Will there be a sequel to Mr. Harrigan’s Phone?

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a Netflix-produced horror film based on the Stephen King short story of the same name. The story revolves around Mr. John Harrigan, a successful businessman who takes refuge in a large house in the small town of Harlow, Maine. He hires a young fellow named Craig to read his books to him. In the end, Craig and Harrigan form a loving bond that is ultimately severed by the businessman’s death. During the course of the funeral, Craig hides Harrigan’s phone in his coat, and the two are subsequently buried together.

The tale of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone follows the events that emerge from the messages Craig receives over Harrigan’s phone after the businessman’s funeral. The film received mixed responses from box office and critics alike, however Jaeden Martell as Craig and Donald Sutherland as Harrigan were acclaimed for their work in the roles. Since the film’s ending leaves open the possibility of a sequel, audiences may be interested to know if one will be made or not. So why don’t we all talk about what we know?

Mr. Harrigan’s phone

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When will Mr. Harrigan’s new phone be available?

On October 5, 2022, “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone became available to stream worldwide on Netflix. What follows is the information we have regarding the potential for a second installment in the series.

So far, neither Netflix nor the film’s producers have issued a statement about the production of a second part of Mr. Harrigan’s phone.” However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a sequel at all in the future. The way the story is resolved at the end of the film leaves room for a sequel. Craig decides to get rid of his old phone as he decides it is too risky to contact Harrigan after Deane Whitmore’s death. However, he does not change the number on his new phone. It’s possible that Harrigan will get in touch with his friend through Craig’s new phone, and the potential sequel could revolve around the businessman returning to Craig’s life.

Additionally, while Harrigan wants Craig to come to terms with his death and walk away from him, he has no qualms about offering Craig protection. Harrigan can again help Craig if he finds himself in a situation that puts his life at significant risk or could significantly affect his life. In the event that a sequel to the film is produced, it’s possible that Craig is scrambling to become a screenwriter while Harrigan is watching over him, aware that the film industry is fraught with danger. What’s more, the possible sequel doesn’t even need to focus on Craig, as Harrigan has the ability to communicate with someone else from his murky past.

The story of Harrigan is cryptically and mysteriously hinted at in the film. It is clear to see that the businessman’s life was full of excitement before he moved to Harlow. The potential sequel could draw someone from his past into the story and show Harrigan reuniting with the person over their phone. Since Stephen King has not published a sequel to the novella that served as the basis for the novel, director and screenwriter John Lee Hancock could come up with an original story for the possible film adaptation. Given all of these possibilities, a sequel to the film is certainly a possibility, and if given the green light in the near future, we can expect the release of Mr. The Harrigan’s Phone sequel is slated for release in Q4 2024 or later.

Mr. Harrigan's phone
Mr. Harrigan’s phone

We’ve seen more horror movie sequels get the green light over the years than movies in any other genre, including action and comedy. The growing popularity of sequels to well-known horror movies like It Chapter Two, Terrifier 2, A Quiet Place Part II, the 2022 movie Scream, and many others is evidence that it’s becoming increasingly likely there will be a narrative sequel to Hancock’s film. This makes it clear that Hancock’s film definitely has a chance of a narrative sequel. If that doesn’t happen, Netflix and the film’s creators may consider collaborating again to develop an original film based on another novelization from Stephen King’s If It Bleeds collection, which also includes the novelization credited as the of the film serves title source material.

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