Why is Gareth Parker leaving 6PR Morning? WAtoday columnist and award-winning Today’s Journalist

Gareth Parker, a Western Australian journalist and presenter of Radio 6PR’s breakfast show, said Monday 8 August that he was leaving 6PR Morning.

The well-known and popular Australian commentator has a long history in media and journalism. Parker has come a long way since working at a small local radio news station. He now works in the best news studio in the country.

The people of Australia welcome and support him because he is a good reporter who does not take sides. He is quite well known, almost 19,000 people follow him on Twitter.

Gareth Parker is leaving 6PR Morning, but why? Nine Perth has a new role

After hosting the 6PR morning program for more than three years and the 6PR breakfast program for almost two years, Gareth Parker finally decided to leave the program.

People say he’s ready to take his job at Nine News Perth to the next level. Parker, a journalist and radio presenter from Western Australia, will become the news director of Channel 9 Perth’s news team.

After taking on his new role at the network, the WA Journalist of the Year said, “I’m looking forward to going up the hill to the patio.” Parker said she would be leaving the breakfast show on Monday, August 8 .

But Parker hasn’t given a date on when he’ll start his new job. He’ll be broadcasting for a while before he leaves, and a new moderator hasn’t been chosen yet.

In 2021, award-winning journalist Gareth Breakfast took over. Prior to that, he ran Mornings for four years from January 2017 to January 2020. At the same time he writes a column for WAToday and Nine News.

Who is Gareth Parker’s wife? Personal life of a columnist for WAtoday

In May 2016, Australian reporter Parker married Elizabeth Davis in the beautiful city of Italy. So far, the couple has given birth to two children.

On Friday October 15th a baby boy was born to Gareth Parker and his wife Elizabeth. You already have two children.

In 2013 Elizabeth and Gareth moved to Perth, Western Australia to be together. They come from very different places on earth. Gareth, who was born and raised in Australia, met Elizabeth in Florida, where she was born and raised.

Gareth and Elizabeth’s relationship grew stronger over time and he gave her a beautiful engagement ring. He then asked Elizabeth to marry him in the house where her family lived in Florida. In May 2016, they went back to Pensacola and got married there.

What happened to Gareth Parker?

Gareth Parker was born in Geraldton, Australia. He is an Australian citizen. But his parents moved to Perth shortly after his arrival and that’s where he grew up. And he lives there until now.

It’s also in his Linkedin bio. His home is in the greater Perth area of ​​Australia. He lives with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and their two children, Henry and Charlie.

The strong and clear-headed Parker has been a full-time journalist since 2004, which he does with passion and enthusiasm. He first worked as a journalist for The West Australian for 13 years, writing on state and local politics and was the newspaper’s Melbourne correspondent for three years.

He writes a column for The Sunday Times, speaks on panels and hosts the morning show on 6PR. Also, Gareth was the first to tell 6PR listeners about a number of events, such as the strange attempt to sell Perth Glory to cryptocurrency scammers.