Why Is Wgrz Sports Anchor Ashley Holder Leaving The Network?

Ashley Holder is a weekend sports reporter who has worked for WGRZ and CBS Sports in the past. She recently told people on Twitter that she was leaving the network. She said her last goodbyes via her Twitter account.

Ashley has always been interested in sports, so she decided to become a sports presenter. For more than two years she worked for WGRZ Sports, which is part of NBC.

She had worked at other stations before joining WGRZ-TV. For example, she was a part-time reporter for CBS Sports Network. She also worked for Charlotte Vibe for almost a year and a half months.

From September 2018 to July 2020, Ashley worked as a reporter for the Charlotte Hornets. During her time here, she made Charlotte Hornets happy, wrote about it, and reported on it daily. From April 2017 to January 2018 she worked as a reporter and sports anchor for WCCB, Charlotte’s CW. Ashley Holder

Ashley Holder

Ashley Holder is leaving WGRZ Sports, but why?

Ashley Holder has announced that she is leaving WGRZ Sports. She wrote about her great time with the network in a page-long tweet.

But she didn’t say much in her writing about why she left the network. In her last comment, she said she was looking forward to the future. The owner may leave the WGRZ for better networks.

Ashley thanked Buffalo for always letting her stay with them. She said that western New York will always be special to her because she was the first black woman to be a sports host.

Her twins were also born in the city. Finally, she said that leaving Buffalo was hard, but she would definitely come back to see it. She has said she might come back for the Super Bowl.

Where is Ashley Holder, the anchor, going now?

Ashley Holder wrote on Twitter that she is leaving WGRZ Sports, but it’s not clear where the anchor will go next. However, Ashley has made it clear that her new job will not be in Buffalo.

Ashley has been involved in sports most of her life, so she probably won’t stop being a sports presenter wherever she goes. Holder played basketball in college and is now one of the biggest NBA fans.

Keep an eye on her Twitter account because that’s where she posts about herself and will likely announce her new job there as well.

Ashley will leave WGRZ where she has worked for more than two years. Holder has not yet changed the name of her current job on her LinkedIn account.

Ashley Holder and her husband have four children together

Ashley Holder has not revealed anything personal about herself to the public. However, she said she has twins who were born in Buffalo. Nobody knows her husband’s name.

The family at Weekend Sports Anchor at WGRZ was happy for her when she had twins. They were born the day after Ashley covered the Buffalo Bills’ win over the New Orleans Saints on Thanksgiving Day.

The twins’ names are Malia and McKenzie and when they were born they were in excellent health. When her babies were born, she took a few months off work.

Ashley Holder

Ashley Holder, a popular news anchor, is leaving WGRZ Sports

But she hasn’t said anything about why she’s leaving. She is currently a sports host at WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, New York. She worked at WCCB before joining this channel.

Ashley has said she’s leaving WGRZ-TV, and her fans are curious as to why she’s leaving and what she plans to do next. They said the channel would never be the same without her because of how great she was at reporting and how kind she was.

This article talks about everything there is to know about Ashley Holder and her life.

Are you leaving WGRZ Sports, Ashley Holder? Why?

Yes, you heard right. Ashley Holder, an American sports reporter, said she was leaving WGRZ Sports.

Still, she hasn’t said anything about why she made that decision. She wrote on her Facebook page that August 21st would be her last day at WGRZ.

She thanked Buffalo for making her feel so welcome and said that even if she left, western New York would always hold a special place in her heart. Her dream was to work at the WGRZ. She also wanted to be a well-known sports presenter.

It was much more difficult for her to be the first black woman to become a sports presenter. She has overcome many obstacles and problems to get where she is now.

She worked for the Buffalo Bills for a long time and got a lot of love from the fans. She is grateful to her peers and peers who have helped her along this journey.

Holder was admired for his work as a sports reporter and presenter. He was formerly a sideline reporter covering college basketball for CBS Sports.

