Why did Andrew Lincoln leave The Walking Dead season 9? At SDCC 2022, a new spin-off series will be announced and the cause investigated.

The Walking Dead, a popular television series based on Robert Kirkman’s well-known comic book series of the same name, has finally unveiled a spin-off.

On July 21, 2022, The Walking Dead held a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Fans got their money’s worth. Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln appeared together to promote their upcoming Original Series spin-off series.

The 2010 AMC series has had its loyal fans for more than a decade. One of the main characters of the series, Rick Grimes, was portrayed by actor Andrew Lincoln.

But in 2018, Lincoln abruptly left the series after being involved with it for almost a decade. With the recent announcement that will give viewers a chance to witness Lincoln reprising his role as Grimes, let’s examine the reason for his departure.

Examining the reasons behind Andrew Lincoln’s resignation from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a program that frequently kills its main characters. However, nobody expected that the protagonist would abruptly stop appearing in the series since characters like Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon were considered the mainstays of the series.

Many people found it strange when Andrew Lincoln abruptly decided to stop playing the main character in The Walking Dead. However, the Rick Grimes actor later revealed that he had left the show to be closer to his family. The devoted dad missed his family dearly while his two children were living at his home in the UK.

The actor had to spend a lot of time away from his kids since most of the series’ production took place in Atlanta, and he wanted to change that. Lincoln made the decision to leave the program to spend more time with his family.

Prior to the start of Season 9, it was announced that Andrew Lincoln would be leaving the show, necessitating Grimes’ deletion from the storyline. Fans wondered how the show would adequately accomplish this.

Grimes last appeared in the fifth episode of season 9, where he was briefly presumed dead after dynamite blew up a bridge. It turned out he survived as viewers saw him take off in a helicopter with Anne and her friends.

To launch the new Rick and Michonne series, The Walking Dead actor Andrew Lincoln spoke alongside co-star Danai Gurira at San Diego Comic-Con. The Rick Grimes films, which were first announced in 2018, will be replaced by the spin-off when it debuts on AMC+ in 2023. Regarding the spin-off, Gurira said:

“We’ve prepared something for you all because we’ve missed you, and we owe you the resolution to the Rick and Michonne storyline,” Lincoln continued.

Personally, I can’t wait to put my cowboy hat back on and get the band back together.

The romance between Grimes and Michonne will be the sole theme of the limited series spin-off. For fans upset by Grimes’ abrupt departure, the announcement was pleasant consolation. Around this time, Michonne was also the last character to appear on the show, as she set out to find Rick.