Why was BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty absent from the show? Explained

People watching BBC Breakfast on Monday wanted to say what they thought about Naga Munchetty not being on the show to talk about the Queen’s funeral.

For the historic event, the royal family gathered for a sad service at Westminster Abbey. Then why and where was the popular news anchor when she wasn’t on the show recently?

During Monday’s episode of the show, people took to Twitter to ask where the 47-year-old was. Someone asked, “What have you been doing with Naga during all this?” “Everyone knows where #Naga Munchetty has been,” said the next person.

Naga took to Twitter on Monday to say she was busy covering the funeral for BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 4. Since Naga’s regular airtime is Thursday through Saturday, that seems like the most likely reason for her absence.

She wrote that it was an honor to be working with the BBC Radio 4 and BBC 5 live commentary teams today. Wasn’t it a pleasure to work with (among so many other outstanding broadcasters)?

Naga Munchetty

People wondered why Naga wasn’t at the BBC breakfast

After tagging her colleagues, she added the hashtag “#queensfuneral.”

The fans were happy and thanked the broadcaster for their hard work in the comments. One person said, “I was wondering where you were.” “Missing you on @BBCBreakfast, bbc5live and the rest of you lucky,” said another.

“Great work, Naga,” said a third person. Another person agreed, writing: “Regards, Naga and crew. I really liked what you had to say and felt like I knew you.”

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Why wasn’t BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty on the show?

Naga was busy covering the funeral for BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 4 on Monday.

But viewers noticed that Naga wasn’t sitting on the famous red sofa on Friday’s episode, so she wasn’t just absent from Monday’s show.

Early Years and Work

Munchetty was born and raised in Streatham, South London. Her mother is from Tamil Nadu, India and her father is from Mauritius. In the early 1970s they both moved to Wales to study. Her mother went to school to be a dentist and her father went to school to be a nurse. They got married in London, but they didn’t tell their parents until later. [4] Mimi is her younger sister. As a child she attended Graveney School in Tooting. She went to the University of Leeds to study English Literature and Language. She graduated in 1997. Her first job was as a reporter for the City Pages of the London Evening Standard. She also worked on The Observer’s business page.

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Munchetty’s television career began as a reporter for Reuters Financial Television. She then worked as executive producer for CNBC Europe, business producer and reporter for Channel 4 News and presenter for Bloomberg Television.

After the show was changed in October 2008, Munchetty joined it and stayed with it until it was canceled in July 2010.

[10] Money Box on Radio 4 was directed by Munchetty. She also does stories for BBC News from the City, where she finds out how people feel about breaking financial news like the budget and the pre-budget report.

Since August 2010, Munchetty has been doing morning news on BBC News Channel and BBC World News. She hosts BBC One’s breakfast show every day. From Monday to Wednesday 10am to 1pm on Radio 5, Munchetty is the presenter from January 2021. He replaces Emma Barnett, who moved to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. In September 2010, Munchetty and Sally Taylor co-hosted The Spending Review – The South Today Debate on BBC One.

On October 30 and 31, 2010, Munchetty also hosted a Halloween show called “Paranormal Investigation: Live on Living”. The BBC documentary Fear and Faith in Paris was narrated by Munchetty. It was about anti-Semitic attacks in Paris and how they affected the Jewish people of France. She won the 2 January 2013 episode of Celebrity Mastermind. In June 2016 she took over Sunday Morning Live on BBC One from Sian Williams. Emma Barnett and Sean Fletcher took her place in 2017 and took over the job. On 26 August 2016, Munchetty was the presenter of BBC Two’s Newsnight.

She was a contestant in the fourteenth season of Strictly Come Dancing, where she danced with Pasha Kovalev. She was voted off the show in week four (Sunday, October 16, 2016). In October 2017 she starred with Sean Fletcher on Britain’s Classroom Heroes.

In 2017, Munchetty joined the cast of the CBBC sketch show Class Dismissed. She played a fictionalized version of herself as a media studies teacher who acts like a news anchor.

Naga Munchetty
Naga Munchetty

Trump’s comments

In September 2019, the BBC said Munchetty broke its rules when he said US President Donald Trump was racist. In July of that year, Munchetty contradicted Trump’s testimony when he told his opponents to “go back” to where they came from. He did this while hosting BBC Breakfast with Dan Walker. Munchetty told him: “As a woman of color, I’ve often been told to go back to where you came from. That’s a form of racism. I’m not saying anyone is guilty, but you know what some terms mean.”

