2.9 billion at the time of her death.


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