Who is this Isaiah Campbell anyway? One of the contestants in Season 4 of Love Island USA is a waiter and a model.


Love Island USA season 4 contestant Isaiah Campbell works in the fashion industry as a model and also waits tables. Along with a chance to win a $100,000 cash prize, he joins the show in hopes of finding love and making new friends.

While participating in “naughty games” and “sexier challenges,” Isaiah Campbell and the other contestants are forced to live together in a house on the California coast, where they are filmed around the clock. Peacock will air the show on July 19, 2022.


Love Island USA season 4 contestant Isaiah Campbell is the subject of this article.

Isaiah Campbell, the youngest castaway on the show, is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but he now calls Delray, Florida home.


The model and waiter, who is 21 years old, takes part in the show hoping to win both love and money. He is looking for a woman who is clean and prioritizes her family life. More specifically, the dapper looking man is looking for a romantic partnership akin to that of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

He uses the following phrases to describe their relationship:

Both Alphas were dealing with their own problems at the same time.
Campbell, who claims he’s never been in love, says he’s interested in a relationship that will be “long-lasting” and that he will only date the woman he thinks he might end up marrying . Isiah is a person who values ​​his family and he wants to find a woman with gorgeous eyes who will inspire him to return to his home.


The model claims that one of his “hidden interests is cleaning” and that cooking is one of his favorite things to do in his spare time. The 21-year-old also thinks his back is his most attractive feature and he boasts about it as follows:

“Look at the comments people have left on my Instagram photos.”
His Instagram is full of photos of him posing alone, showing off his toned physique and shape. At the time of writing this he was followed by 23.4 thousand people on his social media account.


He will compete against four other dashing gentlemen to choose his ideal companion from among the five lovely ladies who will appear on the show.

Everything you need to know about Love Island in the USA

In Love Island Season 4, ten new contestants will compete for a chance at love and financial success. The upcoming season will be a wild experience for everyone involved, including the spectators and the participants.


The British television show of the same name served as inspiration for the American version of the same name. This new season features a model from England, a babysitter from Minnesota, a real estate agent from Florida, a fashion stylist from Florida and an international model from Brazil. Over the course of 80 episodes, other islanders will find their way to the mansion.

Next season’s format will be the same as previous seasons, with islanders paired up to choose their respective futures. They will do this after spending some time participating in a variety of games and tasks. After the reunification ceremonies, the now single islanders are deported back to their homes.


However, the spectators have the power to prevent the islanders from being eliminated by voting. They even have the opportunity to vote for the couple they think would be the best match, encouraging the more die-hard couples to reconsider their choice and ultimately determining which couple will emerge victorious.

Iain Stirling, who originated the role of Love Island narrator in the UK version, will take on the new voice-over personality role from Season 4 onwards.


In a statement, NBC Universal said the following:

Sarah Hyland, who has previously appeared on Modern Family, will serve as the show’s host and it will air daily online. Filming takes place somewhere off the coast of California.

Peacock will begin streaming the brand new season of Love Island on Tuesday, giving viewers a chance to take part in the islanders’ adventures.


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