Who is Trea Swindle from Chapel Hart in AGT 2022? Information on the AGT finalist

Chapel Hart is a girl band from Mississippi and Trea Swindle is a proud member of the band. Trea Swindle, who is from Chapel Hart, is the first cousin of Devynn and Danica Hart, who are also sisters. The Mississippi trio possess tremendous singing and composing skills among themselves, and they share these gifts with audiences while delivering spirited shows.

Trea Swindle forms the band Chapel Hart with her cousins ​​Danice and Devynn, who are also siblings. Trea and her cousins ​​have performed together as a band since childhood. As country musicians, the trio is undoubtedly a formidable contemporary force to be reckoned with.

Girls Band by Chapel Hart

A few quick facts

Surname Trea vertigo
nationality American
Age early 20th
profession singer (country artist)
source of income To sing
Recent Efforts American Got Talent (Finalist)
cousins Danice Hart & Devynn Hart
tape Hart Chapel

What is the identity of Chapel Hart’s Trea Swindle in the AGT 2022 competition?

Trea Swindle, who represented Chapel Hart at American Got Talent 2022, is a singer-songwriter and made it to the finals of the competition. Poplarville, Mississippi is Swindle’s hometown and it is where she spent her childhood and youth. Swindle is originally from Mississippi. Her birthplace is referred to as Poplarville. Trea, Danice and Devynn Hart are three of their grandparents’ 17 descendants, so the three have a total of 108 cousins.

Trea and her band, Chapel Hart, impressed the judges at America’s talent show

Along with her two cousins, Trea wowed the judges at an event a month ago when the entire audience stood up and vouched for her receiving the golden buzzer. The audience and the jury agreed that her energy, songwriting and performance were nothing short of spectacular. They caused a stir on America’s Got Talent after receiving a “Golden Buzzer” from the show’s host, Tery Crews, as well as all four judges.

“You can have it, Jolene,” received a golden buzzer

When the judges pressed the golden buzzer, Trea Swindle was in a state of utter and utter astonishment and she was crying. When Simon Cowell asked the band, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Swindle didn’t hesitate and promptly delivered her answer, which was “World Domination.” She describes herself as a rebel.

Last month, the popular country girl trio performed their own original song, “You can have him, Jolene!” during their audition for the 2022 season of American Got Talent. Their stirring performance was greeted by the judges, who gave them a standing ovation. and praised by the audience, who clapped enthusiastically and asked for the Golden Buzzer.

As a direct result, Trea Swindle and her cousins ​​moved straight into the final round of the live performance competition. All eyes are on these Poplarville natives because they captured the hearts of millions when they sang their original song, “You can have him, Jolene.” The AGT finale is scheduled to air on September 13th and everyone is looking forward to victory.

Trea Swindle and her band are currently touring the country

It turns out she wasn’t joking. The Chapel Hart team’s spectacular performances will be broadcast to a number of other cities across the United States. In September alone, Chapel Hart will be going to four different concerts in the states of Arizona, Los Angeles, Tennessee and Virginia. On September 17, the Poplarville locals make their first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry.

A closer perspective analysis of the character of Trea Swindle

It appears that Trea Swindle is in her early 20s, the same age as her other two cousins ​​who also play in the band. To receive their elementary and secondary education, Mississippi residents attended Poplarville High School. The three members of the band Chapel Hart wrote a song nicknamed “Poplarville Highs” about their experiences attending and graduating from high school in Poplarville and working at Pearl River County Hospital and a nursing home near their hometown. Made for Me is the song’s title and has received over 600,000 views on her YouTube channel.

Through her incredible singing skills, Twindle finds great joy in entertaining and bringing people together from all over the world. She often claims that unlike most other all-female bands in the field of country music, “Chapel Hart Experience” is an extraordinary and dynamic act.

Trea sees country music as a way of life, and she travels the world bringing people together so they can share their passion for music. Regarding her physical appearance, she is over 5 feet 10 inches tall. The Poplarville native has not disclosed any personal information about herself, including her parents, siblings or relatives.

