Will drug lord El Mencho be arrested today? The bosses of the Jalisco cartel are confronted by the police in western Mexico


El Mencho is a notorious Mexican drug lord who also serves as head of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), a large trade organization headquartered in the state of Jalisco.

Mencho is one of the most notorious criminals currently on the run in the United States and also the most wanted man in Mexico. El is wanted for illegal gun possession, involvement in organized crime, and trafficking in illegal drugs. He is also wanted for drug trafficking.


He is said to be in charge of drug trafficking related operations around the world. The CJNG rose to become one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Mexico with El at the forefront of its leadership.

Will drug lord El Mencho be arrested today?

At a “conference of two gangs” in the state of Jalisco on August 10, 2022, according to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, soldiers challenged criminals present there, including “bosses”. Meanwhile, there is no official information about El Mencho’s arrest.


The arrest of El Mencho, chief of the CJNG, and his wife is a major setback to the cartel’s ability to launder money, but it is nonetheless a victory for the government in its war against the organization. On November 15, 2021, Rosalinda González Valencia was located and taken into custody.

A major blow to the organized crime financial system in the state of Jalisco was dealt when Rosalinda was arrested in the township of Zapopan in western Jalisco state. This setback was described as “a significant blow” by the Department of Defense.


According to the ministry, evidence pointing to Rosalinda’s involvement in “illegal financial operations of an organized criminal gang” led to her arrest on various offenses, after which she was taken into custody.

She was eventually released on bail a few months after her initial arrest. Rosalinda was dubbed the “narco queen” by Mike Vigil, the former head of international operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States. Rosalinda’s family has long been associated with drug trafficking.


The bosses of the Jalisco cartel are confronted by the police in western Mexico

In western Mexico, authorities arrested several high-ranking drug cartel members, leading to the destruction of vehicles and businesses in two states.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not name those arrested Tuesday in Jalisco state, but he claimed that soldiers encountered criminals at a “meeting of two gangs”, including “bosses”.


Images shared on social media showed people snatching vehicles such as cars and buses and setting them on fire in the middle of streets. Others demonstrated at abandoned corner shops and gas stations.

Cartels regularly wreak havoc like this to thwart law enforcement efforts to transport cartel leaders. Andrés reported that police officers were still present in the neighborhoods on Wednesday to make further arrests.


Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro said on Twitter that not a single person was injured in the arrests. The Jalisco, New Generation cartel rules the territory, and the organization’s boss, known only as “El Mencho,” is wanted by authorities in both Mexico and the United States. There wasn’t a shred of evidence that Mencho was even present during the brawl.

Crime Boss El Mencho Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

It is said that El Mencho is worth more than a billion dollars. According to InsightCrime, Mencho also controlled a tequila brand in addition to 100 Japanese restaurants, properties, malls and newspapers. He also had an attempt to sell the tequila brand to Europe.


He was also known to own “luxury cottages built in a lagoon on Mexico’s Pacific coast” and “bullion bars” for money laundering purposes. The drug gang used to own a property in Mexico that was home to a variety of rare and unusual creatures, including a Bengal tiger and endangered birds.

According to Univision, these are just a few of El Mencho’s assets and possessions that have been seized by authorities in the United States and Mexico in recent years. The number provided by the DEA is only an estimate, but is sufficient to give an idea of ​​the breadth of El Mencho’s illegal activities.


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