Will Mariana (Aitana) die in the end?

Holy Family: Will Mariana (Aitana) die in the end?

Netflix’s suspense series Holy Family revolves around Julia as she watches her son Santi’s futile efforts to become parents. Julia decided to become the surrogate mother of Santi and Natalia’s child after learning that Natalia, Santi’s wife, cannot give birth without endangering her own life. As a result, Julia was able to give birth to Nico on behalf of Santi and Natalia. Natalia made the decision to move to Argentina with Nico after the early death of Santi; Despite this, Julia, with the help of her daughter Mariana and son Eduardo, was able to take the child away from Natalia.

Holy Family

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When Julia, Mariana, Eduardo and Nico moved to Madrid and assumed the fictional identities of Gloria, Aitana, Abel and Hugo respectively, they were able to start a new chapter in their lives. The plan for Julia to stay with Nico even if Gloria does what she does opens the door to potentially deadly consequences. Due to the fact that the first season of the Spanish series ends with this special ending, we took a closer look at it. Let’s talk about what we’re up to! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Mariana (Aitana) die?

When Natalia arrives in Madrid looking for her, Mariana is well aware of her mother Julia’s obsession with Nico. Natalia is looking for Mariana. Losing Marcos now allows her to empathize with Natalie, who is grieving for her own son. Mariana begins to wonder if she and Eduardo were willing to sacrifice their lives for no other reason than for Julia to take Santi’s position with Nico. Because Julia cannot come to terms with the death of her son Santi, she realizes that Natalia did not deserve to end her miserable life with the loss of her son and to take her own life because of it. As a result, she makes the decision to help Natalia and takes Nico to his birth mother, which enrages Julia.

Julia stabs her own daughter, Mariana, and then snatches the baby from her. Her goal is to stop Mariana from handing Nico over to Natalia. Mariana is struggling to deal with her stab wound as Eduardo leads her to her van and drives off. On the other hand, there is a relatively low risk of Mariana dying from the same thing. Initially, Julia stabs her after telling her how much she loathes hurting her. The mother stabs her daughter while she is aware of the consequences of her actions. Therefore, the wound must be relatively minor or treatable.

Holy Family
Holy Family

Mariana does not die as a result of Julia’s attempt to stab her. She aims to physically harm her daughter in order to put Nico in a position where she can remove Nico from him. For the same reason, Julia must have attempted a less life-threatening sting rather than a potentially fatal one. Despite this, Mariana was not given medical attention after the stabbing, which could make her condition even worse. Instead of focusing on meeting Mariana’s demands, Eduardo is busy planning his escape from the neighborhood as he places a higher priority on avoiding the community.

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Once Eduardo regains consciousness, everyone expects that he will drive to a medical facility to check on Mariana and make sure her life is not in danger. If she is taken to the hospital as soon as possible, she may be able to survive this injury as there does not appear to be any significant blood loss at this time. If she’s able to make a full recovery, she might decide that she doesn’t want to move on with her life with the person who murdered her partner and came dangerously close to taking her own life. If there is a second season of the show, it’s possible that Mariana will start her own life away from Julia and her fixation with Nico. That would be interesting to watch.