Awards and nominations presented by the Chapel Hart Sisters

Swindle and Harts aren’t afraid to convey the depth of their feelings through the music they create and the lyrics they write. You Are Able To Have Jolene attracted a lot of attention from people all over the world and ended up winning both the International Song of the Year and the International Group of the Year Awards. Not to mention that their second album, The Girls Are Back in Town, received Album of the Year status upon its release. Trea, Danice and Devynn chose the name Hart Chapel for their band in honor of the parish church in Poplarville.

Some information on Trea Swindle competing at AGT 2022 for Chapel Hart

  1. Trea Swindle is a proud member of Chapel Hart, a popular Mississippi girl band.
  2. Trea is the first cousin of two notable sisters, Danice and Divynn Hart, with whom she has been in a band since childhood. Trea is also a member of the band.
  3. Trea, along with her band Chapel Hart, took part in the 2022 edition of American Got Talent in August and won the hearts of a number of people across the United States.
  4. The AGT judges were stunned by Chapel Hart’s performance of “You Can Have Him, Jolene” and the audience rose to give her a standing ovation. They were awarded a Golden Buzzer for their enthusiastic performance while performing their own original song.
  5. Trea received her diploma from Poplarville High School, where she was a student. A song she and her band wrote is about her high school graduation and her time in a nursing home. A country-like style of music that was “Made For Me”.
  6. Trea Swindle, who is 5ft 10 inches tall, has a passion for traveling across the country and bringing people together through music. For her, country music is more a way of life than anything else.
  7. She is one of 108 cousins, including Danice and Divynn Hart, who are also participating in the AGT 2022 competition as members of the band Chapel Hart.
  8. This September will be packed with activity for Swindle. Next Saturday she will make her debut at the Grand Ole Opry where she will perform her music.
Girls Band by Chapel Hart
Girls Band by Chapel Hart

singing career

In 2014, Danica and Devynn Hart and their cousin Treat Swindle started singing together. The three started out busking by playing cover songs on the city streets before eventually writing their own compositions. Under the Hyperphlyy moniker, Danica Hart and Swindle began recording in 2016 and released the EP Made for Me (2016). In 2019 they released the album Out the Mud under the moniker Hyperphlyy, which also included Devynn. In addition, the group has performed at music festivals in Innsbruck, Austria, and throughout Louisiana. They changed their name to Chapel Hart after a church in their hometown.

They were found in 2020 by their manager and producer Jeff Glixman, a record producer. In 2020, a standalone song titled “Jesus & Alcohol” was released, which featured ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons on guitar. Gibbons portrays a pastor in the song’s music video, which was also recorded. The video, which aired on CMT after its release, also featured guest appearances from T. Graham Brown and Deborah Allen. They also provided backing vocals on LeRoux’s album One of Those Days in 2020.

Chapel Hart is one of the musicians selected by CMT for their Next Women of Country program, which will feature emerging country singers in 2021. The group’s second single, “I Will Follow,” was released in 2021. Jesse James Dupree, the lead singer of Jackyl, had a cameo in the music video that was created for the song and aired on CMT. Jennifer Hanson co-wrote the song with Nick Brophy and Savannah Keyes, which they also co-produced with Glixman. On February 5, 2021, CMT began airing the accompanying music video. The song received an “A” rating from Country Universe’s Kevin John Coyne, who praised the singers’ voices and compared the arrangement favorably to those of SHeDAISY and The Chicks. In March 2021, a third single and music video, “You Can Have Him Jolene”, was released. The track serves as an answer to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”.

The Girls Are Back in Town is the name of the group’s second studio album, released in July 2021. This album was also produced by Glixman. “Made for Me” was the next single and music video to be released in 2022. In mid-2022, Chapel Hart had planned to tour with the Indigo Girls, but she postponed the trip after learning Emily Saliers had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Agents from NBC’s America’s Got Talent talent competition began contacting the group around this time. Chapel Hart initially declined the invitation, but after receiving repeated calls from the same agent, she eventually accepted to come on the show, according to Danica, who spoke to blog Taste of Country. They performed “You Can Have Him Jolene” in the audition episode which aired on July 19 during the program’s 17th season. The four judges and the host awarded the group a Golden Buzzer for the second time in the history of the competition. As a result, Chapel Hart was able to move on to the following phase of the competition. They eventually qualified for the finals by singing their original song “The Girls Are Back in Town”.

On September 17, 2022, Chapel Hart was invited to make her Grand Ole Opry debut.