Who was Holly Cantrell? California woman found dead after going missing in 2017


Holly Cantrell was 40 when she was reported missing. She is believed to have left her job at McAlester Regional Health Center at 11:56 am on January 20, 2017 to go to lunch.

Holly Cantrell, now 40, was born in California and lived there until moving to Oklahoma. Since she died, everyone still knows her name.


Cantrell was 40 years old when she disappeared. She is believed to have left her job at McAlester Regional Health Center at 11:56 am on January 20, 2017 to go to lunch.

Surveillance footage from the hospital showed Cantrell getting into a green, short-wheelbase car while wearing green overalls, according to police.


Who killed Holly Cantrell and made her disappear?

After the remains were found, a murder investigation would begin to find out what happened to Holly Cantrell. Although they didn’t have much information, the Pittsburg County, Oklahoma sheriff said they would be making an arrest soon.

He said, “We want to do everything we can to resolve it and make sure Holly’s family gets what comes to them.”


Although Cody and Tommy had been helpful and were considered prospects when Holly disappeared, there was no evidence at the time that they took her.

No one has yet been charged in Holly’s death and the investigation is ongoing.


Detectives began going through the hospital’s security camera footage. At around 11:56 am, Holly was seen leaving. She walked into the parking lot and got into a green pickup with another person.

She wore a green coat in the hospital at the time. According to another story, she was later spotted at a nearby restaurant around 12:20 p.m. After that, Holly was never seen again.


The body of missing girl Holly Cantrell has been found

A hunter found a handbag near Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma on February 25, 2017. That was about 12 miles from where Holly Cantrell was last seen.

This new information gave the investigation a possible lead. The police were able to find out that the purse was hers because they found her ID inside.


But apart from the purse itself, it didn’t contain much new information for the police to use. Almost a year had passed before anything else happened in the case.

In February 2018, a rabbit hunter found the bones of a person about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from where the purse was found. There were many human bones spread over a large area.


A piece of skull, a bra and what appeared to be green clothing were found.

Update on the Holly Cantrell case in 2022

Holly Cantrell’s bones were found near McAlester, and Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said they were positively identified.


The bones of Cantrell, a McAlester woman missing since January 2017, were found on a remote peninsula in the Cardinal Point Recreation Area in February 2018. So it was clear that Cantrell was the person who died there.

Morris says there’s a homicide investigation being conducted in this case

Morris said Tuesday night there aren’t many leads at this point. We’re going to be speaking to the detectives tomorrow (Wednesday) and trying to make an arrest so the family can get justice.


Morris says the person’s name has been passed on to next of kin. He hopes that a quick arrest will bring peace.

Morris said: “We want to do everything we can to get to the bottom of this and get them justice.


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