Why was Tony Beets’ water license suspended because of Gold Rush? Bianca Beets, his daughter, today


There are rumors that Tony Beets, one of the most famous gold miners in Klondike, lost his license as a result of his participation in the Gold Rush.

He is in charge of one of the largest mining operations in the area, and many know him from the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush series.


Many people claim that the water permit issue is the result of whatever one of the Beets crew members did. A few years ago, a member of Tony’s crew accidentally started a fire by pouring gasoline into a dredging pond.

This license was delivered late due to a typo by the person who was supposed to send it. Beets has been a staple of the Gold Rush cast since his television debut in 2010. Over 160 episodes of the show have now included him. The 2013 documentary miniseries Gold Fever also featured Beets.

Tony Rueben

Tony Beet’s Fast Facts

Surname Tony Rueben
Date of birth December 15, 1959
Age 62 years from 2022
Place of birth Wijdenes, Netherlands
nationality Canadian, Dutch
spouse Minnie Turnips
children Monica Ruben, Bianca Ruben, Kevin Ruben, Mike Ruben
parents Klaus Ruben, Magda Ruben
profession gold digger

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The reason Tony Beets had his water license revoked during the Gold Rush

A new UNDRIP law in Canada gives Native American tribes the power to stop miners from working if they don’t offer “permission” and their consent – which they never do.


Several Redditors have provided explanations as to why Tony Beets lost his water license during the Gold Rush. To stop Tony and the TV shows, the tribes fabricated arguments such as using noisy helicopters, inadequate salmon fishing and stolen land.

The jade miners, as well as many other miners in Canada, are now at risk of having their businesses shut down by angry Indian nations. As a result, Beets Water’s license has been terminated, and the TV show is currently being relocated to Alaska.


First and foremost In their recent correspondence, the company that hired Tony to submit his permit applications promised to add more details by the end of the summer.

At the last check they still didn’t have it (last week or the week before). This suggests he likely won’t have a permit for the following year either.


He started mining during the 2010 gold rush

Since his broadcast debut in 2010, Tony Beets has consistently been a part of Gold Rush, according to Source. Over 160 episodes of the show have now included him.

The 2013 documentary miniseries Gold Fever also featured Beets. He played the role that brought him the greatest fame in the fifth season of his main show, in which he spent $1 million to buy the Viking Dredge in Clear Creek.


The Dutchman has been in the business for a long time and while it was a risky move, many people trusted his judgement.

This makes it clear that Beets has obviously benefited greatly from his performances. Between $10,000 and $25,000 is sometimes earned for a single episode. The highest-paid actor on the show is Tony, who earns $25,000 per episode.


Bianca Beets daughter of Tony Beets is currently where?

Yukon, Canada is the birthplace of Bianca Beets. She is a well-known miner on Canadian television and works in this industry.

She is also known to be the child of Tony Beets, a Canadian prospector who founded Tamarach Gold Mines and currently serves as Chairman. It is he who produces Kolndike.


Bianca is currently starring in the popular Discovery Channel series Gold Rush alongside her parents and brothers.

The boys and girls Tony had with his wife Minnie were Monica, Bianca, Michael and Kevin. In 1988 mechanic Kevin, a member of the Beets crew, was born.


A 26-year-old employee of Claims Paradise Hill, he made his acting debut in Season 5 dismantling the Beets Bacon Strip Machine 1 in Clear Creek.

At the time of her first television appearance, Monica was only 10 or 11 years old; In 2022 she will be 29 years old. Her sibling was born in 1980 while Michael was born in 1990.


Michael, a Paradise Hill claims manager, spends his free time playing historical characters. Tony’s daughter Bianca, who is said to be in her 40s, is unaffected by the gold scam.

Tony Beets career in detail

The Discovery Channel Gold Rush has Tony Beets as one of its stars and audiences love him. The outspoken, bearded Canadian Dutchman has a clear sense of achievement.


