Will Laura get together with Massimo or Nacho?

Explanation of how the next 365 days will end: Will Laura get together with Massimo or Nacho?

The film The Next 365 Days is the third installment in the 365 Days film series available on Netflix. It is based on the third and final book in the 365 dni trilogy written by Polish cosmetologist and author Blanka Lipiska. In the first film, the head of a Sicilian organized crime family named Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) kidnaps a woman named Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka). He then promises that he will keep her as his prisoner for a whole year and make her fall in love with him during that time. In 365 Days: This Day, Laura and Massimo appear to be very much in love, despite the troubled beginning of their relationship. However, she didn’t tell him she was pregnant when his enemies targeted her and she lost the baby. She finally comes to the conclusion that Massimo is cheating on her and decides to flee to an island with Nacho (Simone Susinna), who Laura thinks is her gardener. In further revelations, it is discovered that the man she believed to be Massimo was actually his twin brother, Adriano, and that Nacho is the son of the same adversary who had stalked her in the past.

The ending of ‘365 Days: This Day’ remains open and exciting. After Laura is shot, the film ends before it can be determined whether or not she would survive the injuries sustained. The third film reveals that she did, but it seems her feelings for Massimo haven’t changed at all. The time she spent with Nacho on this island had a profound impact on her and as a result she fell in love with him after their time there together. This article will provide you with all the information you need to complete The Next 365 Days. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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The plot summary for the next 365 days

The film’s opening sequence takes place during a funeral where Massimo and Nacho’s character’s father first meet. In these earlier moments there is a strong allusion to the fact that Laura passed away, which later turns out to be a red herring. Adriano is buried today. The animosity between the two groups is attempted by Nacho’s father, who reminds Massimo that a conflict between them would be too costly for either side. In response, Massimo warns Nacho and his father not to visit Sicily and gives them an hour to pack up and get out of there.

Despite surviving her tragedy, Laura left wounds on every level: physical, mental, and emotional. It’s very frustrating for her because both Massimo and her friend Olga (Magdalena Lamparska) treat her like she’s fragile and delicate like a glass figurine, even though she wants her life to go back to the way it used to be. On a more personal level, Laura’s desperation adds to her hopeless longing for things to go back to the way they were in the past. She slowly comes to the conclusion that the person who visited this island is no longer the same person she was. Her time there has brought her deep personal growth. It doesn’t take long for her to discover the reason for this behavior: she’s madly in love with Nacho. She wakes up one morning thinking that she is dating Nacho when in fact she is dating Massimo because she has sex nightmares about him. She also has sexual fantasies about him.

Olga is involved in a relationship with Domenico, one of Massimo’s most trusted lieutenants, but Laura tries to talk to her about her mixed thoughts, but Olga can’t listen because she’s busy with her own connection. Despite the fact that they spend time together, Laura seems to have the impression that Olga Massimo’s crime family is more connected than she has been in recent months. And that’s despite spending time together.

Laura understands that Massimo has concluded that there is a problem with the situation. After some time we realize that Massimo always knew what happened on the island. Laura meets Nacho and Amelia, Nacho’s sister, while she is in Portugal for work. The emotions she is trying to suppress erupt with such force that she is forced to realize that she must make a choice.

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365 days come to an end:

The beginning of Massimo and Laura’s relationship was marked by a series of suspicious incidents. He was the man who kidnapped her; He was a domineering, disturbed and unpredictable person. The first film received a lot of backlash due to the fundamentally toxic relationship that existed between the two main characters, and one could argue that the criticism was justified. In the first sequel, just like the second book of Lipiska’s trilogy, things have been toned down significantly, and Nacho is introduced as a character. It’s likely Nacho was introduced as a character to balance Massimo and give Laura choice beyond the highly restrictive partnership she has with the Sicilian mafia boss.

In the second film, Laura and Nacho begin a relationship, but it is based on a false premise. There is no evidence that Massimo cheated on Laura and contrary to popular belief, Nacho is not a gardener but the son of an opposing mafia boss. After Laura is shot, the story seems to end abruptly. On the other hand, the book The Next 365 Days shows that the feelings they had for each other were quite genuine and remained even after such a long time. By approaching Laura, Nacho puts both his life and his father’s in danger, and Laura seems to think their marriage is on the verge of dissolution. It’s a whirlwind relationship full of passion and hot, passionate sex, but dangers lurk in the background too. It’s a partnership where Laura decides every joint decision, which is probably one of the most important aspects for her.

Ironically, Nacho and Massimo aren’t all that dissimilar. While he may not have actually kidnapped Laura, in the second film he still brings her to the island, fully aware that she is the target of an elaborate hoax. After all, he is complicit in this deception and helped perpetuate it. Both he and his father make the decision to bring her to the island, resulting in them betraying their Sicilian conspirators. Additionally, there is some doubt as to whether Laura is aware of the following fact in the third film: Nacho’s father was the mastermind behind the event that led to her miscarriage. In the episode titled “The Next 365 Days,” Laura Massimo proves herself right when she points out how tumultuous her existence is because of his adversaries. However, she must be aware that the situation with Nacho will not improve in any way in this regard. He is also deeply involved in the mob’s activities.

The film breaks off abruptly without giving a conclusive answer to the question of which path she will ultimately take. This will undoubtedly lead to rumors about the next installment. And if there’s no sequel and this is all we’ll ever get, then one can hypothesize the reasons why Netflix would do such a thing.

In the novel, Massimo’s character seems to take a dark turn. In the end Laura will end up with Nacho and the three will have a child together. Due to the fact that it ends this way, readers who seem to be admirers of the first book have expressed their displeasure with the third book. The conclusion that the film gives us is undoubtedly meant to be an answer to that kind of reaction. Laura comes to the realization that Massimo knew about their affair the whole time. Regardless, he did nothing. She starts to think about divorcing her husband and even has fantasies about being in bed with Nacho and Massimo at the same time.

In the end, Laura decides to return to Sicily and have a conversation with her husband. To get Laura home, Nacho risks his life and trespasses on Massimo’s territory. In the car, Laura repeats to Nacho that she needs some alone time. The film comes to an end while she is chatting with her husband on a beach not far from their house. He inquires whether she has returned or not. Even before she starts to answer, the credits start running. Given the path the film takes and the conclusion the author of the source material intended for the story, it’s reasonable to assume that it ends with Nacho. However, Netflix is ​​giving its users a chance to draw their own conclusions about which path Laura will end up taking. Viewers have the option to choose Nacho, Massimo, or both. If the audience wishes, Laura can even start over and forget all those absurdities that have been going on.