No matter what made her leave, we wish her the best of luck in the days to come.

Where does the anchor go from here?

Ashley Holder, a sports reporter, has confirmed that she is leaving WGRZ-TV, but she hasn’t said much more about what she plans to do next.

Since she posted something on Facebook, millions of her fans have become more curious about what happened. She has a lot of fans because people like her and because she likes to have fun.

Fans responded to her post to say they would miss her broadcast. A person who liked her said that Buffalo wouldn’t be the same without her. Everyone was sad that she was leaving.

Although Ashley hasn’t said where she’s going, it’s likely she’s looking for something better.

People on Facebook were happy for her when WGRZ-TV hired her, and she made history by becoming the first African American sports host.

During her tenure, WGRZ-TV also grew in size. At Buffalo Bills, people will always remember how kind she was, how impressive she was, and how funny she was.

More about Ashley Holder’s family and husband

Ashley is a well-known presenter, but she hasn’t told anyone about her personal life.

Still, she gave birth to twin girls on November 26, 2021, at Sisters of Charity Hospital in Buffalo. Ashley seems reluctant to tell the media about her personal life.

Although Hoder never spoke about her husband, she had twin daughters. People who cared for her and the whole WGRZ family congratulated her and prayed for the babies.

Their daughters Malia and McKenzie were born a day after Holder reported on the Buffalo Bills’ Thanksgiving Day win over the New Orleans Saints.

There is no information about the presenter’s family because she keeps her personal life out of the spotlight. We hope to learn more about her family in the near future.

Holder will be remembered

Holder will be the first African American woman to serve regularly as a sports anchor and reporter for a local television station that is part of a network in western New York.

Most of the time, the race of a reporter or host hired by a local TV station doesn’t matter. But the fact that WGRZ-TV hired Holder belongs to a different group.

I would be wrong if I didn’t say she’s African American, because just three weeks ago I wrote about the fact that the sports departments of the three local broadcasters don’t have enough people from different backgrounds.

It has been missing for years, although there are many African Americans in sports, as with the Buffalo Bills and on high school and college teams in western New York.

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Josh Allen and other Bills starters have a short, strong game against the Broncos.

Jehovah’s Witnesses go back to their places near the fair.

Two men are accused of stealing millions of dollars from nearly 100 investors.

I can count on one hand the number of black people who have covered sports on local television.

After Holder’s hiring was announced, people on Facebook happily tried to name every African-American sports reporter and anchorman who had appeared on local television.

In the mid to late 1960s, Ernie Warlick, a former Buffalo Bill, was the first African American to work as a sports host in western New York. He worked briefly at WGR-TV (Channel 2) and is inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Billy Vargas was with WIVB-TV (channel 4) in the mid to late 1990s, Joe Major was with WKBW-TV (channel 7) circa 2000, and Bremante Bryant was with cable’s former Empire Sports Network from 2000 to 2003, just other black regulars Sports reporters or presenters on local television, which come to mind immediately. (People on Facebook pointed out that Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver used to be a news reporter for Channel 4 in Buffalo.)

Because all other African American sports hosts and reporters before Holder were men, she is the first African American woman to be hired by a local television station for the job.

That doesn’t mean Holder was hired because of the color of her skin or because she’s a woman. Channel 2 said she was selected for the job by a group of 100 applicants.

On her long job list, she has worked for the CBS Sports Network and a CW affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A reel of her work, which you can watch online, shows that she is a lively and interesting person on the air.

She posted on social media that she had moved to Buffalo while wearing a Buffalo Bills shirt.

I responded to the tweet by saying that as a journalist she shouldn’t cheer for the team she’s covering and I hope she knows that and the shirt is just her way of saying she’s in Buffalo.

I was happy to see her quick response on Twitter: “As a journalist, I’m aware of that. I wrote about a lot of teams before Buffalo. The message was the core of the shirt.”