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Mourielle Hurtado Herrera has been dating Rick Rubin for a long time. She used to be an actress and model.

Rick is a well-known and popular music producer and label boss. People say he brought rap music to the public.

Rick Rubin has been a vital part of the music business for almost 40 years. Millions of people could feel good luck because of the music he was able to make at that time.

The Def Jam Recordings co-founder doesn’t get as much attention for his personal life as he does for his wild white beard and quiet life.

Rick Rubin

Who is Mourielle Hurtado Herrera? Meet Rick Rubin Partners

Mourielle Hurtado Herrera, who is dating music producer Rick Rubin, is a former model and actress.

Rick would have a hard time adjusting to married life because he works so hard. He’s lucky that he hasn’t said yes to his girlfriend yet. He has been with Mourielle since 2010. Mourielle used to be a model and actress but now works as a farmer in Malibu.

Rubin’s girlfriend has a long list of acting jobs on her resume, including work as a model and in the past as an actor. In 1999, she was in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a popular crime series. She also appeared in The American and Indocumentados in 2014.

She quit being an actress and model to start a farm. She’s currently a farmer in Malibu, California. She is mother and farmer at the same time. She lives in Malibu with her family and her home is called the Malibu Oasis.

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Mourielle Hurtado Herrera Age

It looks like Mourielle Hurtado is in her 30s. But the model has not yet said how old she is.

Sources say she is much older than her partner Rick Rubin. Rick is now 59 years old. He was born on March 10, 1963, making him 59 years old.

People don’t know much about their childhood or their family. She never spoke about her parents or her siblings. She seems to live alone because she hasn’t told much about her past to the public or the media.

Rubin was born in Long Beach, New York and grew up on the beach next door. His mother Linda was a housewife and his father Michael (Mickey) a shoe wholesaler.

Mourielle Hurtado Hererra & Rick Rubin Children

The boy was born in February 2017. The couple were together for almost nine years. The baby’s name is Ra. Also, Rick had a child when he was 54 years old.

We don’t know much about the kid, but we did catch his sweet face when Rubin and his family were spotted leaving LAX to catch a flight in July of this year.

After becoming a father for the first time, Rick is probably thinking about having more children. But he and his possible girlfriend still have a long way to go before they can think about children.

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How much money does Mourielle Hutado Herrerra have?

Since Mourielle has been silent about her money, it’s hard to figure out how much she’s worth. Also, it’s been a while since she’s been in the news. But she and her boyfriend Rick have a huge fortune together.

Celebrity Net Worth says Rick’s net worth is approximately $250 million. He has recorded with some of the most famous artists and bands in the world.

He runs his own record label and receives royalties on the songs he writes. He has written a lot of music and songs for TV shows, video games and other things. He owns a recording studio in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Rick Rubin
Rick Rubin

She lives with her boyfriend and her son in a very big house

The famous artist currently resides with his family at his Malibu Oasis. The mid-century ranch style home was built in 1965 by an un-famous family. But since Rubin bought it, it has become one of the most talked about celebrity homes.

The $8.1 million home has 2,298 square feet of living space. Rubin is known for owning many famous properties in Los Angeles. Rubin spent $2 million on a 9,300-square-foot gated estate in West Hollywood, just above the Sunset Strip.

Shortly thereafter, he paid $785,000 for “The Mansion,” a four-bedroom home that people say is haunted in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

Rick has a few homes in Malibu, but two of them burned down in the 2019 Woolsey fire. In October 2019, Rick bought an $8.1 million ocean view home in Malibu and started there.

Rick rented a house in Malibu for more than a decade beginning in the late 1990s. In 2011 he bought his first thing. It was a 1-acre property near where he had rented in 2005. In 2011, he paid $2 million for the property known as Shangri La.

Does Rick Rubin have a wife?

Rick Rubin is dating Mourielle Hurtado Herrera but they are not married yet.

Does Rick Rubin have children?

Ra is the name of Rick Rubin’s son.

How old is Rick Rubin, who makes music?

Rick Rubin is now 59 years old.

early years

He was born in Long Beach, New York and grew up in the nearby town of Lido Beach. His father Michael (Mickey) was a shoe wholesaler and his mother Linda stayed at home to take care of him. As a student at Long Beach High School, he became friends with Steve Freeman, who headed the school’s audiovisual department. Freeman taught him how to play the guitar and write songs.