The reality show follows many family-run mining companies as they search for gold in Canada’s Klondike region. As the companies struggle to collect the most gold and achieve their goals, the show depicts the struggles they face.

Bad weather, broken gear and egos are obstacles they have to overcome. Without a doubt, the opinionated Tony Beets stands out the most.


Tony Beets was born on December 15, 1959 in Wijdenes, The Netherlands. His formative years were spent milking cows on a farm where he grew up.

In 1984 he moved to Dawson’s Creek, Canada with his wife. Besides operating machinery, Tony has worked as a farmer, construction worker, oil pipeline worker and construction worker.


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He owns the Tamarack mine

Beets began mining in the Yukon region three years into his career in construction. After years of work, he finally struck gold in Eureka Creek in 2018 and earned it $4.39 million.


He currently owns and operates the Tamarack Mine. His company is known for employing neighborhood kids who have the potential to become skilled miners. During the seven-month gold mining season, Beets and his group put in 12 to 14 hours each day.

Tony’s knowledge was considered crucial in the second season of Gold Rush. To start, he showed Todd Hoffman, an artist, how to drill test holes.


The Canadian miner of Dutch descent is responsible for operating the Tamarack mine, one of the largest mining operations in the Klondike area on the banks of the Yukon River.

As Todd Hoffman’s advisor on Gold Rush in season two, he later made a comeback in season four as Parker Schnabel’s mentor. He has also appeared in over 160 episodes of Gold Rush, as well as Gold Rush: South America, Gold Rush: Pay Dirt, Gold Rush: White Water, Gold Rush: The Dirt, and a 2013 documentary miniseries called Gold Fever.


The career of a gold miner

Eventually, the prospect of gold mining piqued Tony Beets’ curiosity. In the Canadian Yukon, he first worked as a gold miner before quickly becoming successful. He currently occupies a prominent position among Canada’s leading gold producers and owns Paradise Hills and the Tamarack mine.

The Tamarack Mine in the Klondike is one of the most successful mining companies. Tony Beets has been a regular cast member since Season 2 of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush.


The Scribner Creek claim featured in Gold Rush is another property he owns and leases. In the series we follow his gold mining endeavors at Tamarack Mine and other locations.

Parker Schnabel’s mining company leased the Scribner Creek claim from Tony in season 4. In 2010, Tony Beet debuted in the second season of Gold Rush. In his first film role, Tony acted as a gold panning expert for the other cast members.


He told Todd Hoffman that the key to successful mining was drilling test holes. Many of the other drilling families look to Tony Beet for advice as he has been in the business for so long and is a successful gold miner.

Gold Rush actor Tony Beets
Gold Rush actor Tony Beets

Tony Beets family background

It has shown the reality TV series Gold Rush: Alaska (2011-2018) and the spin-offs Gold Rush: South America (2013) and Gold Rush: The Dirt (2013-2016). on the Discovery channel. These performances made gold miner Tony Beets known around the world.


Tony Beets was founded on December 15, 1959 in Wijdenes, The Netherlands. In addition to Tamarack Mine, he is the owner of Paradise Hills. He grew up in the small town of Burgwerd in the Dutch province of Friesland, where he was born to English parents.

Tony’s father ran the family farm before a debilitating event left him unable to carry out his duties. He has a natural leadership style from a young age that he has only refined and nurtured as an adult.


At the age of seven he moved to Burgwerd with his family. He grew up on the farm and made a living milking cows. He lived that way before moving to Dawson City in 1984.

Due to the numerous job opportunities there, he moved. Tony has grown from his humble beginnings as a machinist into one of Canada’s top gold producers.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Did Tony Beets lose his water license in Gold Rush?

Yes, Tony Beets lost his water license after some problems with the team.

What is the name of Tony Beets’ wife?

Tony Beets wife is called Minnie Beets.


How many children does Tony Beets have?

Tony Beets has four children.