Why are fans slamming Nadjha Day after her Casa Amor decision?

The Casa Amor segment of Love Island USA Season 4 ended after the original islanders made their choice in the previous episode. In the last episode, some of them were upset about how things turned out.

Before Casa Amor, Nadjha Day, who had just joined the islanders, was with Jeff. She initially wanted to be with Isaiah, but Jeff picked her in the recoupling round last week. She cried over Isaiah at the time, but admitted she liked Jeff.

In the section called “Casa Amor” Nadjha found Nic and brought him back to the mansion. But her feelings for Nic changed when she saw Jeff coming back to the mansion alone. He didn’t choose anyone from Casa Amor and he hoped Nadjha wouldn’t choose anyone else over him.

In Episode 23, which aired Friday, she attempted to avoid Nic and talk to Jeff about what was going on. People weren’t impressed with the way she played with the two boys’ feelings.

Here’s what Love Island USA viewers thought of Nadjha in episode 23

Ever since he arrived on Love Island USA, Jeff couldn’t find the right person. But he was interested in Nadjha and wanted to try their relationship. For this reason he did not choose anyone from Casa Amor.

On the other hand, Nadjha seems confused since entering the mansion. First it was between Isaiah and Jeff, but now it was between Jeff and Nic. But in the last episode, she said she was sorry for choosing Nic over her old partner. In episode 23 she tried to tell Jeff how she saw things.

“Casa Amor was really next day. I won’t say I didn’t expect to feel like yesterday because I did.

Jeff said it was “crazy” to come back to the mansion from Casa Amor and see her sitting with Nic. Although he acted cool, he was very sad. He said he wanted to take Nadjha to meet his mother in a confessional.

Fans, on the other hand, poked fun at Nadjha for thinking she wasn’t serious about Jeff or about finding a partner in the villa. Check out what the fans thought.

Love Island USA season 4 episode 23 featured the results of Casa Amor. Jesse, Jeff, Sydney and Kat didn’t choose anyone from Casa Amor in the last episode. They were shocked to see one of their old partners in the villa with a new person.

Deb and Kyle got there first, followed by Nadjha and Nic, Isaiah and Phoebe, Chazz and Bella, Courtney and Chad and Jared and Chanse. The only ones who got back together were Timmy and Zeta.

In Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 23, only Courtney and Chad seem happy with their relationship since they got back together. Isaiah messed up Phoebe and Sydney and Jared became interested in Kat. Kyle then left the show saying it was for “personal reasons” and Deb reverted to Jesse. Nadjha also wished she hadn’t chosen Nic over Jeff. Only time will tell if the next round of recoupling will end the chaos.

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