People didn’t like the way the BBC dealt with complaints about Munchetty’s comments. Several well-known people, such as Lenny Henry and Adrian Lester, signed an open letter to the company asking them to reverse their decision against them.

The Guardian reported on 30 September 2019 that the complaint was also directed at her co-host Dan Walker, but his comments were not the focus of the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) investigation. Later that day, Tony Hall, who was in charge of the BBC, reversed the decision after dealing with it himself.

life at home

Munchetty in the Pro-Am round of the 2013 British Open golf tournament.

In 2004, Naga married James Haggar, who was a consultant for ITV, in Uckfield, Sussex. She lives in Hertfordshire, in the town of Rickmansworth, and has three cats.

Munchetty plays both classical and jazz piano and trumpet.

She plays golf and had a handicap of nine in 2015. In October 2012 she won the Hertfordshire de Paula Cup at Bishop’s Stortford Golf Club. She is now on the board of directors of Moor Park Golf Club where she hosts a charity golf day every June.

She is also a board member of Watersmeet Theater and governor of St. Joan of Arc School.

Subha Nagalakshmi Munchetty-Chendriah is a prominent British-Indian journalist and TV presenter best known for her work for the BBC. Munchetty began her career as a journalist working for the Evening Standard, a free daily newspaper in London. She ended up becoming a reporter for Reuters Financial Television, which was the start of her television career. She had a successful career on television, playing different roles for different networks. Munchetty became a presenter for Bloomberg Television after working as a business producer and reporter for Channel 4 News and as an executive producer for CNBC Europe. She has presented Sunday Morning Live, a religion and current affairs program on BBC One, and Working Lunch, a money and business program on BBC Two. Munchetty was the presenter of “Victoria Derbyshire” and “BBC World News” on BBC One. She hosts the popular TV show BBC Breakfast on BBC One. She also writes about the City of London for BBC News. She is currently the Director of Naga Munchetty Limited. Munchetty is also a golfer having won the prestigious Hertfordshire de Paula Cup at Bishops Stortford Golf Club in England. She is married to James Haggar, an English actor and director.

Naga Munchetty was born on February 25, 1975 in London, England

She went to Leeds University to study English Literature and Language. She then completed a second degree in newspaper journalism.

She wrote her first journalistic jobs for the business departments of the Evening Standard and The Observer.

She then switched to radio and television. She has been a reporter for Reuters Financial Television, executive producer for CNBC Europe, business producer and reporter for Channel 4 News, and senior anchor for Bloomberg Television.

Naga Munchetty joined the BBC in 2008 and co-hosted the BBC Two show Working Lunch, which was about money.

In 2014 she became one of the presenters of the morning news program BBC Breakfast.

She is the presenter of the Sunday Morning Live debate show on BBC One on Sunday mornings.

Naga Munchetty was named as one of the celebrities who would star in the next season of Strictly Come Dancing in August 2016.

In July 2017, the BBC said that Naga Munchetty earned more than £150,000 from royalty income in her 2016/7 financial year.

The BBC’s complaints department found in September 2019 that Naga Munchetty broke the BBC’s rules in July when she said President Donald Trump was racist.

The BBC said Naga Munchetty would be the new presenter of the morning show on BBC Radio 5 Live in October 2020.

Naga Munchetty’s Income, Salary and Net Worth

It is estimated that Naga Munchetty is worth more than $2 million. Most of her wealth comes from her successful career on the BBC and other television shows. The BBC has to pay Munchetty a six-figure salary for her work there. The presenter is one of the people who has worked for the channel the longest.

Who is Naga Munchetty’s husband or wife? Find out if she is in a relationship and if she is married.

Naga doesn’t use social media that much. Her posts about work are mostly pictures of her family. James Haggar, who is her longtime boyfriend, is married to Munchetty. Before they married, the two were together for a number of years. In 2007, they walked down the aisle at a private wedding ceremony. Only a few people from each family and a few close friends were invited to the party.

James is a consultant for ITV Naga and James are yet to have a child. Sources say they don’t want to have children. Some rumors say she may not be able to have children. No one said anything about what’s going on with them. They are both very helpful to each other.

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