Who is Theo Germaine’s partner? Actor They/Them is not binary


American actor Theo Germaine is a teenager. They play James Sullivan in the Netflix series The Politician. The superstar made his acting debut in 2015.

Germaine is interested in both screenwriting and film production. In his career he has worked on 11 film projects. Theo graduated from the University of Illinois.


You: William Rusan, a partner of Theo Germaine

Theo Germaine is not dating anyone. The trans actor and his longtime lover William Rusan have a great relationship. They affectionately call their guy Mr. Perfect.

Germaine and Rusan have been a couple for a long time. The couple own a home in Chicago that they share. William wished Theo a happy birthday on April 2 on Instagram.


Humanist, feminist, technologist, media specialist and coconut, according to Rusan’s Twitter bio. In a recent Instagram post from William, Germaine wrote: “I adore you; I’m glad you’re still here.”

Theo often shares pictures of himself and his partner on social media. The actor is active on Instagram as @theogermaine. On his verified page, he has 384 posts and more than 76,000 followers.


Theo Germaine is non-binary: details on pronouns

Theo Germaine, a non-binary transgender person, uses the pronouns They/Them. The movie star favors no gender over another. They have nevertheless decided to lean towards a more masculine identity.

Germaine prefers to refer to himself as “he” or “she”. As a teenager, the actor went through a metamorphosis. Theo admitted he was once a woman but has now had a legal transformation to become a man.


“I jokingly claim that The Lion King and gender dysphoria were two of my earliest memories. We all tried to nap in daycare when I was three, but I couldn’t because I was constantly sitting there thinking about gender,” he said on the LGBTQ&A podcast.

Germaine wants to pursue writing and directing in the future. You want to help the LGBTQ community in any way. The actress hopes the entertainment business offers more opportunities for trans performers.


Surname and maiden name of Theo Germaine

Theo was born on April 2, 1998 in his hometown of Murphysboro, Illinois. The 24-year-old has not yet revealed his real name. His parents and other relatives hardly mentioned them either.

The actor grew up in Chicago. Germaine temporarily relocated to Los Angeles to film The Politician. They have returned to their hometown and are citizens of the United States.


The aspiring singer admitted she had a difficult upbringing and briefly experienced homelessness. Everything changed after Germaine’s groundbreaking performance in The Politician.

With a net worth of more than $300,000, Theo is among the best actors right now. He currently directs the Chicago-based Gray Talent Group. They have appeared on stages including Steppenwolf and The Goodman and in a number of magazines including Teen Vogue.


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