Who Killed Kate Waring and Why? secrets revealed

In 2009, two of Kate Waring’s friends — one of whom she considered her big brother — murdered and tortured the scion of a wealthy family in Charleston, South Carolina. The case stunned the affluent South Carolina neighborhood. Dateline: Secrets Uncovered is ready to revisit the missing girl case, which ultimately led to the discovery of numerous secrets, after several years.

The details of the case are unclear, but one of the two alleged killers later went to the police to confess to the crime. Kate has friends named Heather Kamp and Ethan Mack. They were introduced to each other by Kate Waring and they were an instant match. They would torture and kill Kate six weeks later.

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Read on to learn more about Kate Waring’s killers.

Who are Ethan Mack and Heather Kamp and what did they do in the Kate Waring murder case?

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The jury will reconvene tomorrow morning to resume deliberations in the Kate Waring murder trial.

Kate had known Ethan Mack for a long time. Even her family was well known to him. On the evening of June 12, 2009, Kate Waring told her parents that she was going out to dinner with Ethan before disappearing. Kate earlier this year became friends with Heather Angelica Kamp, who she says was a doctor. The two clicked immediately after Kate introduced them.

However, Kamp had even darker secrets. Kamp wasn’t a doctor, and she wasn’t as clean as she seemed. In truth, Kamp had a long criminal record that included assault and fraud. In the past she was imprisoned in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

The Waring family reported their 28-year-old daughter missing on June 15, 2009. Since most of Kate’s belongings were in the house, authorities concluded that she had not left town. Ethan Mack admitted to police that he, Kamp and Waring went out to dinner on June 12 to celebrate Kamp’s pregnancy. He allegedly dropped her off at her home around 11 p.m.

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I sincerely apologize for your murder at the hands of someone you trust, Kate Waring. You are finally at peace.
However, Waring’s parents decided to hire local attorney Andrew Savage III to take on the case after weeks of frustrating deadlocks. He quickly followed Kate Waring’s movements on the evening of June 12 to James Island, where Ethan and Kamp owned a home with the support of his experienced team of investigators.

They also discovered that shortly after Kate’s disappearance, Mack attempted to cash a check from her. Apparently the signature was forged. As a result, police began patrolling the area near Mack’s home on James Island. They soon became aware of Kamp’s frequent visits to Terry Williams, her next-door neighbor. He and Kamp apparently had a relationship.

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Natalie Caula Hauff @ncaula Tonight at 11pm on ABC News 4, Scarlett Wilson, a lawyer, discusses the possibility of bringing Ethan Mack back to trial for the murder of Kate Waring.

Kamp called the police and admitted that she and Mack killed Kate Waring. She felt the detectives circling the duo. She reportedly agreed to testify against Mack in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Kamp admitted that she and Mack robbed Kate for a while. When Kate found out about this, she threatened to involve her family. Kate continued to be friends with the pair, despite constantly throwing threats at Mack. David Haskins, the investigator, said:

“She said they were drinking at Ethan’s apartment. Ethan punched Kate during the altercation, hitting her in the head with a wine bottle. After that he sat Kate in the bathtub after filling her with water.”
Both were arrested by police on suspicion of forgery and obstruction of justice. Kamp immediately announced the location of Kate Waring’s body. Terry Williams was also arrested for obstruction of justice.

After Mack tortured Kate with a tranquilizer gun and then knocked her unconscious with a wine bottle, Kamp confessed that they tricked Kate into entering a suitcase. They later dunked her in their bathtub. Kamp admitted killing someone of his own volition.

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Ethan Mack will not take the stand to defend himself in the Kate Waring murder trial.
Mack’s situation was much more difficult. Mack was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2011 after initially being sentenced to prison for forgery and obstruction of justice. Authorities revoked Kamp’s consent due to her conflicting and frequently changing history. She received a 39-year sentence.