He then played in a band with childhood friends Marc Greenhut, Carlos Ferreiro, and Joey Ferrante. They played garage and school shows for friends from town until a teacher helped him start a punk band called The Pricks. Their biggest claim to fame was getting kicked off the CBGB stage after just two songs for getting into an argument with the heckling crowd. The fight was started by friends of the band members, who were told to do it in order to close the show and create a stir. Although he had no power in New York City, Rubin’s father wore his Long Beach Auxiliary Police uniform and walked from Nassau County, New York to Manhattan to try to “quit” the show.


During his senior year of high school, Rubin used the school’s four-track recorder to start Def Jam Records. He then formed Hose, which was influenced by the San Francisco band Flipper. The first record Def Jam released was a track by Hose. It was a 7-inch, 45 rpm vinyl single in an untagged brown paper bag. The band played in and around the NYC punk scene, touring the Midwest and California and playing with major hardcore bands like Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, Circle Jerks, Butthole Surfers and Minor Threat and befriending Fugazi frontman and Dischord Records -Owner Ian to MacKaye. In 1984, the band broke up because Rubin became more interested in the New York City hip-hop scene.

Rubin was introduced to hip-hop production after befriending Zulu Nation’s DJ Jazzy Jay. By 1983, they had made It’s Yours for Bronx rapper T La Rock and released it on the Def Jam label. In 1984, producer Arthur Baker helped bring the record around the world through Baker’s Streetwise Records. Jazzy Jay introduced Rubin to Russell Simmons, a concert promoter and artist manager, at Club Negril. Rubin told Simmons that he needed help starting Def Jam, and Simmons agreed to help. Simmons and Rubin hit Jazzy Jay, and in 1984, while Rubin was at New York University, they started the record label Def Jam. LL Cool J’s “I Need a Beat” was their first song to come out. Rubin found other hip hop acts outside of the Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem. He found rappers from Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island, which led to Def Jam signing Public Enemy. Ruby was a major reason the Beastie Boys moved away from their punk roots and towards rap, leading to Kate Schellenbach’s departure from the group. The Beastie Boys released their EPs Rock Hard, Party’s Getting Rough, and Beastie Groove in 1985. She was inspired by Rubin’s success as a producer on Run-DMC, whose previous recordings had been done by Orange Krush’s Russell Simmons and Larry Smith. His productions were known for sometimes mixing rap with heavy rock. Rubin asked Adam Dubin and Ric Menello to co-direct the music videos for The Beastie Boys’ (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) and No Sleep Till Brooklyn. These videos helped the band break into the mainstream hip hop scene.

Sue Cummings, a friend of Rubin’s and an editor at Spin magazine, suggested that Run–DMC and Aerosmith do a cover of Aerosmith’s Walk This Way together. This 1986 production is often credited with popularizing rap hard rock and breathing new life into Aerosmith. In 1986 he worked again with Aerosmith to make demos for their forthcoming album. However, their work together ended too soon, and they were only able to do rough studio jams. That same year, Rubin began working with Slayer, producing Reign in Blood, which is considered a heavy metal classic. He had never worked with a metal band before.

Electric, The Cult’s third and most important album, was released in 1987. Produced by Rubin, the album remains one of The Cult’s most celebrated and well-known works to date. In 1992, Rubin and The Cult collaborated again for the single “The Witch”. Rubin is listed as the film’s music supervisor and as the producer of its soundtrack. Rubin played a character very similar to him in the 1985 hip-hop film Krush Groove, based on Russell Simmons’ early days as an artist manager and record producer. In 1988 he directed Tougher Than Leather and co-wrote the screenplay with Ric Menello.

Rubin and Simmons went their separate ways in 1988 after Rubin had a falling out with Lyor Cohen, who was running Def Jam at the time. Simmons stayed with Def Jam in New York after Rubin moved to Los Angeles to start Def American Records. In Los Angeles, Rubin signed rock and heavy metal bands such as Danzig, Masters of Reality, The Four Horsemen and Wolfsbane. He also signed alternative rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain and stand-up comedian Andrew Dice Clay. Rubin’s work at the time was mostly rock and metal, but he stayed close to rap, signing the Geto Boys and continuing to work with Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Run-DMC, among others.

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