Will there be a sequel to Luck?


Happiness is a computer-animated fantasy family film directed by Peggy Holmes. Sam Greenfield, a bumbling 18-year-old girl who may or may not have the worst luck in the world, is the novel’s protagonist. Sam leaves the orphanage where she grew up to live alone, but bad luck follows her. When she encounters an enigmatic black cat and finds the penny he accidentally drops, that situation changes temporarily. She decides to offer her newfound happiness to her younger best friend Hazel, so maybe she can find a nice permanent home once her happiness improves exponentially. However, she ultimately loses the dime. When she sees the cat again, she talks to him about her day while feeling depressed and unaware that he is a magical Scottish cat. Sam pursues the cat to the land of happiness after revealing himself and making a deal with the cat Bob. Sam can give it to Hazel for a few hours in exchange for helping Bob get another penny.

After its debut, “Luck” received mixed to negative reviews. While the animation in the film was praised, its plot and excessive explanation drew criticism. We can answer your question about whether Luck 2 will be released.


The debut date of Luck 2

On August 5, 2022, Happiness made available on Apple TV+. The film has been delayed many times since its first theatrical debut on March 19, 2021. What is known about “Luck 2” is the following.

The production of “Luck 2” has not been officially confirmed by either the film’s producers or Apple management. Still, it’s always a possibility, considering that successful films often have profitable sequels. In the end, it all depends on how well the original film performs.


In 2017, Skydance Media, known for producing live-action films such as True Grit, World War Z and Top Gun: Maverick, partnered with Madrid-based Ilion Animation Studios to bring Skydance Animation, a relatively new animation studio to bring to market. Luck and the upcoming animated musical fantasy Spellbound are two of Skydance Animation’s first two productions. They’ve since greenlit a slew of other projects, including Brad Bird’s lengthy Ray Gunn.

It seems that Skydance Animation is aiming to quickly increase the number of movies in its library. If “Luck” is a hit, the production company might decide it’s a smart move to make a sequel. Viewers can expect the release of “Luck 2” somewhere in the third quarter of 2024 if that happens in the coming months.


Who can be in the cast of Luck 2?

Eva Noblezada (Sam), Simon Pegg (Bob), Jane Fonda (Babe the Dragon), Whoopi Goldberg (The Captain), Flula Borg (Jeff the Unicorn), Lil Rel Howery (Marvin), Colin O’Donoghue (Gerry), John Ratzenberger (Rootie) and Hazel Grace are among the ensemble voice actors for “Luck” (Adelynn Spoon).

Most of the above characters will reprise their roles and be joined by new cast members when there is a sequel and the story returns to the land of fortune.


What could Plot of Luck 2 be about?

Sam learns in “Luck” that the world requires both luck and terrible luck. Sam makes one last attempt to make things right because everything that goes wrong is her fault. She persuades a reluctant babe, the dragon, to use both lucky and unlucky stones in the randomizer after collecting luck from Bad Luck Land. Then everything goes back to normal. Hazel is adopted and Bob decides to move to the human world to live with Sam. A year later, Hazel visits Sam and Bob’s apartment for a sleepover.

In the possible sequel, a new threat could appear in the Land of Fortune. Locals are urged to get in touch with the person who previously saved their property as a result. The sequel could have more action than the first. The film could delve deeper into the mythology by exploring more regions of the Land of Fortune.


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